Our goal is to make obtaining your SBA 8(a) Certification as easy and quick a process as possible. As 8a certification consultants, we can help you create your socially disadvantaged narrative document. Don’t waste time and money on failed attempts-get your 8a certification request submitted on the first try in a professional and thoroughly checked manner. Call: 412-404-6236, 4701 Sangamore Rd Suite 100N Veteran-Owned Small Business Certifications. How long does it take to receive notice on my 8a application submission? To be eligible, the company must follow stringent requirements and show the social and economic drawbacks of one or more of the individuals who own it. My time was extremely limited as well as my staff. Awaiting my results with fingers crossed but had a good experience with The 8a consultants. We help you apply for and receive certification from HUBZone. We give our clients the necessary tools and guidance needed to win coveted government contracts. Territories. They also measure progress in the areas that follow: Once you get your foot in the door after winning a federal contract, you might want to work closely with other 8a companies to go in on large-scale contracts outside your firm’s ability. At GSE, we can help you get the application process started and lead the way to an 8(a) certification for your small business. All rights reserved. The opportunity for collaboration is a big part of the success of the 8a program and businesses that take advantage of it generally find themselves in a better financial position. An 8(a) firm will benefit from focusing on running their business, rather than preparing and submitting complex responses to solicitations and RFQs. SBA 8a is a certificate of ownership / diversity sponsored by the U.S. government’s Small Business Association (SBA). However, with GSE’s assistance, you can obtain certification and participate in the very profitable sole source contracting vehicle. The goal of the U.S. Federal Government is to award a minimum of five percent of all federal contracting dollars to small disadvantaged businesses annually. We have thoroughly developed a solid process and programs that save you the time and money lost in planning or re-submitting a certification on your own with the SBA 8a program. With this mentoring collaboration, you can be more competitive and successful in your small business while boosting the economy of our nation. At no cost to you, we will connect you with an 8a certification consultant to determine your company's eligibility for the SBA 8a business development program. We give our clients the necessary tools and guidance needed to win coveted government contracts. We also assist clients in obtaining state certifications such as MBE, WBE, and DBE Certifications, as well as local certifications such as the New York City Certification Programs. Fill out the preliminary qualification form below to get the process started. Recent improvements have been made to apply for the 8a certificate and it now includes an online submission process. we assist you in creating and preparing the appropriate Form 1010C 8a Business Plan. We drive the business goals of our customers and support their goals to be 8a certified. Be owned by someone whose average adjusted gross income for three years is $250,000 or less.

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