Then add the maida, baking powder, baking soda, vanilla essence and beat twice. is there any quantity in grams? What do you suggest? Thanks. Powder was a typo, i used baking soda only. Thanks for visiting this page. Never used this setup earlier. I did see and comment on your post. Thank you. P.S. I was not able to make such cake in the past. It was a great hit with the kids,they loved it!! Which oven are you using. Can I replace maida with whole wheat flour? so baked a trial cake yesterday…followed the recipe tk thw T…the cake turned out well and baked fine…but.. 1 .the top crust was sticky…what can be the reason..what can i modify to make it less sticky…, 2. No you cannot , as it will change the balance between dry and wet ingredients. What did i do wrong. Will the gel colouring be ok to use? But they will still remain cupcakes not muffins . Refer to my basic cake recipes, there are many tips given throughout the post. Hi Khusboo, What is the approx width of the star shaped pan ? Hello Rids, I have not tried half or full sheet cake with this recipe. Thanks. If I do use part oil part butter, what would be the measurement be? How could I postc without rating! bake in pre heated oven. Earlier i thought may be temp issue but after i baked the vanilla cake perfectly i dont think that should be the issue. If it comes out clean,cake is done. Awesome!!! A big shout of thanks to you khusboo..such wonderful and easy recepies ..its been a week and i have been baking daily.I am in love withthem..being a vegetarian myself all this is a jackpot for me…couldnot wait to eat it and all of them were soo good moist and yum..cand even explain the feeling..cant thank you enough…. Sticky top is a good thing , it means your cake is moist from inside and not dry , sometimes it’s because of humidity too. Hello Sonal, I am happy to know that both the basic recipes worked for you, have a nice day! Hi Khusboo, could i double the recipe to make 24, or would it be better to make in separate batches. :*, Never tried egg less cakes. One more question when I made the chocolate cupcakes and I kept them at room temperature they became sticky at the top, please advise where I went wrong? Muffins are healthy and uses thick batter, healthy flours,toppings are healthy too ,are dense and finished with a crunchy top , not frosted hence breakfast friendly . Hi Khusboo… loved your recipe. Yes you can Seema , the cupcakes will be moist but a little more sour. Increase liquid by 2 tablespoons and use 1 1/2 teaspoon baking powder instead of 1 1/8th teaspoons. And try checking it 2-3 minutes earlier than previous try for doneness. Will send you pics once its all done ! It did not have a fluffed up dome shape as how it should be. I don’t think I’ll ever bother with eggs again (plus it is kinder!). Filed Under: All Recipes, Bakers Lounge, cakes/ cupcakes/ cookies Tagged With: best, cake, cupcake, easy, eggless, vanilla, yogurtSeptember 8, 2015. I dont have a whipper attachment to my blender, so can a use hand whisker. Hi ! Stumbled upon on your blog when I was searching for a a good recipe of eggless vanilla cupcakes.. And what a wonderful blog you have here!! No, I did not. But today i did so with your wonderful or rather magical recipe ❤… we loved it … next will be the eggless chocolate one… thanks a lot for making an uphill task so easy for. Your eggless vanilla cake is YUM!! I do not have a whisk attachment.. I am so glad to share this recipe with you so that you don’t have to go through all the trial and error . I was little hesitant before trying this recipe as it stated 1 cup of yogurt…thinking so much of curd will result in dense texture….honestly….it is the best recipe I ever tried… fluffy,airy …..and perfect for whipped cream frosting…❤️❤️. I haven’t noted this recipe in grams , but I can say it’s a forgiving recipe , dry cups will work . Your cakes will soften on top once cooled . Lol , glad to help .. yes just double it . hi khusboo, Hello Deepika. Serves Prep Time Cook Time Total Time; N/A: N/A: N/A: N/A: INGREDIENTS: For the cake sponge . If baking in one tin it takes way longer. But this recipe is very forgiving so you may try using the cups you have. The cake is still cooling so I shall share it later but I am just so happy that I had to comment right away! I have the huge cooking range oven , every oven is different , next time try switching off top element. They were ultra soft but the cupcakes started turning brown on top. Was wondering what you thought. Hope it helped. Hiii..can I replace some of the apf and add cocoa pd to the same recipe to make chocolate ones…so tht I can do half n half of vanilla and chocolate cupcakes as 12-13 cupcakes will be too much for us at once I have used raw sugar for this recipe. just a question can I substitute butter/oil with dalda or vegetable fat? Will post pic soon.Thanks for teaching. I just wanted to knw which camera do u use for clicking these beautiful dishes?.make it more tempting Also sugar in gms? Was the cake cooked well in the center. I was not able to frost it, as it just crumbled down into small pieces. . You can message them on my facebook page. Sure , more coming soon! You will have to give me more information. I haven’t tried to modify this recipe yet to make chocolate cupcakes or a cake. And yes you can use gel colors. It was a super hit . Hi can we double or triple the recipe for bigger cakes? Gives me confidence to try more cakes from your blog. I made cake using your recipe twice but u fortunately both the time the cake has fallen apartfrom the center but not all the way. :). I didn’t want to settle for something mediocre . If you want to use whole wheat flour, you will need approx 1 and 1/4 cup of milk to get the proper consistency of the batter. I will try to put the recipe in grams soon. So here is a trick , just fill cupcake liners a bit more than 3/4 full and not half way.. you will get domed cuppies . I do that always. U’ll get the batter in flowing consistency like a ribbon. The best part is that my son loved them . Test both