Glenfiddich shows no intention of resting on their laurels. When I got the Glenfiddich, they had about 12 malts. I am not that experienced as you are in the world of whisky (far from it!) Palate: A nutty fieryness upfront. If you happen to come across Glenfiddich 15yo, you should try it. The biggest difference is that it’s just aged for longer though from the taste I’d say that it also has a bit more sherry in it. Please support me on Patreon! The 18, however, especially at the fantastic price of $44 that I found recently at Costco in Folsom, CA, is quite good, and I would definitely get another bottle at this price. I did try Glenfiddich 15 at WhiskyFest last year, and thought it warranted a second look. As it sit…, Laphroaig 25 Cask Strength 2019 Edition Review. In November 2014, the brand's core range was redesigned and this whisky now includes "Small Batch Reserve" on the label. i envy you. I plan to eventually try again but at this point the 18 year old is not at the top of list although I will say it was quite good quality. Yes, there are so many whiskies to taste and to enjoy… but that makes it just more enjoyable and more satisfying if you find another delicious whisky. A dash of water wakes up this slumbering beauty, and the fiery nose intensifies. Due to the nature of retail, Toms Whisky Reviews do not guarantee of any of the items being in stock, please check with the retailer for up to date stock levels. i thought that was their reg price (no sale signs) and when i finally went to purchase a few bottles, the price had gone up (same as other retailers). I do agree that the Glenfiddich 12yo is not all that exciting in comparison with other similar priced whiskies. Fresh pears and peaches, touch of kiwi and nectarine with a slight oaky background, fresh fruit overload with loads of sweetness, syrupy with cremem brule and a side order of jelly tots, touch of bubblegum on the finish which lasts and warms perfectly, Bottle Name: Glenfiddich 18 Year Old Ancient Reserve More nuttiness in the throat – the hazelnuts particularly. All suggestions are welcome…Thanks. Age: 18 and ,like every body else, it’s just another opinion. Malty cereal and orange-blossom honey. Bottler: Glenfiddich Hi Eric, thanks for the comment! But had to buy minimum 2 to get that deal, even better!!! Thank you for the warm welcome. Body: Medium and mouth-filling, but not particularly full or oily. Along with it come firm red stone fruits, sour green plums, and raspberry jam. A little green grass or herbal tinge – surprising after 18 years in the cask! Too much whisky, not enough time/money! Please note links to retailers may be affiliate links tracked by cookies and Toms Whisky Reviews may receive a percentage in commission for any purchases you make. I would love to hear your review on it, if you do I think you’ll find a spot for it on your shelf permanently. I forgot to mention: I have never tasted the 18yo Glenfiddich. I won’t go on with a bunch of self-absorbed, arrogant and pretentious garbage like “it pairs with this” or “it pairs with that” or it has “subtle notes of this and that”, or smells like a whore’s drawers, quite simply, its just a goddamned good single malt scotch whisky. The dash of water releases some younger fruit notes, like the aforementioned raspberry jam and green plum. I wouldn’t call this well-balanced, but as the dominant nuttiness is so tasty, I definitely recommend it, especially if you can find a deal. (Or money) . Let the record show that I was not (and am not now) dismissing the entire distillery of Glenfiddich. It drinks much more like an 18 year however is priced below $40…..that’s a pretty good deal to me. i’m basing this opinion on the prices i’ve seen online. Like you and a bunch of yer friends gathered on a glacier or on the top of some really big goddamned mountain you climbed in the midst of a blizzard, pouring a few shots to celebrate all while you sing Viking war songs. If you like Talisker, you should probably try Lagavulin 16, which is peatier but one of the best Islays for that price range. So many whiskies to try, so little time! Imagine my surprise, then, when I found Glenfiddich 18 for $44 at my local Costco. When I went back a few weeks later, they only had 5. Oh right, its a bloody good scotch, a little pricey, but worth it if you can afford it……..and best of all, Metrosexual Mangina’s hate it. $33 for 1 liter bottle here in Duty Free shops (san diego). As T.J. mentioned you need to do yourself a favor and try the Glenfiddich 15. Got the 12yo, 15yo and 21yo Glenfiddich in my cabinet (along with Ardbeg 10yo, Yamazaki, Laphroaig QC, Macallan, Caol Ila 1999, Balvenie Double Wood and some others….) The Noob’s Top 10 Cocktails, The Balvenie (15 year) Single Barrel Cask #201, ScotchNoob Recommends: The Glencairn Glass, ScotchNoob Recommends: The World Atlas of Whisky, ScotchNoob Recommends: Whisky Advocate Magazine, Book Review: The World Atlas of Whisky by Dave Broom, Bruichladdich Octomore 10 year (4th edition). Finish: Medium-length and warming. I do intend to try Glenfiddich 15 – I have heard good things about it. I agree about the 12, not bad but the 15 & 18 are much better, when I aquired the taste for scotch, I started off with Dewars if I remember correctly?

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