I have just 5 acres and it seems from what i read that lowline cattle with their gentle disposition might be what i am looking for. S... Tel: 248-437-7354 | 48178 | MI | 11/30/-0001  Registered red male and female Brahman heifer ,the heifer are extremly healthy and gentle and has and has a very easy going deposition, several rounds of shots and registered and papers works done. I have just 5 acres and it seems from what i read that lowline cattle with their gentle disposition might be what i am looking for. About 1/3 the feed is typical. Can’t find the right Lowline Cattle in Michigan? She is  over 85% Mini Jersey but her beautiful white coloring comes from the small frame white Galloway in her lineage. These animals are solid with great temperaments and good quality milk.... Tel: (408) 741-6171 | 95037 | CA | 09/28/2020  Dexter Cattle: “Perfect Cow for small scale farming”. We have been very pleased with the type and size of calves out of this particular bull. | More Information, BRED COWS M... Tel: (408) 741-6171 | 95037 | CA | 09/28/2020  Calves very easy. | More Information, WANTED TWO MINI JERSEY OR HOLSTEIN HEIFERS. Whole herd for sale. Ten Holstein and jersey/Holstein cross yearnings.... Tel: 8147201287 | 16403 | PA | 06/22/2020  15 months old. Our animals are on pasture, handled, milked, and have sires carefully selected. Domino is also for sale. | More Information, QUALITY MILKY MINI JERSEY COWS FOR SALE | More Information, SELECT GROUP OF BROWN SWISS HEIFERS Jupiter is a mid-sized girl standing 44 inches tall at just under 2 years of age. 9 month old highlander/ dexter cross. Miniature Schnauzers for Sale in Michigan Miniature Schnauzers in MI. 2 year old registered ayrshire cow for sale. Both h... Tel: 734-612-1227 | 48111 | MI | 11/30/-0001  Please contact us for more inquiries @ +1 (408) 741-6171.... Tel: (408) 741-6171 | 95037 | CA | 09/28/2020  2heifers: 1 black and white and 1 red and whit 2.5 years old. Bessy is a three year old highland cow who has been exposed to a Dexter bull for the past month. Heifers been exposed to Black Brangus Bull for 30 days. Posting a classified is always 100% FREE. - Cattle for Sale - the official website of the midwest Highland cattle association, a group of individuals in the Michigan, Ohio, illinois and Indiana region with a common interest in the heritage breed of cattle. 1 black and white yearling heifer and 1 white and red baby calf heifer who is... Tel: 2188316563 | 56474 | MN | 07/10/2020  | More Information, CATTLE FOR SALE, HEIFER, BULLS, CALVES,STEERS AND COWS. WANTED TWO MINI JERSEY OR HOLSTEIN HEIFERS. text/call/ whatsapp .....+1 (424) 229-2531 | More Information, MINIATURE HIGHLAND COWS | More Information, FOR SALE PET STEER CALF GREAT FOR PET OR RAISING FOR BEEF | More Information, AYRSHIRES HEIFERS FOR YOUR HERD She is A2/A2 and over 65% Mini Jersey. If you are looking for a high quality Guernseys to build your herd, please contact us at (408) 741-6171 about more information. We live on a farm in Southern New Jersey... Tel: 6097070363 | 08088 | NJ | 04/10/2020  Gus is high% Highland, he will be a midsized mini and approximately 44" tall when hes full grown. Homestead & Miniature Cattle Breeders. | More Information, STEER CALF FOR RAISING AS PET OR LATER BEEF HEAVY BRED REGISTERED HEREFORD COWS FOR SALE, BRAHMAN, GIR/GYR, GUZERAT AND NELORE/NELLORE REPLACEMENT HEIFERS FOR YOUR HERD, PROSPECT RED/BLACK ANGUS, CHAROLAIS AND HEREFORD HEIFERS AVAILABLE, SIMMENTAL, BEEFMASTER AND SANTA GERTRUDIS HEIFERS READY, RED BRAHMAN COWS MALE AND FEMALE AVAILABLE, JERSEY REPLACEMENT HEIFERS AND PREGNANT COWS A2 TESTED ( CATTLE ), MALE AND FEMALE FENNEC FOX AND OTHER EXOTIC PET ANIMALS FOR SALE, HOME CHEESE MAKING CLASS, AUGUST 8TH AND 22ND, HOLSTEIN HEIFERS AND SHORTHORN BULL FOR SALE, CALVES AVAILABLE NOW ,BULLS , MILKING AND NON MILKING HEIFERS, FOR SALE PET STEER CALF GREAT FOR PET OR RAISING FOR BEEF, PET STEER CALF FOR SALE CAN BE KEPT AS PET OR LATER BEEF, STEER CALF FOR RAISING AS PET OR LATER BEEF, BEAUTIFUL HERD OF BLACK BRANGUS HEIFERS & BLACK BRANGUS BULLS. If this is the first time you have visited our site: Welcome! 