ways and see what you prefer. Sprinkle some refined flour and spread it evenly by shaking and rotating the mould. I tried your eggless vanilla cake recipe, and followed all the measurements as mentioned. Now add the milk and run the mixie in low speed. Hi Khushboo love your recipes !! That is sweet of you. I would store the cake at room temperature in a cool dry place covered for up to 2 days .Hope this helped. Yes Ambika you can double or triple this recipe . Thanx for the prompt response…. Hi! did you do the toothpick test Rucha , was it cooked ? My parents loved them. The original recipe calls for butter . sugar, liquid, all purpose flour, sugar, vanilla, vanilla, aquafaba. Posted in CAL, Hope you like them. Sorry to hear that Jesal. You can make whole wheat.. Thank you for a lovely feedback. Dear khushbu, have 3 queries related to your eggless vanilla cake.Im going to use wilton dinosaur shape cake pan which is 12 and 3/4 inch X 11 inch in size. Run the knife through the sides of the pan and then invert it on a plate. I am glad Dipti that this recipe brought smiles Yes you can sub the maida with aata. So many positive comments encouraged me to try this cake . Thanks a lot Upma for a lovely feedback . Yes you can add 1-2 tablespoons instant coffee depending on how strong you want. Cornflour makes your cakes lighter with a tender crumb. Like many of you my search for a perfect recipe began online. In this recipe I have used dairy milk, but if you want to make a vegan cake, you can use vegan milk like almond milk or soy milk. But all in all perfect! Hi Khushboo, Tried tagging you on chef at large as I posted there and on euphoric delights too but was unable to tag you, do not over bake – it dries out the baked goods. Remove the gasket and the whistle and close the lid. so that means the buttercream frosting will hold good…, Fantastic… I am a passionate baker and cake designer and usually in search for perfect recipes for my cake projects. Just ignore . just want to know for this recipe which measuring cup size has to b used .. 240 or 250 ml You can surely add nuts to it. Thanks anyways ? Always blend the oil with yogurt and completely. What pan size did you use and did you remove the cake after it cooled down a bit or when it was still hot? Never stop trying. Just add 1-2 tablespoon more water . Chocolate cake on my blog is the most tried recipe by all readers and is very forgiving too. Just going to make a cake out of this. Hello Maria, the butter extract or essence is just to get buttery flavor. Baked at 180 degree (the working temperature for my egg based cupcakes). Doesn’t matter if its a   hand held or a stand mixer – both will give you same results. Wet measuring cup for liquids and dry measuring cups for dry ones. I am a professional baker and my clients love the cakes I make with this one. Bake in preheated oven at 180 degree C /350 f for 15-18 minutes for standard size cupcakes or till a toothpick inserted into the cupcake comes out with fewer crumbs not batter. Do try other bakes too. many – cupcakes are made with cake flour or apf , much lighter and fluffier and they are frosted . But request noted. Khushboo , thanks for sharing d recipe.My cupcakes turned out yummy, though it was my first attempt.Even the chocolate cupcakes I tried were awesome. Should I reduce the amount of curd I use? Would love to see it. BTW chocolate cake was yummy. The recipe yields soft, moist and fluffy vanilla cake. However, this time i was wondering if i can add crushed oreos to the batter before putting in the oven. Thank you so much for this recipe, my son is allergic to egg , so I’m always looking for recipes which are egg less. Cakes I baked remained great the same day but eventually dried up the second day or a day after refrigerating it  . After a lot of trials and failures, this was the first time my cupcakes were a success. Lastly, my cake gets cooked quickly at the top but inside it is still runny so please suggest a way which can help in ensuring that top layer does not get extremely crusty. I am humbled Ami, thank you for taking out your precious time and giving a lovely feedback.Thanks! Hi Khushboo, The best part is its absolutely simple and made with handful of ingredients easily found in every household . My concern is if i bake these the previous day…how should i store these for frosting the next day and consuming by evening. Glad Hamsi you liked it. Hey khusboo So I am sharing kids friendly, healthy as well as tasty recipes that not only your kids but also your family will love. And chocolate cake has milk and vinegar which is buttermilk . yes you can , I do it all the time for my son. Tried ur recipe twice already, but the same problem. Sure Pooja, you can add your favorite chocolate chips or nuts to the cake. YAY to the sweet success. You can cut the recipe into half. In a large bowl, add flour, corn flour, powdered sugar, baking soda and salt. I am sure you will like it. You can make four layer cake using a 6″ pan . Could you please guide me why this must have happened? Happy to know that you loved this recipe Manisha . Wanna try these baking receipes. Please suggest. Thank you for a lovely feedback:) keep baking lovely goodies! Hi Khushboo, what would be the measurements if i want to bake just 4 cupcakes at a time.. pls suggest. Can I make caramel cake with this recipe by replacing white sugar with brown sugar and adding caramel sauce to batter. But I would love to have a brown top, actual vanilla cakes have a lovely brown top. Try this one. Would be great if U could help me with the same. Thank u divya :) Cake corners may be dry due to slight over baking.Next time bake it for little lesser time.U will get it right :). Awesome DS. Can we make vanilla cake, chocolate cake, red velvet cake in microwave on micro mode?? But yes may be i put whole batter in one 6″ pan could be causing the issue. Can i use vinegar instead of yogurt and in that case should i use flax seed powder to get possible results?

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