Also remember that with a larger diameter bit, you will want to slow the speed of your router down. You can see that the chainsaw now fits right into the mill then tightens down on the bar to hold onto it. Once turned, the slabbing rails are again placed on the top of the log. When working with a piece that has a slight twist in it, you first need to shim it up and keep it stable to flatten it. The jig has two long rails that I temporarily attached to my workbench, then it also has a sled that sits onto these rails. I started off with the rails that will go ontop of my logs to give my mill a flat reference for the first cut. I set the bit to take off about 1/8” material. On your very first cut, you need a flat reference for the mill to ride along, which is what these rails here are. The objective is keep removing all of the high spots pass by pass until you are finally removing material from the entire slab, meaning it’s all on the same level and is flat. It uses the chainsaw blade and engine to do the work of cutting while you control feed wood through or move the saw on a rail in a safe efficient way. There are several methods on how you can make a DIY sawmill with a medium or small chainsaw. It is getting more popular day by day as a portable and cost-effective self-operated mill. Chainsaw mills are essentially an attachment or framework mechanism that allows you to fix your chainsaw in a position (typically horizontal) to cut logs into boards in a uniform way. You don’t need them to be level along the length of the log, just across the log, I don’t know if you can see but there are two leveling screws at each one of these cross members to make this happen. But worry not, we’re here to make that consumable and easy for you. Bigger is Usually Better This is a good … If the log is going to be made into partially finished lumber, the second cut may be made below the first at any depth the user desires. As milling is an entire world of it’s own in the woodworking niche, I learned a crazy amount in just a few days and I’m going to try and cram as much of that information into this video as possible, so lets gets right to it. You might have seen people use a ladder for this application before, but I went with rails made by the same company who made the mill I’ll be using which is a family owned business called Granberg. These features make them more preferable for working in remote areas. Now, place the chainsaw blade right across the central surface of the wood. A 2×6 was placed on both sides and now you can see it can fold up and be stored or transported, but then quickly deployed to be used. Then something I put on mine but is optional is a winch. That is a wicked cool tool if you ask me. Professionals and homeowners consider it as a reliable and safe instrument for milling the timber till that time. To make sure that this post guides your chainsaw throughout the process, it’s essential to be plumb and smooth. Chainsaw mills are ideal for homeowners who mill lumber occasionally. A partner to assist you throughout the process. If you are going to cut planks at this width, your mill will be guided by the surface of the cut you just made. Every design is a little different from the other. Sometimes a few hard lumber become a huge challenge even with the best chainsaw mill . Often partially finished lumber is seasoned before it is cut into boards. Chainsaw mill from popular brands can cost as low as $200. This is mounted to the mill then hooks up to this bar you see here. 1) Beware folks because this is highly addictive. With things set up you can see how it works. It also gives him the ability to make final cuts with a band saw or some other saw that takes a thinner kerf than a chainsaw. In case you are completely new to this process, the whole scenario may look like rocket science to you. When the first cut is done, the slabbing rails can now be removed. I was hoping this thing would be beautiful but the log was apparently pretty old and very dried out so the inside was really cracked and honestly not something I was interested in keeping. Your chainsaw mill can simply turn them into useful pieces that are easy to deal with. We’re all set, and now it’s time to rip the wood itself. In addition, some models of chainsaw rail mills available allow for cutting of grooves, notches, and various wood joints required in the making of log cabins and wood-frame housing. All you have to do is set the depth to the thickness you desire. Next I set the bit according to the highest spot on the slab so that it starts off with removing the high spots. The teeth are filed to a steeper angle on ripping chains since it’s a much more aggressive cut since you are cutting along so many more growth rings lengthwise. I start on one side of the slab, move the router across then bring it back. Even if you don’t get into milling this sharpener is worth getting. But in comparison with the regular cutting tasks, there is one major difference. This will produce a second flat surface that is parallel to the first cut. For a long time I didn't want anything to do with chainsaw mills, seeing them as hugely inferior to a bandsaw mill. I’ll first need to flatten the slab. I am really shocked at how quickly I was able to get through an entire cut, this second cut took me just under 5 mins to make. Chainsaw mills have been used for personal milling in remote areas such as Alaskan wilderness for around 60 years. They are called EZ Rails and do come in a variety of different lengths but I went the 10’ rails which come in two 5’ sections that can be used separately or together. In the past I’ve always used a file to sharpen the teeth but Grandberg has this 12v electric sharpener that attaches right to the bar. A chainsaw can produce a lot of expensive wood chips! Check Out This Chainsaw for Milling Lumber. Chainsaws posses a whole lot of cutting abilities. Our team is putting maximum efforts to provide you the best functionalities. On the second cut, the mill uses the surface you just created to support and guide it. Once this is set up and checked, the third cut can begin. Also, some models such as the Alaskan chainsaw mill allow for quarter sawing. I’m going with a chainsaw mill…..for now. Also, it can be used by professionals who seek to maximize productivity while reducing expenses. I used two nuts so that I could keep this joint pivoting which will make the stand foldable. In order to rip or cut regular limbs, you don’t need to modify the chainsaw actually. 2) This operation can be done alone but it’s kinda a lot and is sooo much easier if you have a second hand around. Make sure that the placement of the log and the chainsaw system is strong and stable. But to be honest, even a small-sized chainsaw has the ability to cut a 10 inches limb. Also, depending on your use, you can customize the chainsaw mill by adding on many other features such as log rollers, track/rail extension, ramp package, log loading, lap siding, or even a package that will allow you to haul the mill as a trailer. Modern portable chainsaws are an extremely useful and versatile tool to have if you are ever going to be working with timber. I flipped them around to be opposite of one another then stuck in a bolt with a few washers and nuts. After harvesting, you have to decide where to saw the logs. Once I bring it back I move the entire sled down the slab to advance the cut. Tractor Supply is now a supplier of Husqvarna equipment and I’ve partnered with them to use the Rancher 460 chainsaw with a 24” bar on my mill. It will make the log more secure to the ground. All you need to do is, guide the chainsaw blade in a proper manner. So anything milling related, the company has.

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