She is shown to be nosy, aware of everything, overprotective, and borderline psychotic.

to him, either when they are aggravated or annoyed by him. He sings a song before his "death" and falls to the ground. In iStill Psycho and iToe Fat Cakes, Mrs. Benson is shown to be very neurotic and suffers from Mysophobia (fear of germs) as proven by when she admits to Carly she bathes in her sweatshirt and that she uses hand-sanitizer and a tissue to open her apartment door. He only appeared in "iWin a Date". All members of Socko's family mentioned have names that match their jobs or hobbies; such as Tyler, who makes ties; Otto, a used car salesman; Rob, a professional thief; Penny, who creates Penny-Tees; Isaac, an optometrist; Taylor, a tailor; Bernie, a professional welder; Boomer, who sells explosives; and Ryder, who is a motorcycle rider. His sibling appeared in "iBattle Chip". This proves that Mrs. Benson is different from other parents because most parents would be sad that their child's in pain yet proud that he/she made a heroic move saving a life, as opposed to Mrs. Benson, who's instead upset that Freddie's in pain and angry at Carly because she thinks Carly caused the accident. This surprised Carly, Sam, and Freddie, because they feel that Tasha is somewhat out of Gibby's league. He is stationed on a Navy submarine; their mother has never been seen and was only spoken of once when it was stated that she was in the armed forces. Duke (Doug Brochu) is an aggressive student in Ridgeway who likes to wrestle. Her relationship with Carly Shay and Sam Puckett is one of general tolerance. "iLost My Mind" features them finally together, continuing "iOMG", when Carly sees Freddie and Sam kissing. In the episode, Cruikshank announces he will quit making Fred videos, after Freddie criticizes them during an episode in the iCarly website. Aspartamay (Jack Black) is Spencer's online video game rival in "iStart a Fan War". He is a very good friend with Spencer. (, Wet and sticky is very icky. In "iCarly Awards", Spencer gave him the awards and he gave them to Carly and Sam. In "iEnrage Gibby", Tasha returns and has a larger role, showing much affection towards Gibby. In "iKiss", he became Carly's replacement in Spencer's football training. In the end, he allowed Carly to stay with Spencer after realizing he was responsible. Her habits include eating packets of sweetener, twirling her hair, and attempting to kiss Spencer, with whom she went out only once. It is mentioned in the series that she has been arrested three times. His nickname "Spanky" refers to the fact that he likes to spank unsuspecting people as a joke. Carly and Sam got revenge by wedgie bouncing Jonah on iCarly. He is known most for making all of Spencer's brightly colored, light-up socks, first seen in "iWant More Viewers". Sam loves to dance, as shown in "iWas a Pageant Girl", when she did a dance with her former dance coach for the talent portion. After retrieving the bill, she falls down and Gibby drives off and forgets about her. Wesley (Colin Spencer [Season 1], Victor Kelso [Season 7][16]) is one of Freddie's friends. They have become more civil to one another as the series progresses to the point of them only arguing when they are around other people. They attempted to ruin iCarly's chances of winning the iWeb Awards by stranding them in the middle of nowhere. In "iSaved Your Life", she gets upset when she tells Spencer that Freddie got hit by a taco truck.

Reside(s) However, in "iSaved Your Life", Carly falls for him after he saves her from getting run over by a taco truck. Cal (Jake Siegel) was Carly's assistant in "iGo Nuclear".

At first Fred is extremely happy, but then reality hits! He is featured on the bit "Messin' with Lewbert" on iCarly, in which Carly, Sam and Freddie pull pranks on him, once going so far that they accidentally blew his wart off his face with an "exploding muffin basket", made to shoot confetti, but blew up as an explosive. After a lengthy fight with Gibby while his brother frees the iCarly gang, Nora is knocked out by Sam pressing a pressure point in her shoulder (the fictional Vulcan nerve pinch) and is arrested soon after. Ashley was another intern hired by Freddie without Carly or Sam's permission, and this leads to Carly and Sam trying to get him to fire Ashley. His mother's name is Charlotte.

Realizing that he has been outsmarted, Horvath is forced to buy out the contract.

Pam appears only in "iSam's Mom". Simon Kendall[17] (Simon Bernal) was a boy who could squirt milk out of his eye.

He appeared in "iPilot" and "iCarly Awards". Shane (James Maslow) was Carly and Sam's crush in "iSaw Him First", who Carly and Sam found very attractive. She is a parody of singer Britney Spears. It is revealed that he has had a crush on Carly since the 6th grade, but Carly generally regards him as one of her best friends.

Since season 4, he has not taken his shirt off and stated in "iStill Psycho" that he takes it off "less frequently now". Meanwhile, Carly, and Tori are doing a live iCarly webcast and announce that Steven is a cheater. Another hint is in. Porkchop and Sledgehammer are two truck drivers who appear in "iHurt Lewbert". Freddie tests it on Sam, and it said she was in love. She means well, but can be overprotective, although they love each other. It turns out she comes from a long line of fencers and she, herself, once took up the sport because her father made her (he'd been a part of The Fencin' Bensons) and became addicted to it.

in "iGo Nuclear", Freddie created a high-tech and expensive composting machine, but he received a "D minus" for polluting the air by importing worms from Portugal). Guppy Gibson[6] (Ethan Munck) is Gibby's younger brother.

She is considered beautiful by the reporters who are covering Spencer's attempt to beat her score. In "iCan't Take it", Gibby and Freddie's mom try to break Sam and Freddie up. He returns in the episode "iOpen a Restaurant" where he finds out about the secret restaurant Gibby had opened in the old school basement. Sam then became a lead character in the spin-off series Sam & Cat, in which she moves to Los Angeles and becomes friends with Cat Valentine (a character originally from Victorious) after rescuing her from a garbage truck. While dating Spencer, however, she is kind and giddy, even suggesting that her class go ice skating. Jeremy is then seen in "iDon't Want to Fight", when he buys Peacock feather tissues from Rip-off Rodney.

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