is a natural and safe bio-insecticide. They grow all summer and then, go deep into the soil for resting for winter. These beetles are around a ½-inch long when they mature and become strong fliers. Check out this video to watch how to control rose chafer using solar lighting. The European chafer (Amphimallon majale classified as Rhizotrogus majalis prior to Montreuil 2000) is a beetle of the family Scarabaeidae.Formerly found only in continental Europe, this invasive species is now found at temperate latitudes in North America. For controlling rose chafers, gardeners can handpick the beetles and drop them into a container filled with soapy water. What’s the best sod grass for the Okanagan? An adult European Chafer is a medium-sized, light reddish-brown beetle with a slightly darker head. In June, rose chafer beetles come out from the soil, where they pupate and start feeding on all things in sight. One thing that you should do is to discourage your chickens or birds from eating rose chafer beetles. We recommend using GrubGone, a natural solution to treating the European chafer beetle. The PRISM system is currently down. By June’s end in many areas, adult chafer beetles are almost gone, leaving behind eggs for the next year’s crops. The European Chafer Beetle originated in continental Europe but can now be found in temperate climates across North America. When you have an infestation, the damage to your turf and grass can be seen in fall and early spring. Life Cycle of the European Chafer Beetle. Namatodes have a 60% success rate. They consume other plants, such as Japanese lilacs, mountain ashes, daises, elderberries, grapes, hydrangeas, ivies, Boston ivy, spireas, brambles, apples, peonies, strawberries, irises, birches, hollyhocks, elms, cinquefoils, hawthorns, cabbages, and oaks. For grapes, row covers do not work as they need to have calls from pollinators to bear fruits. Fertilizing your lawn regularly will ensure it has the appropriate nutrients throughout the season. Unlike European chafer beetle grubs, rose chafer grubs do not harm turf grassroots. Yes. However, these insects can fly a distance for feeding. Butternut squash chickpea curry- 5 amazing versions to try! However, rose chafers may have ruined that fruits and blooms of the summer already by then. Regular lawn irrigation or deep watering twice a week will allow the roots to grow deeper. The European chafer beetle was discovered in the United States in 1940 in New York state and is currently found in the northeastern U. S., as well as Michigan and Wisconsin. So, this is all about rose chafer beetles. For long-term control, people need to work on reducing the number of larvae or the egg-laying ability of the chafer. Sometimes, you will come across plants having fully covered with these beetles. You can have a big problem with them, while a neighbor down the road has never seen them. The Japanese beetle (Popillia japonica) was Ensure that the insects you like to kill and the plants you like to protect are mentioned on the product. However, if the population is large and food is scarce, they may move into vegetable planting to feed on corn, potatoes and other crops. Native scarab beetles can be plant pests but don’t tend to cause the extreme and rapid damage to turf that European Chafer causes. GrubGONE is equivalent to using chemicals to treat chafer beetles. The adult beetles do not eat, bite, or sting; it is primarily the grubs that are harmful. They may eat the flowers entirely, while they could skeletonize foliage, leaving behind just the veins. The rose chafer’s life cycle starts in June when adult chafers lay eggs in sandy soil, preferably in sunny, dry spots, which are covered in weeds or grass, particularly lawns. The grubs are soft, white, and C-shaped with tan-coloured heads and six prominent legs. Also, you can try planting tall perennials, trees, and shrubs for shading the soil. The damage done to plants is primarily cosmetic. Most of the damage is caused in spring just before pupation, the transition from grub to adult.

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