Many variations of zone defense exist.The standard zone is a 2-1-2, with two defenders patrolling the outside, one defender in the middle around the foul line and two defenders on the inside. Man-to-man defense: A team defense in which each player is assigned to guard a particular opponent. A back-cut is when a player cuts behind their defender towards the basket. ... Basketball Coaching Stress - Resolutions for Impact; Versatile wings should be able to shoot, pass, score, defend, and rebound. Performance is a Behavior, NOT an Outcome! What Does Playing Low Post in Basketball Mean? However, the legendary John Wooden, who coached UCLA to an unmatched 10 National Collegiate Athletic Conference championships, used both man-to-man and a ferocious full court zone trap. Del Harris taught that half court defense begins full court. Improve defensive technique (drills 3 and 4). In a classic man-to-man defense, the coach assigns each player to guard a specific offensive player. The positions on a basketball court are described in two primary ways. Tips: Take your defender one way and cut the other way, also change your speed during the cut. Switching screens is somewhat of an art form in the National Basketball Association, where the pick-and-roll is the main offensive weapon. We have not been a pressing program, but we do place a major emphasis on full court defensive conversion each practice. Improve on-ball defense (drills 1 and 5). Forwards have the ability to make a mid-range jump shot, play in the post, and score off pick and rolls. There are several ways to score in basketball, with the most common ones being shooting, lay-ups and slam dunks. The two basic defenses in basketball are man-to-man, sometimes referred to as person-to-person in respect for the rise of women's basketball, and zone. Learn how your comment data is processed. Breakthrough Basketball, LLC. Change speeds when making your cut. Point Guard Skills: Ball handling, court vision, passing, leadership, scoring ability, good decision maker, game-manager. Shooting guards work in tandom with the PG but play off the ball more frequently. Interior definition is - lying, occurring, or functioning within the limiting boundaries : inner. This cut can be an effective scoring play because defenders often make the mistake of staring at the ball when it’s thrown into the post. When a player has the ball in the low-post, a player at the top of the key can make a dive cut towards the rim looking for a drop-off pass from the post player. If that is not enough to push our first team, we move the half court players to the free throw line extended at the opposite end or even to the baseline corners at the opposite end. The 3 most Unguardable Moves in NBA history. PG’s usually call out the plays on offense and also communicate what the coach wants on defense. Two main variations exist within the man-to-man defense. In a similar way, an offensive player will walk their defender away and make a perpendicular cut out to the perimeter to catch the ball (the cut makes the shape of a L). Some of the best 4 men can stretch the opposing teams defense by making 3 point shots forcing the other teams biggest players away from the basket. The two basic defenses in basketball are man-to-man, sometimes referred to as person-to-person in respect for the rise of women's basketball, and zone. Also, use your arm to rip the contact made by the defender as you make your way in the direction of the basket; often defenders will try to prevent you from “cutting across their face” which means they want to force you behind them instead of in front of them. Driven by Purpose. Use the following 5 basketball defense drills to: Improve closeout defense (drills 1 and 2). He received a Juris Doctor from Duke Law School and a Bachelor of Science in political science from Whitman College. How to Coach a Sweeper/Stopper Defense in Soccer. By Coach Brian Williams on December 3, 2009. I have done drills very similar to these and they work very well. Post players often make a flash cut to the elbows to initiate a teams offense. Term: Ice Definition: A side pick-and-roll defense in which the on-ball defender forces the ball-handler toward the… Basketball is a game of quick movements and cutting. This change of pace confuses the defender and makes them think you are trying to move toward the ball to receive a pass. We have always played 4 on 5 in the half court, but playing it in conversion is a great way to improve your conversion through the disadvantage principle as well. Having a numbers disadvantage forces better communication among the conversion defenders. You can use numbers (1,2,3,4,5) or titles to describe positions on the court. If you are playing a full court man-to-man defense, you pick up your assigned player as soon the other team controls the ball. Your email address will not be published. Have the offensive rebounders put back any missed shot. Jay Bilas says that a bad shot is the first pass in your opponent’s fast break. It is also a major point of emphasis for us to not make risky passes that have a 50/50 chance of being caught by us. We call it “Scramble Drill”. Officials: The Center is usually the biggest player on the floor and is the anchor of your teams defense. Each basic defense has a number of variations. Most back-cuts are made when the defensive player is playing aggressive defense and denying the offensive player from getting the ball. Conversion defense begins when we shoot the ball. If the halfback slows the dribble, that gives our three offensive rebounders time to sprint back and become a part of our conversion defense. A flash cut is when a player makes a quick flash to an area on the court to catch a pass. Here are some of the special rules we use from time to time if our second team has a hard time pushing our first team in practice: When we are scrimmaging, the second team does not have to take the ball out of bounds after a basket, they just take it out of the net and play it to force our first team to convert quickly. We send our three best rebounders to the block, block, and front of the rim when we shoot. When an offensive player enters your zone, it is your responsibility to pick him up. I use