You don’t have to have any special tools or skills of a here’s how I do it! Now, lift the apron, and tear it off. This is the crab’s liver and if you enjoy the rich taste of liver, you’ll enjoy’s buttery and rich! This post is just to show how we clean and break down the crab since we used dungeness crab meat for some of our recent dishes, sup mang cua (asparagus and crab soup) and bun rieu (crab noodle soup) as well as canh bun (these posts coming up soon!)

Remove spongy gills and small paddle at front of crab; discard. Place the crab on a flat surface (or a chopping board), and cut along the middle using a heavy knife (like a cleaver). Seasoned Butter . In the shell will be some yellowy orange mush–sometimes called crab butter–or gat in Vietnamese. Squeeze out … With the crab belly side down, grasp either side of crab and crack in half. When I used to live in Seattle during dungeness crab season (typically November through December) dinner composed simply of crab and a lot of newspapers. Clean the crab again; all that should remain is the shell filled with transparent white meat. How Often to Clean Your Hermit Crab's Habitat. Cover the pot and steam until the crabs are cooked through, 10 minutes for small blue crabs and 15 for larger Dungeness and up to 20 minutes for even bigger crabs. Clean out the guts and gills (the easiest way to do this is to blast it all out with a hose) This leaves lots of delicious meat in the corners of the body, in addition to in the claws and legs. Then with each hemi-body, I split it in half one more time, cross-wise. I wish they would do the same for crabs.

It looks like something out of the movie Aliens but, you will now have separated the body from the shell. Regular cleanings are important to keep a hermit crab's habitat in good condition, but the exact cleaning schedule will vary.

And the payoff is a feast of tender sweet crab meat dipped in hot butter as friends and family gather around the newspaper-covered picnic table on the porch.

Cleaning Crab. I first remove the apron which contains the crabs intestine and hides it’s gonopods (for those interested about the birds and the bees). We believe good food and cooking brings friends, family, and loves ones together—and keeps them together, hence our motto, Canh Bun Recipe Crab and Water Spinach Noodle Soup, Sup Mang Cua Vietnamese Asparagus Crab Soup, If you enjoyed this post, please subscribe and, Ca Ngu Kho Thom Braised Bonito with Pineapple. So, follow along and hear how we catch, clean, and cook blue crabs here in South Carolina's coastal lowcountry. This is the crab’s liver and if you enjoy the rich taste of liver, you’ll enjoy’s buttery and rich! We like to save it to add to bun rieu (crab noodle soup). The first step is to, shall we say, deface the crab. Cleaning (or "picking") hard crabs is an art. Whether you have a frozen whole crab or a live whole crab, will show you how to clean that crab in no time at all. Professionals can pick a crab completely clean in under a minute while it may take an amateur significantly longer. We like to save it to add to bun rieu (crab noodle soup). Remove the crabs from the water and place onto a work surface such as a large cutting board. 6. Then I place my thumb right at the apron attachment site and place my other fingers on the carapace (shell) for support.

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