In fact, up to 30 percent of people who meet the Yale Food Addiction Scale's criteria for food addiction also meet the criteria for binge eating disorder, a 2016 paper in Clinical Psychology Review reports. In many cases sucrose is consumed in sugar-sweetened beverages that also contain caffeine, a drug that stimulates the central nervous system.
It would be of great interest to find out whether caffeine added to the glucose or fructose produced more profound effects on the striatal system of adolescents with obesity. It is too early for (lay) people to be making definite conclusions about sugar’s relationship to binge-eating disorders and addictive eating behaviors (outside of chemical dependency). Kristina Bruce knew some people could eat one – and only one – cookie. Those with food addictions do display some of the behaviors mentioned above, such as being out of control. It causes epileptic seizures, gastric cancer, liver tumours, multiple sclerosis and increases the risk of polio and Alzheimer's disease. Sugar, the educated American will tell you, lights up the same areas of the brain as cocaine, and, in fact, rats prefer the sweet white granules over the powdered white drug. Yet, sugar is infinitely harder to avoid than alcohol or drugs. 1. According to Nancy Appleton, who holds a PhD from "distance learning" Walden University in the U.S., the substance responsible for these crimes is plain old sugar. My interest stems from the fact that when I first heard the term thrown around it never sat right with me. Framing any food as addictive also pathologizes human nature, some experts say. Drug addicts have cravings for a certain psychoactive substance. What about the notion that scientists see brain regions fire up in response to certain foods, just like it does in response to drugs like cocaine? Sugar does not have to be addictive for it to be a focus, just like gambling doesn’t have to be innately addictive for it to be a focus. Probably not. Or the 2014 review in Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews finding a lack of support for the notion that the brain responds to food in the same way it does to, say, opioids. Often, these individuals, described as being one of the heaviest people in the world, weigh 600lbs, 700lbs, or even more.

Stories celebrating sugar-free lifestyles like Bruce's dominate social media fitness feeds, wellness websites and self-development podcasts. This would surely be prime evidence for those who say that sugar, and food in general, is addictive, but such circumstances are extremely rare. Changes in ghrelin might provide a signal for the changes in perfusion in various brain regions. For those science geeks out there – this article is for you. The prevalence of obesity began to rise rapidly in the 1980s and since then has more than doubled (1). Learn how to fight PCOS with the right food choices. If cravings do not, then what is drug addiction? J Obes. First, without a definition of craving, or a concept of craving at all, there would be no point in studying addiction. Is all sugar bad? 5. In addition to the association of sugar (glucose/fructose) intake with the risk for developing obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, fructose seems to have other possibly detrimental metabolic effects (15,16).

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