The song had a revival at Oktoberfest after the chorus of “Who the Fuck is Alice” was worked into part of the German pop song Joana du geile Sau. Now, without further ado… some of the coolest German music videos for your enjoyment. #12 – Cowboys and Indians (Skip to 2 Minutes). Not to mention, you get a taste of the German alternative rock dress code in the video. We also participate in other affiliate advertising programs for products and services we believe in. The traditional version they do in the Oktoberfest tents is one of the biggest crowd favorites and could easily be in our top 10 Oktoberfest songs. Every couple years a brand new song comes out and totally takes over Oktoberfest which was the case in 2018 with the hit Cordula Grün. 6. American musician John Denver is still huge in Europe and even bigger at Oktoberfest as country roads take you home. Basically, the song asks you to cast aside your worries for the day and be merry.
The female vocals cover plenty of intermediate level lines for you to practice with. This prideful tune was released in 2003 by the band De Höhner from Cologne, Germany.
Thanks for subscribing! Even if you don’t like the song, there is something energetic about it at Oktoberfest as the music really is the universal language. The smash hit ballad “Angles” by British singer Robbie Williams seems to get bigger and bigger each year at Oktoberfest. What’s great is that MTV’s new status hasn’t completely destroyed music videos. 13. The video doesn’t have English subtitles, but the words are fairly simple, as it provides a story of fighting through troubles and triumphing when times are tough. For example, one of the verses says: …die Zeit war reif (aha), für neue Styles, Eva Briegel leads vocals for the band Juli, which is considered a German alternative pop band. Getting everyone in your group to clap is corny, but has important symbolism. After watching it you won’t be able to stop yourself from copying them the next time Sweet Caroline is played. Munich’s verison of Bell Ciao (Goodbye Beautiful) keeps the Italian chorus but the rest is all in German. We hope this song list and guide helps during your journey to Munich or to your local Oktoberfest party. I Salute You (Ein Prosit): Ein Prosit is THE song of Oktoberfest as it is played like clockwork in the beer tents every 15 minutes. Plus, it’ll tell you exactly when it’s time for review. The German-speaking DJ from Austria released a remix to the song in the year 2000 that was popular on radios Worldwide. Will They Only Play Oompah Music? Missed a word? Since the 1000s of tent goers have their hands up clapping at the same time, it means that you are not strangers anymore as you are doing something together.

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