Since then, his only solo album release in the last 20 years has been “Survival and Other Stories”, which was Jon adding vocals and lyrics to music provided by others. The Anderson/Stolt album of 2016 presented some bold Yes-style music with a dream line-up led by The Flower Kings main man. On this album, the band limitations are lifted with the album cast like a movie director would, seeking the best actor for each part – and given the duration of the project it means they have been able to draw from the living, and in some cases even the departed. I’ll take the credits at their word that Larry Coryell, Steve Morse and Pat Travers appear on this one… I’m not hearing it! 5. 7. Anderson asked his then Yes bandmates Chris Squire and Alan White to play on the project too. In October 2018, a dedicated album website launched containing the artwork and audio samples. [5] The album was released on 31 March 2019 under multiple formats: digital download, CD, and limited edition vinyl. Jon Anderson surprises his audience with a well-written, arranged & performed journey that reinvigorates his solo career. From music news, to concert reviews, interviews, album reviews, exclusive features and more…, Copyright © While it’s impossible to say how much of the late Squire is represented in the final mix versus the ever-present Tim Franklin, the song is strongly rooted in its bass presence, along with the spacious percussion of Cobham and Joseph. “I’ve spent long periods of time making some records, but I’ve never taken a journey quite like this one. Ponty’s signature violin takes its moment in the spotlight in a more fulfilling way than was achieved in the short lived Anderson Ponty band. Can I be reading too much into the words? Now Variations Released 31 March 2019 on Opio. Genres: Progressive Rock. 9. A duet with Anderson’s wife Jane (“Jannnneeeeeee”), this is a beautiful love song, though the melody might touch a tad close to the classic “Blue Moon”. This prelude opens into the first proper track “Ramalama”, launched by Anderson’s multi-tracked vocals a la “We Have Heaven”. 3. I Found Myself I’m prepared to forgive because of what comes next, a 9+ minute track called “Come Up”… the credits are mouth watering enough and scanning them as Chick Corea kicks the song off on piano, you realise: music like this doesn’t really exist elsewhere. From mystic prog to folk to rock to pop to new age to classical to Shaman to Latin to Irish and back to prog, Anderson hasn’t shied away from exploring and embracing countless styles and genres. The three guest guitarists don’t fare as well, with Steve Morse, Larry Coryell and Pat Travers suffering the dynamic mentioned above where it’s unclear how much of their playing is actually in the final mix as opposed to the ever-present skilled house-band guitarist Tommy Calton. I’ll come out and say that not much of Jon’s solo material strikes a chord with me but this album is different. Tracklisting 7. Musically, the trio of Michael Franklin (keyboards), brother Tim Franklin (bass) and Tommy Calton (guitar) helm the bulk of this album. Ukuleles and a horn section underpin the jaunty “Makes Me Happy”, a charming song with a sing along chorus – it’s not “The Remembering” that’s for sure, but it’s a great pop sound with a crazy time signature middle section. Yes co-founder Jon Anderson has announced that his new solo album 1000 Hands will be released by Blue Elan Records on July 31. It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done.”[6], On 29 May 2020, Jon Anderson revealed that the 1000 Hands album would be released again in Summer 2020. The end section of this track brings brass and strings to compliment the arrangement – a full sound but never overpowering. In October 2018, a dedicated album website launched containing the artwork and audio samples. Happily, the mix is very well done and the end result feels like a joyous celebration. (Album Review), Watch MR. 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The album would be launched on July 31, 2020 on CD, deluxe 180-gram double vinyl and on digital and streaming platforms. Activate Among the dizzying array of styles, the joy and genius of Jon Anderson shines through every pore of this recording and may cause many thousands of hands to applaud his success. [1], Anderson promoted the album with a US tour from March to August 2019.[6][7]. Release Date: Digitally on March 31st, 2019 1000 Hands: Chapter One is the fifteenth studio album by English singer-songwriter and musician Jon Anderson, originally released in March 2019. While “Come Up” would have been a triumphant ending, a final reprise of the “Now” theme closes the album, most notable by adding a completely new section which features Steve Howe on classical guitar. Activate To say that 1,000 Hands has been a long time in coming would be quite an understatement, but I’m thrilled that it’s finally a reality and that my fans will now be able to hear it. “Twice in a Lifetime” is another ballad but again Michael Franklin keeps the arrangements interesting and tasteful, this time adding harpsichord and accordion as well as lovely violin soloing from Charlie Bisharat. Todd La Torre on drums from upcoming solo record, Ray Alder (Fates Warning) Interview – Long Day Good Night. The story of this album is hopefully quite well known by now, beginning with music Jon was working on in the late 1990s, taken so far and then picked up, changed and added to over the last few years. document.write(new Date().getFullYear()); At the time, Yes were preparing for a tour and Anderson put the master tapes in his garage and, as he has recounted, gave them very little thought for many years. But for those who embrace Anderson’s diversity and wide-ranging styles, this is an album worth waiting for. Track list at bottom of review leaves off the final song, NOW AND AGAIN with Steve Howe that is mentioned in the review. Review of the new Jon Anderson album – 1000 Hands. Anderson also released the following statement. 