Look at the overall construction to determine if there is any major damage or problem areas. Sew the sides to the top fabric, start in the center and work around the entire bottom piece for the cushion. Pull the fabric over the bottom of the cushion. References. Good luck with your project! How can I create a softer, more comfy feel/look? Before doing this, make sure you know how wide the roll of fabric is that you picked out so that you can effectively plan the cuts to waste minimal fabric. How you proceed will depend on how your individual couch was constructed. If the sewing is to be done yourself, use the old cushions as templates--they were designed to fit the couch. the best comparison I can think of to what I'm saying is like putting a paper dress on a paper doll - how it has flaps the hold the dress on. Such a light color is impractical to keep clean outdoors, and it just blended in too much with the. To reupholster a couch, start by removing the old fabric, starting at the bottom of the sofa and working your way up. You can cut it with regular scissors (not your fabric shears) to fit your piece. The base and spring cover fully attached. We rounded up 66 of the best Christmas gifts any cook, griller—or food & wine lover!—could ask for, with picks from our editors, show staff & Rach! Measure Fabric for Upholstering. Love the “No Sew” idea! Talk about a lazy girl DIY, right?! % of people told us that this article helped them. RELATED: You CAN Reupholster Your Chair Seats Yourself (And for Less Than $50! Scissors, fabric, a sewing machine, a needle, thread, and a tape measure are all you need for the couch. Use the fabric as a pattern for cutting out new fabric. I am little intimidated. Last fall, I had good intentions to get our outdoor cushions reupholstered so they’d be ready for this spring. Save the cushion or padding. For the legs, I spray painted them with a hammered metal spray paint. If you can wrap a gift, you can recover a chair cushion…. This article has been viewed 203,890 times. Learn more... Re-upholstering furniture is a great way to personalize mass-produced furniture or furniture whose upholstery has seen better days. After the arms were done, most of the tedious work of covering the frame was over. What type of foam should I use for the seat if I am recovering a vintage love seat that doesn't have loose cushions? Even professional upholsters have to learn by hard knocks. I did something big, time consuming and somewhat difficult. Foam and other cushion materials can be very expensive and may make your project cost-ineffective. It’s simple enough for me to do and accomplish. To compensate for that hidden seam or overlap, you need to add an "allowance" to every piece of fabric. Whether you have a well-loved piece of furniture at home with upholstery in bad shape, or you've got a thrift piece of furniture for a great price but not-so-great style, you can completely change the look up your furniture through reupholstering. High-quality foam can get very expensive, very quickly — its cost is tied to the cost of petroleum, out of which its made — but don't skimp out, or else the couch will be great looking, but also saggy and uncomfortable couch. Then I created the corners so I could slip the fabric over the base. And get this -- he still spent under $100 on the whole project! Home Depot's Black Friday Deals Are Here Early: Get The Scoop! England. Allow extra for the welting (cording covering seams). We use cookies to make wikiHow great. Yes, just like cloth upholstery. Remember: the measurements you are taking are only the parts of fabric that you can actually see. To save money, instead of buying a new dust cover, I used an old purple sheet. Quick question though - did you have to use any type of foam for the inside back or inside arm? A square-seated chair is perfect for beginners. Repeat the process for the bottom; however, leave the back open so you can have a large enough opening for the cushion. Shop fabric outlet stores for savings. It is worth spending a little more money for good material. Find someone to help you if you can. Just because the fabric on an old couch has seen better days doesn't mean the couch needs to be consigned to the junk heap. Please help :( I'm stuck! Check outlet stores that specialize in upholstery fabric. Hand sew the opening closed. Once you’ve taken off the old fabric, use the pieces as a pattern to cut out pieces from the new fabric. Awesome reupholstery job!

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