the term slow the ball because if he attempts to make a stand and stop the ball out on the floor, he is likely to get beat and then we have only the fullback to stop their break. He wrote a book about professional golfers and has written magazine articles about sports, politics, legal issues, travel and business for national and Northwest publications. A front-cut is when a player cuts in front of their defender to receive a pass. (Coach yells change, offense drops balls and converts to defense, team on defense picks up the ball as if transitioning after a steal.). Our goal is to force the opponent to play against our set pack line style defense each possession by executing our half court offense and full court conversion defense every possession of every practice and every game. I think that is a great teaching phrase on the value of shot selection. Post-players will also try and front cut their defender when they are moving from one side of the key to the other. We never want to throw the ball away when we are making a pass going away from our basket and toward the opponents. Tips: If you can sneak behind the defense before you make your flash cut, it can be difficult for the defenders to find you and stop you from cutting. The following is a basic description of the positions and typical responsibilities of each player (these describe the typical roles of players on the court and do not accurately describe all teams/players). One of my points of emphasis for our offense is that we must be able to defend the shots we take and the turnovers we make. Tips: Make your dive cut as soon as you see your defender turn their head to focus on the ball. Many coaches prefer the man-to-man defense since it generally is a more aggressive style. Forwards should be able to run the floor in transition, set good screens, play interior defense, make open jump-shots, and rebound the ball. Also, a structured pattern of play that a team uses while attempting to score. The first is a switching man-to-man. That player steps off the court and is no longer in the drill. If the pass is made to the wing, the hoop defender must read the situation: is there another offensive player coming from the weak side (if so you will have to delay a count until the ball defender can replace you) or is it a 2-on-2 situation (in this case the hoop defender will begin his/her closeout to the wing as the ball defender now replaces the hoop defender). The defense wins the possession if they can force a turnover or keep the second team from taking a shot that hits the rim before the 15 seconds run out. Hoop Tactics: Basketball Basics: Zone Defenses, Coaches Clipboard: Basketball Defense: Zone Defense. We practice converting off of made and missed shots, off turnovers, and off of made and missed free throws. A successful demonstration of offense often requires organization of a team as well. Players use a V-Cut by taking their defender away from the ball and pop out to the perimeter to catch the ball (the cut makes the shape of a V). Give the passer a target where they should throw the ball. The offense wins the possession if they can hit the rim with a shot in the 15 seconds. Wings are usually taller than shooting guards even though there are a lot of similarities between the 2 and 3 spot. Even if the rebound takes place after the horn goes off at the end of the 15 seconds–we always play until the whistle, not the horn. Offense: The team that has possession of the basketball. On offense there are several types of cuts that are commonly made during the course of a game. Many types of half-court and full-court zone formations can trap opponents and pressure them into turnovers. When the shot is taken, the offense should go to the rebound/conversion defense spots described above. Offensive rebound: A rebound of a team’s own missed shot. Here are some ideas and drills that I have picked up from various sources and used to build our conversion defense. When the ball goes through the basket, the 15 seconds starts on the clock and the second team (who are on the baseline) take the ball out of the net. Unstoppable! Meaning that when there’s a basketball loose on the floor, you’ll be the one who secures it 8 times out of 10. If the offense does shoot an airball, the defense must get the rebound to win the possession. You will be able to see a video on the Championship Productions website. Offense means trying to score. Centers should protect the rim on defense by blocking shots, taking charges, and rebounding the ball. When an offensive man sets a screen on you, you switch and pick up the person setting the screen while defender who was guarding that person picks up your man. You do not have to purchase anything to see the video. Sometimes if your defender gets to deep in the lane, you can stop and receive a shovel pass from the post player for a jump shot. Great Centers communicate to their teammates on defense and help them get in the right spots. On offense they can help their team by setting good screens, scoring in the post, and making good passes out of double teams; the best centers can also make open jump shots from 15-18ft. The point guard is the primary ball-handler and usually brings the basketball up the court on offense. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. A post cut is designed to either get a quick layup for the cutting guard, or to clear space for the post-player to make a move. Depending on the level you coach, you will be converting to defense 40 – 60 times per game on average, so it is essential to practice it regularly. The fullback is responsible for sprinting to the lane to guard the basket. A few of the ways wings can score is by coming off screens, posting up, getting out in transition, and driving the the basket. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. When we substitute we make sure to communicate our halfback, fullback, and offensive rebounder roles as well as the man we are guarding between the player going in the game and the player coming out of the game. Wings typically handle the basketball the least out of the three guards and are one of the most versatile players on the floor.

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