1. Maybe this is the start of something? WDMCF We'll be eternally grateful! For the most part, this is not Yes music and fans of that band may have mixed responses if they go in with that expectation. Released By: Independent Anderson went through a very prolific phase in the 1990s when he seemed to have a new solo album/genre experiment every few months. 28 years in the making, the title of 1000 Hands makes reference to … As the album title suggests, the album was created with a number of guest performers, including Steve Howe, Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson, Brian Chatton, Larry Coryell, Steve Morse, Journey keyboardist Jonathan Cain, Vanilla Fudge drummer Carmine Appice, Rick Derringer, the Tower of Power horn section, violinist Jean-Luc Ponty and pianist Chick Corea. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 2020 3 Sided 180 Gram w/Silkscreen Print Vinyl release of 1000 Hands - Chapter One on Discogs. These vagaries aside, it’s an excellent piece of music in the canon of Anderson. I should note at this point, on account of the playing on “Twice in a Lifetime” the great keyboard work of Michael Franklin, one of the architects of this album and a key player throughout should be noted and applauded. The drums on “First Born Leaders” originally was Alan White, but due to technical issues with the old session tape and a decided feel change, the drums were re-recorded and played by myself, Matt Brown. WDMCF Twice in a Lifetime Those who follow Jon will know he has spoken about many work-in-progress projects and so fans can breath a sigh of relief that this one has now materialized. Thanks for the great review!! We stay on a high with “First Born Leaders”, which could naturally be a sequel to “Don’t Forget (Nostalgia)” from the Song of Seven album. The next song “Activate” is a light acoustic piece which kicks off with Ian Anderson’s signature flute playing, joined by Robbie Steinhardt’s violin and a glimpse of Squire’s bass for a few bars. Wanna walk the extra mile? Further recordings followed at Solar Studios in Orlando, Florida. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The Source for the Latest in Progressive Rock, 2013© The Prog Report - All rights reserved. There is a correction to the personnel listing though. Unlike the anonymous nature of bass and drums lines in regards to special guests, Ian’s playing sticks out in the best of ways, his signature playing a delight to hear contrasted to Jon’s voice. Ramalama We’re ready for something more rhythmic at this point, and Anderson & Franklin come up with a doozy in “WDMCF (Where Does Music Come From)”. Now with 1,000 Hands: Chapter One we have a genuine Jon Anderson solo album, his voice ever-stronger and even seeming to reach higher peaks, if that were possible. After a signature opening chime, the brief track “Now” opens the album with an understated but promising delivery, accompanied only by Calton’s acoustic finger-picked guitar. Of course the risk with an album with so many “hands” involved is that it becomes awash with overdubs. We have however been promised a number of solo ventures and the first one to appear is perhaps the most anticipated, short of a new Yes album. 3. Several years later, his collaboration with Roine Stolt returned Anderson to full-on prog, essentially reclaiming his Yes roots. “Activate” is the first of two longer songs which clock in at 9:24. Notable on this sprawling track is the presence of the other Anderson: Ian on flute. It’s a great conclusion to the album and strings and brass and various other elements join to the finish, signaled by Jon’s small cymbals that appeared at the start! Ramalama Anderson also released the following statement. They set the framework to allow Anderson to do what he does best. Now Variations 1000 Hands: Chapter One, an Album by Jon Anderson. While Howe, Anderson sings “Never forgot that we are friends…here I am singing as you play. At the time that album was well received, with Jon showing his vocal power was returning after a series of health issues, but it did feel a bit disjointed. Well one can dream – I doubt it’s a song of reconciliation between the two, but it certainly tantilizes a possibility. The album was released on 31 March 2019 under multiple formats: digital download, CD, and limited edition vinyl. There was much activity featuring many past band members but the one thing that we didn’t get was… new music! In the early years of Yes, the band used sounds, instruments and technology to create something that was beyond their 10 hands. “First Born Leaders” is a track that features Yes rhythm section members Chris Squire and Alan White, with Squire appearing here and on two other tracks. It may not achieve the status of being a sustaining classic, but it is an adventurous piece that is very rewarding to experience in Anderson’s elder years. Come Up. This is the full version of the song we’ve heard parts of earlier on and it’s a significant one. En Hora buena. Although there are countless guest musicians who have their parts mixed in throughout each track (perhaps not quite 1,000 hand’s worth, but you get the idea), the listener can rest happily knowing that this core trio is going to do justice to Anderson’s creative designs. More Song of Seven references come in the next two songs: a beautifully orchestrated “variation” of the opening track “Now” (though much too short) with gorgeous violin and cello, and then the ballad “I Found Myself” where Tim Franklin’s fretless bass channels John Giblin’s amazing bass lines that he offered on songs like “Days” from nearly 40 years ago.

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