Brown RGB color codes. Colors in Palette. Lavenderblush is a pinkish color, close to being white. The color red-brown (edo brown) (edocha) with hexadecimal color code #a13d2d is a shade of red. In the RGB color model #a13d2d is comprised of 63.14% red, 23.92% green and 17.65% blue. Sienna is a lighter saddlebrown color. Palegreen is a darker version of lightgreen. Thankfully, the HEX value for wood brown is simple; the code you need to input is …

Whether you succeed or not is irrelevant, there is no such thing. Turquoise is a color similar to aquamarine, though it's closer to the cyan spectrum. Limegreen is a color inbetween lime and green. Mediumslateblue is similar to royalblue, but it has a purpleish tone. Gray is the main color of the ear accessories. Khaki is a light color inbetween green, but rather closer to being yellow. Darkturquoise is a more vivid, darker version of mediumturquoise. Blanchedalmond is a lighter version of navajowhite. Lightsteelblue is a lighter steelblue variant. Brown Color Code. Wheat is a really light dirty orange color. These are just some nice ones that I thought I should add to the wiki. Lemonchiffon is a really pale yellow color.

Crimson is a red / magenta beautiful color. Coconut is a medium shade of brown … Slategray is a darker variant of lightslategray. Springgreen is a darker color than mediumspringgreen.

Shades of color Dirt with the shade names and color codes. Ivory is a really light color, lighter than lightyellow, close to being white. Mintcream is a really light color between the green-cyan spectrum, rather green, close to being white. Linen is a bit darker than floralwhite, though still close to being white. The Hex, RGB and CMYK codes are in the table below.

Darkblue an indigo blue nice look, works on a lot of ponies and would be great for an ocean esc character. Snow is a really light reddish color, close to being white. Palegoldenrod is a light, grayish gold color. Hotpink is a great pink color that also looks good as Pinkie Pie's body color. White Colors. There is MANY colors in the game, It'd be impossible to name EVERY single color code in the whole game.

Darkcyan is much darker than lightseagreen.

About  |  Cadetblue is a darker, dirty cyan-ish color. Dirt Hex #9B7653 RGB 155, 118, 83. Pink is a good looking whiteish pink color. Darkorange is a darker version of orange. Contact  |  The Colors of Dirt Color Palette. Lightblue is a darker powderblue version.

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