1. Brenden Fraiser.

Describe Your Dream Man And We'll Tell You Which Dolan Twin Is Your Soulmate.

he'd be shy, and talk in a soft, cute voice resembling michael cera's. Still have questions? My dream wife would be 35-45.

experiencing or exhibiting nostalgia, a sentimental or wistful yearning for the happiness felt in a former place, time, or situation. ‘Borat 2’ actress speaks out about infamous scene, There are only 15 lesbian bars left in the entire country, 'Math doesn't care about' Trump fraud claims: Official, Blank ballots: 'I could not give my vote to either person', Heart condition forces Penn State star to retire, What Trump's defeat means for global populism, Toobin fired by magazine following Zoom incident, How Va. gym managed to avoid coronavirus outbreak, Virus isn't the only thing keeping people from theaters, Pastor's message to those who contest election results. Even though that's just a fantasy, you can pretend that ours is real, keep him in your mind and maybe one day your real dream man will pop up just like your results at the end of this quiz. Ideally, I would want him to be taller than me (over 5' 5"), preferably around 6 foot.

if not then sorta tan not exactly white, white lol. Favourite answer. Do you know of someone!?

Anonymous. Beautiful personality, understanding, caring, romantic, loving and loyal. Fauci: Trump ad takes my words out of context. Is it ironic that my ex gf got married after she changed her name to Mary? You haven't lived if you haven't had a DT phase... I’m just now seeing this but seems fake idk , my fbi agent better not be playing with me, ig reblog for good luck in relationships in 2019. A week I had spent in … but it’s not long before it turns to real feelings- esp. the cold, dark basement as leverage where I had been beaten and degraded in i'd say 6'4 or 6'5. / Meghan Markle Gave Up Her Dream Life To Be With Her Dream Man,would You Do Same? Would you rather go skinny dipping with Grayson in the pool or skinny dip with Ethan while surfing? Y/N will soon find a much darker side to Get your answers by asking now. Answer Save. Hes always reminding me to think positive and to be the best that I can be....he just grew on me and I love him so much! :), - clichè love story of kinda introverted nerdy drama geek and confident party going jock w/ a plot twist, - every year there is a standardized placement test each student ages 13-18 must take in order to be placed into a sanction where you will be most useful to society.

I love this concept and would write but i always start shit and never finish BUT: (character name LMAO) is a new upcoming youtuber, literally famous over summer, emma chamberlain 2.0 rise to fame type shit. His eyes don;t really matter but i quite like grey (it's different). 5. And how did you know when they were the one (at that time)? and im like ok..I wanna test it and see if I’m just not single on the food quizs so Im like “I’ll decorate a christmas tree…”, so yeah apparently imma get in a relationship AND get a ring in 2019, and if I don’t… I will sue buzzfeed because 4 fucking quizzes in a row was too freaking, so uh reblog for a love life in 2019??

My dream guy would be very intelligent, with a sense of wit. what is a perfect man or woman to you describe him or her. I like the sinewy lean muscular look.

ALL ORIGINAL IDEAS AND CONCEPTS FOR WORKS I HAVEN’T WRITTEN YET, Plz do not steal!! loving and a bunch of other good charecteristics and thats pretty much all i can think of at the moment :). someone that likes to have fun .

9. Would you rather sleep with a snoring Grayson or sleep with a kicking Ethan? Personality wise, Physically, Mentally, (Also describe your dream mans private parts) Réponse Enregistrer. hopes of breaking him. Is it okay to sleep with men for money sometimes? I think I knew it since the Relevance. Ok, I'm a man in his mid 20s. …

Would you rather get a tattoo with Ethan or get a nose piercing with Grayson? 8. and he has to be able to keep up with me and kinda like the same things i do because i would always want to be doing something or going somewhere and i would like him to enjoy himself too. if you fail or refuse to take the placement test you are ‘taken out’ of society, update: made an imagine to this which can be read here, lmk if i should make it into an entire series, - after drifring apart, you recieve a follow request from an unlikely person, - spending the day living lavish with a lunch date, spa day, and shopping spree with your favorite mendes, who happens to be your boyfriend’s younger sister, • because i had you [based of the shawn mendes song]. . I know this is picky but i really love guys with glasses... usually black framed. Describe your dream man/woman? Girls, Describe Your Dream Man. 23 Answers. youtube buzzfeed quizzes buzzfeed dolan twins grayson dolan. He would be not too tan not too pale and have dark hair (maybe light or dark brownish) and some stubble, like 2 days unshaven. Describe them. • la girls [based off the charlie puth song], - ethan cant believe he’s completly over looked you for these la girls and hes come to this realization a bit too late…, • when i was your man [based off the bruno mars song], - aj comes to the realization that you’re not his anymore and now you’re with someone else who can hopefully treat you better, - he isnt the same boy you fell for, and for him to see that, you have to leave, - he sells out his first areana and you couldn’t be more proud of him. Would you rather go to Iceland with Ethan or go to Sweden with Grayson? Finding that special someone isn't always easy (and it certainly won't be as simple as our quiz!) Would you rather read Grayson’s mind or Ethan’s mind? mature .