1 red hereford horned bull w/nose ring Must sell; moving to suburbs. They have to be gone by the end of February. It is this research, not a presence of the Achondroplasia or dwarfism gene, which explains their small stature. Bulls, Exposed cows, Cows with calfs. Or, if you have a specific question, shoot us an e-mail at: [email protected]. | More Information, WANTED DAY OLD BULL CALF (MT MORRIS ) PDCA # 208489-C, ADCA# 039941. However Other people who buy full sized cows as “feeder calves” have no trouble find sellers. Dam is fresh again and will see the classifier. On each page you'll find the complete contact information for each breeder including; website links, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses. | More Information, JERSEY COW AND HEIFER FOR SALE Most of them have their 2nd calf on their side. Sired by Total out of a really nice Seaman daughter. Young Dexter cows, heifers, and cow/calf pairs for sale. We breed and supply "top notch A2/A2 tested Jersey replacement Heifers and Pregnant Cows with the structural efficiency and functional correctness" Can ship all over the States and oversea.... Tel: 681433993 | 900015 | CO | 09/18/2020  | More Information, BEAUTIFUL HERD OF BLACK BRANGUS HEIFERS & BLACK BRANGUS BULLS Filter Dog Ads Search ... Miniature Schnauzer Puppy for Sale - Adoption, Rescue Miniature Schnauzer Puppy Adoption, Rescue. Pet Steer Calf for sale, Shadow is friendly, smart, strong and sturdy Great to keep as Pet or raise for beef later $ 4,000.00... Tel: 3528179510 | 34479 | FL | 07/01/2020  Luna is a wonderful little milk cow. | More Information, HOLSTEIN HEIFERS AVAILABLE NOW Halter led as calf. | More Information, DEXTER COW FOR SALE Beautiful color and longer coat.... Tel: 4194670591 | 43430 | OH | 11/30/-0001  Buttercup is a gentle yearling Jersey heifer. Red and white pregnant. Fourthly, minis' due to their shorter frame and stout body produce more meat than large cows which means you are getting more meat per pound of food eaten by the Miniature Hereford. Fancy Swiss Bull calf born August 28th. Standing only 40/41 inches tall, he should produce some calves with good type and small size. | More Information, CALVES AVAILABLE NOW ,BULLS , MILKING AND NON MILKING HEIFERS **Pick any amount of heifers or bulls to add to your herd - No Minimum** Calls ... Tel: 8146587312 | 16657 | PA | 11/30/-0001  website .... https://exoticpetonline.com/ Nice animal, just have too many. i havent been able to find any. Heifers have a large bone structur... Tel:  | 77471 | TX | 06/22/2020  We raised miniature jerseys, mid size jerseys, and standard jerseys as family milk cows. We are excited to use this bull on our girls. proven birther and milker. Simmental, Beefmaster and Santa Gertrudis select set of Heifers for your consideration. 3 two year old cows 9 one year old replacement heifers...angus mix, some with simmental, some with Maine Anjou. REGISTERED JERSEY IN MILK CATTLE FOR SALE, FOR SALE: DEXTER CATTLE - ADCA REGISTERED HEIFER. Diamond was ... Tel: 8159733224 | 61021 | IL | 11/30/-0001  Birthdate 6/2/16... Tel: 815 973 3224 | 61021 | IL | 11/30/-0001  Here at South House Farms we have a small herd of Minaiture Jersey Cattle. Morgan is a beautiful painted bull owned by Sara Hass. Then maybe it is time to invest in the Family Milk Cow! Saanen Goats – Info, Breeding, and Dairy Goats For Sale! She is a beautiful black with soft shaggy hair that doesn't usually get ugly dreadlocks like some do. Neptune’s Farm is now holding home cheese making classes. Prices start at $500. Their origin revolves around a research project involving low growth rate cows. Miniature cattle can also be a great investment. $200, you are welcome to text, call, or email. Birthdate May 18, 2017. Great temperament and great color!! | More Information, GOOD QUALITY GUERNSEYS Smaller cattle are 25% more efficient in terms of feed conversion than their larger counterparts and therefore eat much less. we are pround breeders of excellent quality Dairy and Beef cattle:Milk Bottle Fed calves(Male $ female),Open Heifers,Steers Springers,Cow-calf pair and Bulls in breed like the Holstein,Angus (Black an... Tel: (281)819-7115 | 600023 | AR | 06/24/2020  We have several miniature Hereford and Hereford cross heifers, cows and bulls for sale. These animals are solid with great temperments. Includes 4 free pictures! Jersey-Montbeliarde bull... Tel: 740-352-4450 | 45640 | OH | 11/30/-0001  List of breeders with websites that raise Miniature Herefords in the US. | More Information, JERSEY MILK COW FOR SALE You are welcome to text or call (408) 741-6171 for more information.... Tel: (408) 741-6171 | 95037 | CA | 09/28/2020  | More Information, HOLSTEIN HEIFERS AND SHORTHORN BULL FOR SALE | More Information, NORMANDE HEIFERS Possible free delivery $1700... Tel: 7063913216 | 00000 | MO | 11/30/-0001  | More Information, JERSEY COW, HEIFER FOR SALE $1800 each or $3200 for the pair. | More Information, 2 ANGUS CROSS BULLS

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