What I loved is that they were both the starring roles in their relationship. It’s a recipe for a hurricane of jealousy and fear of vulnerability, the kind that takes down entire towns. In a press tour at the winter Television Critics Association, the Iranian-American actress (who played a Mexican DJ, but 2004 was a less woke time, so we digress) gushed about her time on the show.

Shane and Carmen are better people for having had their hearts smashed open by their epic baby-dyke love affair.

", Asked about where she thinks her character is now, Sarah said, "Whatever she's doing, I feel like she's definitely still pining away for Shane.

Only, she has no idea that she’s an addict, so again, has no idea that her addiction is lying to her and is actually actively trying to pull her out of the light and into the dark. Until the next one comes, and we give them all we have all over again. I laughed it off.

Here Are Crunchyroll's Most Popular Anime With LGBTQ+ Characters, Gay Twitter Drama Featuring Patti Labelle's Relative Is Confusing AF, Here's the First Look at HBO's 'Gossip Girl' Reboot, NikkieTutorials Empowers Her Transfeminine Fans In New Makeup Video, Ryan Murphy's Close Call With Gay Therapy Makes 'The Prom' So Personal, Misha Collins Confirms Castiel's 'Homosexual Declaration of Love', Wentworth Miller Says He's Officially Done Playing Straight Roles, Marceline & Bubblegum Are Back in 'Adventure Time: Obsidian'. All I’m asking for is *one* date, Carmen.

"I intend to keep it that way, and so does Showtime.".

You ask if they had a dog, or a hamster, and what they were like in third grade instead of if they’d ever cheat on you, if they’d lie or manipulate you, if they’d hurt you out of spite, or resentment.

How To Channel Your Political Passion Into Activism. Shane's family issues are the ever-present excuse for the times when she just sort of sucks.

The Cultural Roadmap for City Girls Everywhere. Here’s How The Trump Administration Has Affected Me.

New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Following that pseudo-fiasco, Shane lets her old friend Clive (Matthew Currie Holmes) move in with her…

You ask the relationship questions that feel so big and important but that really aren’t the things you need to know about a person to know if you can actually love them. Actually, it's such a big house, the heartbreaker extends an invite to Sarah Finley, one of the new additions to the reboot, to crash for as long as she wants in one of her extra bedrooms. It took me ages to get over it. Shane tries to distance herself from Carmen, even encouraging the DJ to date Shane's roommate and best friend Jenny Schecter. As I seethed in a green deathbed of envy, I was brought back to life by their riveting chemistry. But it is a rare thing to express that feeling of connectedness, and it is a rare thing to feel empowered by it instead of embarrassed or ashamed. The L Word featured many couples, some of whom were unhealthy and dysfunctional and some of whom were destined to be together. But Shane's got that something that makes you crave her.

She even tried when Shane cheated on her.

And I liked what lingered across the elusive lesbian pavement that had crushed the societal standards of beauty, baby! They are the only couple to stay together - sort of - throughout the entire series, beating other fan-favorite couples such as Shane and Carmen and Alice and Dana.

In a world where being real and authentic is often seen as pathetic and desperate, there is something nearly revolutionary about Carmen. "I married an incredibly loving husband and father," she told People, "who wants to be there for his children.". Carmen wanted things with Shane to be real, because she believed they could have something epic. She went as far as she could, and she pushed her relationship with Shane as far as it could possibly go. She was the kind of girl who is able to speak her mind while resisting the urge to throw a drink in someone’s face.

3:09. You either run into them all the time or they move to a new city and glitter like the diamonds in the window of the Tiffany 5th avenue store, in their brand, shiny new lives.

Selena Gomez Will Be Playing a Gay Feminist Icon, and Some Fans Aren’t Happy, Jason Aldean Has a Navy Tattoo — but Not for the Reason You May Think, All 'The Masked Singer' Season 4 Guesses and Reveals So Far, The Story of How Dierks Bentley and His Wife Met Is More Romantic Than Any Country Song. Currently have it on at work right now. The instant attraction between them was apparent and it is interesting to see just how domestic Bette became after meeting Tina.

1:49. The pair split up after Bette cheated on Tina with Candace, before getting back together and breaking up again after the birth of their daughter Angelica. Shane, who crushed hearts like fraternity boys crush beers. The bigger surprise here was that she even got married in the first place. Maybe she's grown and changed over the years and Carmen finds it in her heart to give her another chance. But, my God, Shane’s friend just died, which is probably kicking up Carmen’s own deep-rooted death trauma (she lost her father in a motorcycle accident — that’s heavy), and she’s feeling hopelessly lonely because her beloved mother just disowned her for being gay.

I don't even need to tell you that Shane, the sort of androgynous, super beautiful, and super sexual player of The L Word has captured the hearts of literally thousands of LGBT women since the show's inception (and the rise of Netflix), but while Shane plunged my baby queer soul into curiosity and lust in a way that no one before her ever had, it was Carmen (her sometimes lover) who I most strongly identified with — and who taught me about what it means to give all of yourself in the name of love.

Darren Criss' Iconic 'Teenage Dream' Glee Performance Is 10 Years Old. And eventually, hopefully, we find someone who won't take advantage of what we have to give. A flashback depicts the moment Bette and Tina met at an art show and there is an undeniable connection between the two characters.

Carmen cheats on Shane back because screw that shit, she’s not going to sit pretty and calm after being cheated on! Bette and Tina were often at loggerheads due to their jobs and failed to support each other's careers on several occasions. Shane + Carmen : rêves de mariage (The LWord) Shane In Love. Shane and Carmen were each other's biggest fans and encouraged each other's professional progress. In fact, she’s made it clear she wants nothing to do with it. I suspect Quiara is a little young for seasoned Shane, and Quiara wants a baby — desperately.

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