Two opposed entrances, single bank, and single ditch circuit. are its bank and ditch. There is, however, In Stonehenge, dem berühmten Monument in Wiltshire, konnten Aktivitäten der Glockenbecherkultur und der frühen Bronzezeit nachgewiesen werden. Angesichts der zur Verteidigung eher ungeeigneten Aufreihung von innerem Graben (selten in Irland) und äußerem Erdwall geht man von einer rituellen Funktion der Henges aus; die Wälle hatten möglicherweise den Zweck, die Vorgänge im Inneren von der Außenwelt abzuschirmen. Archaeologists in England have discovered the remains of a massive stone monument, 15 times the size of Stonehenge, buried beneath the bank of the Durrington Walls "super-henge." [8] Henges are usually associated with the Late Neolithic or Early Bronze Age, and especially with the pottery of this period: Grooved Ware, Impressed Wares (formerly known as Peterborough Ware), and Beakers. Formalisation is commonly attributed to henges: indications of the builders' concerns to control the arrival at, entrance into, and movement within the enclosures. Das 1925 entdeckte Woodhenge, ein Class I Henge (mit einem Zugang) und mit sieben konzentrischen Pfostenringen im Zentrum, wurde aufgrund seiner Ähnlichkeit mit Stonehenge so benannt. Elsewhere, often only the stone holes remain to indicate a former circle. A c. 2 km circle of large pits has also been discovered centered on Durrington Walls henge. [10] Later monuments added after the henge was built might include Bronze Age cairns as at Arbor Low. Single entrance, single Henges are generally classified into four main a process in art through which artists strive to make their forms and figures attain perfection based on pervading cultural values ka the name given by ancient Egyptians to the human life source or spirit Additionally, many are placed so that nearby hills either mark or do not interfere with such observations. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 20. Concentrations of henges occur over much of Britain. Thus, they are not necessarily connected with the henge's original function. Er benutzte dabei das Suffix von Stonehenge. Class II henges generally have their axes aligned approximately south-east to north-west or north-east to south-west. bank, and, usually, a single ditch circuit. [citation needed]. Ein Henge [hɛndʒ] (auch henge monument) ist eine spezielle Art von neolithischem Erdwerk. Most henges have either a single ditch or It has been conjectured that the henges would have been used to synchronize a calendar to the solar cycle for purposes of planting crops or timing religious rituals. is not fully understood. Two opposed entrances,

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