The following chart shows average sold log volume. IST was established ”to increase the recovery, availability and value of specialty timbers from harvesting activities in [Tasmanian] State forests”. There was such a variety of log grades and qualities in these 14 lots that for analysis and summary I’ve grouped the logs into just plain and feature grain, as these seem to be the main determinants of price. 5. The description read: A good straight log, several bumps, attractive dark stripes in growth rings at butt end. Posted in Forestry Tasmania, Island Specialty Timbers, Price Lists, Sustainable Timbers Tasmania. Looking at how small some of the IST tendered logs are, I thought I’d create a chart showing average sold log volume. � L$ � � 8 � 8 8 " " � � s s s v 8 " 8 " k s k s s s " ���� b"��q� ���� � s W � 0 � s �$ � j �$ s �$ 8 s � s � � p � ���� ���� ���� ���� ���� ���� ���� ���� ���� ���� ���� ���� ���� ���� ���� ���� ���� �$ � X � : IST Geeveston Tender � August 2020, offers to purchase close at 10 pm Mon 24 Augustkg m (butt) cm(head) cmLOG/LOTDESCRIPTION WEIGHT LENGTHDIAMETER DIAMETER VOLUME m3$OFFER1Sassafras4254.237 320.382Sassafras, small black-heart525 4.740 340.503Sassafras, black-heart725 3.754 450.704Sassafras, small black-heart 3502.545 400.345Sassafras, black-heart 2752.837310.256Sassafras, small black-heart1752.829240.157Sassafras, small black-heart7753.640380.378Sassafras, black-heart9006.846350.859Sassafras, black-heart6503.353460.6210Sassafras, small black-heart / spalted6503.650450.6211Sassafras, black-heart / spalted16504.571641.5812Sassafras, black-heart7005.049340.6613Sassafras, plain9003.560 530.86 14Sassafras, black-heart5002.949 420.4615Sassafras, black-heart3752.644390.3416Sassafras, black-heart2002.830270.1717Leatherwood5756.336280.5018Sassafras, black-heart2504.628220.2219Celery-top pine12006.249461.0720Eucalypt, tear drop11005.256451.0221Silver wattle 13004.9 60541.2522Silver wattle8504.552440.8123Blackwood15005.2 63 561.4224Blackwood11004.9 54 491.0025Musk log and burl 10702.9 705426Musk log and burl 8602.837 27Musk log and root burl18004.07041 Log / LotDescription WeightLengthDiameterDiameterVolume m3Offer $ kgButt cmHead cm28Musk log and burl18502.8 807229Musk sculpture piece6302.430 King billy pine140 1.0 60530.2031Ti tree, two pieces4004.9 / 4.9 23 / 2522 / 190.3632Ti tree, two pieces3904.2 / 3.6 25 / 3521 / 25 0.3733Ti tree, two pieces 3705.4 / 4.022 / 2521 / 220.3434Ti tree, two pieces3702.7 / 2.536 / 2732 / 220.3535Ti tree, two pieces3705.3 / 5.521 / 2419 / 200.36 These are my offers for material in the August 2020 Tender at IST Geeveston, as described on the tables attached. The main focus of IST tenders is black heart sassafras (Atherosperma moschatum) which can command very high prices for good logs. Total value for this single blackwood tree totalled $4130!! According to Forestry Tasmania’s Annual Report in 2016/17 IST sold a total of 829 cubic metres of product [tender and direct sales]. 4.8 cubic metres of the sold blackwood logs contained figured grain, the remaining logs were plain (straight) grain. During the year 20 blackood lots, totalling 20.4 cubic metres, were put to tender over 5 of the 8 tenders held by IST. Lot 13 didn’t quite make the magic number of $10,000 as I had hoped but came very close at $9,600. 300 cubic metres of high quality sawlog per hectare at harvest. Perth office remains closed due to on-site renovations. Here there is a clear trend of diminishing log size. This is an extraordinary price for a small plain-grain blackwood sawlog and again demonstrates the commercial potential of farm-grown commercial blackwood. It’s time for my annual summary of Island Specialty Timbers (IST) log tender results. 29 cubic metres of sawlogs and craftwood were unsold at tender. Two species attracted strong demand and high prices during the year, these being black heart sassafras (BHS) and huon pine, with average log prices well over $1,000 per cubic metre. That this sawmiller is getting away with selling select grade blackwood for $8,000 per cubic metre should get some tongues wagging (I hope!). The following chart shows annual plain grain, blackwood sawlog tender results for which I have data. Community See All. I’ll include this chart in future reports. One small feature-grain log that sold for a unit value of $2,400 per cubic metre in the January 2015 tender, and. Surprisingly the marketplace continues to support the plundering of Tasmania’s last ancient forests! It will be interesting to see what price this log achieves. We sell rare and unique Tasmanian furniture and instrument grade timbers, produce custom timber bench tops and breathtaking staircases from Tasmanian timbers and sell DIY box making packs which are perfect gifts for craft enthusiasts, wood hobbyists and older school-aged children. If it wasn’t for the occasional large eucalypt log IST throws into the tender mix, this trend of diminishing log size would be even more evident. You can read my review of this Hydrowood tender result here: Blackwood is the only Tasmanian special species which has the potential to be grown commercially and profitably by Tasmanian farmers in either plantations (like NZ farmers) or through better management of existing on-farm blackwood. These comprised 11 individual blackwood logs, and 4 log parcels totalling 70.4 cubic metres (100 logs at an average volume of 0.70 cubic metres per log). These tender results represent the only publically available competitive market prices for blackwood sawlogs. One of the authors of this report was none other than the recently appointed Director of Forestry Tasmania. Last year (2015-16) Forestry Tasmania sold 9,580 cubic metres of blackwood logs and craftwood, with the vast bulk of this volume sold on private long term sales contracts. The above tendered log would represent the lower half of such a plantation-grown blackwood log. One of the logs (Lot 23) was a plain-grain Utility Grade (NOT Cat 4) blackwood log.

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