I followed this great tutorial by Honeybear Lane on how to make a couch slipcover.But I wanted to show you how I completed my slipcover. Get more! Privacy Policy. 25 Genius DIY Decorating Ideas to Try This Fall. When Carl sews a slipcover, he begins by measuring the dimensions of the furniture, adding extra length and width for pleats, skirts, and seams; he then makes a muslin slipcover as a test model. I was given these 2 night stands to give them a makeover! We chose a bold fabric pattern for modern appeal. Scour thrift stores for a wooden, upholstered or metal bed frame with an interesting-yet-simple shape. Cover a loveseat with a queen-size sheet in colors or a pattern that coordinates with the room. Add your own style or personality to your slipcovers by creating details that make your slipcover look special, and not like you bought it from a big box store.. One way to do this is through the type of closure you use whether it be a zipper, velcro, ties or buttons. I also took advantage of the outside edge that already had a hem. Rectilinear furniture is much easier to cover, usually needing only a few pleats on a skirt or simple cording to better define the lines around the arms, base, and back. Subscribe to the HGTV Inspiration newsletter to get our best tips and ideas delivered weekly. A slipcover is another investment, one that can protect the upholstery of your sofa or chair from young children or pets, change the look of a piece should you eventually grow less fond of it, or make a material like leather or velvet more comfortable during the summer. Cover a loveseat with a queen-size sheet in colors or a pattern that coordinates with the room. The very first step is to make some welt. Mark both headboard and footboard templates with seam-allowance chalk line. Let your personality shine in your slipcover design! Short on space? When choosing the material, the most important criteria are stability, strength, and washability. The photo above is the boxing strip with the welt attach to both sides. This parson's style slipcover is the easiest slipcover to make because it doesn't have arms and is symmetrical, which means you don't have to install a closure...no zipper or velcro. The second panel is a rectangular piece for the top. Join the party! The next step is the hardest part of the whole slipcover in my opinion. Lay the fabric out on a flat surface and place the individual pattern pieces on top of the fabric aligning grainlines. That’s all folks…Press the slipcover, install, and enjoy your beautiful new slipcover that can be laundered as much as you want. Yesterday I had an ah ha moment when I was out driving and saw the safety cones that seem to be... Who else is tired of consistently cleaning your glass shower doors? Slide a pencil, dowel or chopstick into tie to help with turning the fabric right side out. The welt cord makes it easy to feel your way around the piece. This article will serve as a tutorial on making a recliner slipcover at home and use it to refurbish that ragged looking recliner into a brand new one! Add one to three ties to each side of the slipcover. Like the steps above, leave the bottom open and hem it to the appropriate length. The slipcover's sides will be held together using fabric ties, so it's only necessary to sew together the top seam. 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Create a dramatic focal point in your bedroom with a custom, upholstered headboard that extends to the ceiling. Martha Stewart Living Television. Our wooden, handmade dice are perfect for decorating, your kids could also have fun rolling and... How do you make a simple Thanksgiving centerpiece? Martha Stewart shares an up-close and personal perspective of her life. 11 Fabulous Fall DIY Projects to Decorate Your Home. Tip: For a no-sew alternative, use ribbon or twill tape and attach with permanent fabric glue or fusible web. I usually drape my fabric and pin it to the back of the chair with upholstery pins(T-pins), then I cut leaving a 2″ seam allowance around the whole back. Hem with topstitch using thread that will blend with fabric or, for a no-sew option, use fusible web instead. The slipcover is made from two panels of fabric. Simply trace headboard onto fabric following steps one to four above, then rather than sewing just the top, sew all four sides together. If you have an outdated, battered headboard, simply cover it up. You can see in this blue parsons chair slipcover I added button details with turn cord as the buttonhole (you can learn how to make turn cord HERE on Live with Sandra V). I love all the different... Making a wood lantern is an easy woodworking project and the end result is a lantern that can be... Have you ever wanted to makeover a vintage vanity? The last step is to finish the bottom with either a hem or welt. To join the two pieces together, use a braided trim with a selvage edge (Image 1). Determine how much material you need. This recliner has four main pieces. This year we are all trying to stay safe and healthy by avoiding contact with too many people. You have to cut far enough into the corner so it will lay down, but not too far! Iron all your fabric well, so it’s flat and smooth when you’re ready to cut it. Sew all the seams using a welt foot or zipper foot. For instance, we chose a simple curved headboard and footboard with charming, cabriole legs that will look nice peeking out under the slipcover. Win $25,000 to Create Your Backyard Oasis! After all your pieces are cut out it’s time to pin it all together. The primary result is that the furniture's upholstery is better protected, and the slipcover may even change the appearance of an entire room. Sheer, thin fabrics like silk taffeta are unsuitable for slipcovers; the pattern of the upholstery may show through, wrinkles are harder to get rid of, and the slipcovers are harder to clean. A piece of furniture is usually a long-term investment, something that will stay in your home for years. Sew and Hem the Slipcover . My chair has velcro on the bottom so I decided to use a welt trim and attach velcro to my slipcover so it’s attached and won’t shift during use. Make a quick slipcover with sheets. Love it ..! Cut several three-inch-wide strips of fabric, each 20 inches long. It's easy to replace as you change your bedroom's design style. Recliner slipcovers may seem like a daunting task because of all the moving parts. An idea about updating your headboard from Alice Fakier of, Get ideas on how to create your own headboard from. The video will demonstrate this part well. Place slipcover on bed and pin length where desired amount of leg shows. Striped Slipcover For Kids’ Sofa. All Rights Reserved. You would just need to add a box pleated skirt to this. A weathered bedside table is trimmed with books, a neutral toned lamp and a stylish black-and-white headboard slipcover for a collected-over-time look. After the front piece is cut and the corner is notched you’ll cut the back piece. suggestions?? If you want the slipcover … Carl Dellatore, the owner of D & F Workroom in New York City, is an expert on slipcovers, and he suggests a few things to keep in mind when choosing one. Today is Pinterest challenge day hosted by @cindy. But it has seen better days,... A sofa slipcover seems like a daunting task, but if you think of it in small steps you can... Would you like a change in your family room or living room? Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Two arms, the back, and the cushion. After cutting the boxing piece, attach the welt to both sides of the boxing strip like the photo above. If you don't wish to show the legs, hem the slipcover so they are covered. Determine Length Then Hem Bottom Seam. Because the sides are open and not sewn, it is very easy to take the piece to a local monogram or embroidery shop for personalization once the slipcover has been sewn.

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