Yesterday, I shared @kerlinbbq’s Kerlache to the world on Reddit. Pecan Lodge is one of the top barbecue establishments, appearing to have mastered both the specials of Texas and the Carolinas. BBQ Revolution insists it. Courtesy of Prunedale Market. The flavor of smoke and spices is tasted throughout the meat, not just on the outside. Three decades ago, one would have been hard-pressed to compile a list of the best barbecue in each of the 50 states. Alongside artisanal condiments and hairy men, Native New Yorker Tyson Ho is to blame. A to-go styrofoam box with meat, collard greens or cabbage, black-eyed peas, hush puppies, lightly seasoned boiled potatoes, and sweet potato pie is a perfect meal to eat in the car. But that’s only because they’re focusing so intently on perfecting their pork ribs! does not include all credit card offers that might be available to consumers in the marketplace. Current third-generation boss Wayne Mueller is considered the Socrates of barbecue, and his brisket and beef ribs might just be the platonic ideal of the food. Make the pilgrimage and become a believer. His tender brisket’s bark comes with a perfect love bite of salt and pepper, the white-oak-smoked ribs look like a Platonic ideal and taste of pure soul, and the cheese-and-jalapeno hot links are West-coast legend. The pork is delicious, but don’t sleep on the sides. Check out our full list of the best BBQ joints in Chicago, The Carolinas may be pork country, but Texas native (and Franklin and la Barbecue alum) John Lewis is putting Charleston's barbecue scene firmly on the national map, selling brisket that took a decade to perfect in smokers he custom-built for the task. It’s been 3 years since I’ve last eaten brisket at Pecan Lodge in Dallas, Texas. -- ML -- Howard Conyers, When it comes to barbecue, Kansas City is not doctrinaire. Vicedomini is slowly building a barbecue empire in Portland, with an Austin-style brisket taco cart and a transcendent Thai-BBQ mash-up called EEM with the city’s most decorated Thai restaurateur, Earl Ninsom. The Taylor, Texas, temple to smoked beef has earned permanent legend status since opening in 1949, and although they scored a James Beard America's Classics award back in 2006, they’re a rare legacy restaurant that’s not only kept up with the times, but evolved with them. Well, wait -- add some of that slaw. It's still pretty much the same drill it's been for decades -- pork shoulders get 10 hours over mostly oak coals and transform into pork perfection. You’ll often get a rustic, smoky barn vibe with exposed beam ceilings and picnic tables. -- Nicole A Taylor, Few figures in barbecue are as revered as Mike Mills and as respected as his daughter Amy, the driving forces behind 17th Street BBQ. Be sure to order the sweet potato waffle: The sweetness is a nice break between fatty bites. From chicken wings to the daily specials, let your senses guide. The tomato-based sauce is neither too sweet, nor too thick. Gatlin’s BBQ does a lot of things right, but it excels in 1 area many other joints aren’t as passionate about.

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