It's all about you. And it’s all on you. Got no where to go.

[Danny:] But now I'm gone. They could contain. I get my kicks from you) Can’t see, dark road, driving up the hills. What you said our souls could contain. It's all on you, baby. How you brought me home.

I guess I’ll never know. So I told you with a smile 'It's all about you'. with a broken twisted soul in mind. It's all about you, (its all about you) Its all about you baby, (its all about) It's all about you, (its all about you) It's all about you, Yesterday you asked me something I thought you knew So I told you with a smile its all about you Then you whispered in my ear and you told me too Said you made my life worthwhile its all … [Tom:] Yesterday, you asked me something I thought you knew.
But you dared not.

We can take it slow. Then you whispered in my ear and you told me too, Said, 'You make my life worthwhile, it's all about you'. Still I cannot lift my eyes. Looking at the girl, hand barely on the wheel. ( [Tom:] It's about you) It's all about you.

if you hands are turning mine.

(I get my kicks from you.

It's All on You Lyrics: Intro / It's all on you x2 / It's all on you boy / It's all on you x2 / It's all on you boy / Verse 1 / Feeling good It's alright / Jump on the left side / Then the right / Two You turned your back when I tried to learn.

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