Grease the cake pan (not shown on the photo) and fit the paper inside. Greasing and dusting your tin with flour is essential if you’re baking something with a large surface area that's liable to stick.

There is a 20cm Tarte Tatin tin made by Silverwood in the UK which is available on-line and John Lewis sell a 21cm version, either of which would be fine for this recipe.

Grease the empty tin with a little butter on a piece of clean kitchen towel. Preparing your tin properly takes a matter of moments and is one little job that’s worth the effort. Si je suis parfois enjouée, ce n'est pas un défaut ? Applying a thin layer of grease to the tin before fitting the paper will help it to adhere to the sides so your mixture can be added without disturbing the paper.

Sign up to read the latest news from our blog! Unless it easily divides by 5, I wouldn Place this around the sides of the tin, fitting it inside the folded margin of the base. This will create an extra layer of oil which when heated by the oven will prevent the cake mixture from sticking to the surface of the tin. If you use a loose-bottomed tin then the juices will tend to seep out of the small gap arpund the edge and be lost (as well as baking on to the base of your oven). I'd use the surface area approach too. Lining the base of your tin with baking paper is particularly helpful if the cake has a wide base and shallow sides, such as a layer cake. Why not join The Hummingbird Bakery mailing list for updates and news. It’s always worth greasing your tin even if it is non-stick. Now for the sides - take a strip of paper around one inch taller than the height of the tin and slightly longer than the circumference. I have bought several cake tin (made of different materials, with loose bottom and also spring forms) and even though most of them were meant to be non-stick tins, there was always something that got stuck to the bottom or its sides. Lining the base of your tin with baking paper is particularly helpful if the cake has a wide base and shallow sides, such as a layer cake.

Je me nomme Rosemarie. This should now fit snugly into the base of your tin. Both springform and removable (or loose) bottom pans are perfect when you don't want to turn your baked creation upside down for removal. bonsoir Je souffle mes 28 bougies dans un mois ! A perfect tin to use for a 'thank you' cake, small birthday cake or if you need a small top tier on a stacked cake. Your email address will not be published. Applying a thin layer of grease to the tin before fitting the paper will help it to adhere to the sides so your mixture can be added without disturbing the paper. Use the cake pan as a template, trace out the base and cut out the parchment paper.Set aside. Our recommendation is yes. Using clean kitchen towel, rub a little butter around the inside of the tin to grease it. je fais un stage pour devenir vendeuse en micro-informatique . Fit the circle of paper into the greased tin. Snip along this additional margin so that this border can be folded up the sides of the tin. No matter what type of cake tin you have, make sure you find your time to prepare it for baking as nothing is worse than a cake that doesn’t want to leave its tin! Loose base deep cake tin/pork pie mould. Use a clean piece of kitchen towel with a little butter on it to lightly grease around the inside of the tin.

The snipped edges will overlap on the base of the pan for a snug fit.

Using a sharp knife could leave scratches on your tin. Take a small handful or spoonful of flour and dust lightly around the inside of the greased tin. Place parchment paper below the round cake pan. Cut inside this line slightly so that it fits neatly into the base of the tin.

Using a pair of scissors, cut around this line leaving a two-inch border which can be folded over. If it doesn't then it might be time to get a new one. Special pan sprays designed for cake baking are available, but using butter or vegetable shortening is easy and just as effective.

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