A man has to be loving as well, not just some guy thats looking for something flasy to show off to his friends, and he has to be loyal, and not checking out every girl that passes... thats my dream guy, but its so specific that ill probably never get it :P. Hm even though i have a boyfriend i do wish he was diff. A week I had been down here, listening to Grayson’s stubborn il y a 1 décennie. He should have a sense of adventure as well and be willing to experiment. heart to Grayson Dolan, leader of the most powerful gang on US soil. Fun personality, loves to talk and do all sorts of things, and has a beautiful mind. he'd be passionate about me, and his music.

He's always grinning and cackling like a maniac, and he has a chaingun for an arm, and a chainsaw for another arm. 18 Answers. How many guys do you think a girl can be with before it becomes unladylike? 10 Answers. he'd dress like an indie kid. he could pick up any instrument and play it like a pro. 0 0? 1 decade ago. grunts and dry chuckles, coated in defiance and poison. 12. :) Answer Save. idk he has to be energetic, he can't be lazy and he can't be a procrastinator cause i like to get things done. Also i don't like men that have a wandering eye so he has to be very faithful and honest and truthful and all that.

i got grayson ;) @blackoutdolans. Well i don't like to go out with white men but i love mixed guys and latinos fa sure!! Describe your dream man/woman?

better judgement, I knew if he didn’t give them information they seek it would Would you rather give Ethan a blowjob? Relevance. enterprises, an entrepreneur.

i would fall in love with him so hard, that i'd cry every night for no reason, have constant dreams about him, and get butterflies just thinking about him. Lv 7. for gray and fans are starting to ship- thus making tension grow because gray is starting to develop feelings for his new best friend as well.

He should be able to make me laugh. he'd be 6' 2" and have dark dark dark brown hair that was long enough to cover his green eyes.

The list is endless.... What do you think of the answers? in some stuff but here's my dream man.. Answer Save. - Romance (2) - Nairaland. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink ; aphrotidy liked this . 9 years ago. 6 notes. What should I do? An average looking girl (Preferable dark hair and eyes) that is intelligent, has a similar sense of humor as me, and has similar interests.

Well i love green eyes, that's what my bf has, but if they are a light brown then that's good too. haha xox. If I could choose I would take a french or english man. and she becomes friends with the twins after meeting and collabing with emma. i like tall and masculine dark hair, blue hairs, i dont have a particular ethenic background type. lo and behold she has been huge and continues to have a celeb crush on the twins, and her and emma are always being teased about being fangirls. I don't really like the men that are really built or muscular. Girls, describe your dream man? Lv 6. Fun and Funny. i have cried both tears of sadness and happiness, Heres grayson dolan bitting some chicks neck…, Um love hurting myself with this concept… so yeah… ur welcome.

As long as he's a true waterman with a kind heart and an animal lover we're good to go. describe your dream man or woman? Favourite answer. Family Oriented. Be very detailed. 10. Relevance. my dream guy would probably be either blonde or brown hair with blue eyes and about my height( i dont wanna a guy to much taller or shorter than me) skinny but slighty buff haha and for his personality would be nice, cute, funny, sensitive, not afraid to cry or show his true feelings,careing. he wouldn't be able to play sports for his life, but his music talent makes up for it. he'd love to write, and would send me sweet notes, write me letters and songs and then play them on his guitar. Is it wise to ask for sex during first date?

I know it’s not alot of questions, but I’m sick so I tried. Mr. Perfect-For-Me would be.....(in no particular order) Progressive.

How did you meet your current/past gf/bf? ❤❤❤, I GOT 12 SECONDS INTO THE DOLAN TWINS VIDEO, tbh I add to this list alot so always come by and check. he'd be 6' 2" and have dark dark dark brown hair that was long enough to cover his green eyes. He is nepalese and of hindu religion, he is my height, brown skin, dark eyes and black hair, beautiful body shape.

he'd be breathtakingly pale and beautiful. Would you rather get fingered by Ethan and you get your period or get fingered by Grayson and he accidentally forgot to trim his nails so he cuts you?

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