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I think Steven drove to work today. Modals of Necessity, Prohibition, and Permission. 102 Sometimes you also need to add a Wh-word. I saw my friend run quickly to school. You ________________________________ that report until Friday of next week. We could visit the Louvre / We should go up the Eiffel Tower 2. <> /BleedBox [0 0.0399780273 594.96 842.04] Hav... 22,737 Downloads . The expression ‘had to’ is the past tense of ‘has to’ and ‘have to’ and serves the same function. /TrimBox [0 0.0399780273 594.96 842.04] <>stream endobj By lesleymisano 3 pages of - A COMPREHENSIVE LIST OF MODAL and SEMI-MODAL VERBS, THEIR USE AND EXAMPLES OF HOW THEY ARE USED. 6 0 obj Show all questions <= => You _____ cigarettes in British Columbia unless you are 19 years of age. %�쏢 >> It is expected. You can't use a dictionary. %���� >> 102 All the chocolates are gone! /BleedBox [0 0.0399780273 594.96 842.04] Modals of Necessity, Prohibition, and Permission - Exercise 1 Choose the correct modal to complete the sentence. You ___________________________ cigarettes in British Columbia unless you are 19 years of age. /TrimBox [0 0.0399780273 594.96 842.04] /BleedBox [0 0.0399780273 594.96 842.04] Click on the button beside the correct answer. x�E���0C{O� L��, �P�����S���I���q���y�B� ����;o�`���AG�T|����;N*ϲ�m�5pT�@�ޚQ� �Nyh~endstream /BleedBox [0 0.0399780273 594.96 842.04] /Contents 22 0 R 8 0 obj This is an exercise to practise the modal verbs of advice: could, shoud and would. x�E���0C{O� Ll�D=@� 4|.�7r�S���I���qxT�zP"p������{AG�d��?�h�w*e���ٚ�U�@|ޚ9/�M�ny��endstream should-advice. ^{X����]� rP�A������qX*�$�!e��h��A�4qo�F�nߏh՞�����]��(stOiUK����Ki��wy���U���f}w��{���k�H��]c�ݖ�C/�`���@��H�m��.���m�P�L�}��9o�ӌ�ז��-����s�ф��:�c'�3���m���9j�����Ē���Z��Sѽ,�3��%V������zmH�����9�~ٻX����ԇ��l��j����g�g���{�����>��? Modal verbs use other verbs to complete the tenses ... (Give him some advice) 6. <>/ExtGState<>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 595.32 841.92] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> ?w���Oޞ���}������3�6�m�eu�:JX=���b��d���ަ3�#��(�Su_^|�/��. /TrimBox [0 0.0399780273 594.96 842.04] <> 4. stream Modals of Probability (also called ‘Modals of Speculation’) for talking about the past Level Intermediate ANSWER KEY 1. No, he can’t have driven! At my school, students _____________________________ uniforms. HOME: Modal Verbs Exercises: Printable version in pdf: Grammar exercises. I could go to her party if I wanted to. 12 0 obj \;o��Q�cS����TQEQEQEQIE-QEQEQEQEQEQEQEQEQEQEQEQEQEQEQEQEQEQEQEQEQEQEQEQEQEQERR�IKEQEQEQEQEQEQE%-QERR�EQEQEQEQEQESX����El�$ O �N�*z(��(��)���S���ZuQEQEQEQEQEQEQEQEQEQEQEQEQEQEQEQEQEQEQEQEQE�R�EQEQEQEQEQE��QEQEQEQEQEQEQEQEQEQEQEQEQEQEQEQE%�QEQEQEQEQEQPZg�븹?����]b20ZY��ƽO�ұ���Cp�����O��ҵv�"���v�ʷ���[RR�EQEQEQEQEQEQEQEQEQEQEQEQEQEQEQEQEQEQEQEQEQI�-QE��QEQEQEQEQEQEQEQEQERR�EQEQEQEQE��QEQEQEQEQEQEQEQEQEQEQH:R���n���Fv� 5���Q�m�H��Q��Ү� ��ta���(��(������Ah[��h=�fX��;��m����Pw���� x�4[��kf����lb�i�6�� P��Y�[n���vQEax���$,��7�H᱌V=��"���`��\��� I'm really out of shape. 258 Unit 21 Advice and Suggestions Exercise 2.2 Asking for and Giving Advice A Complete the requests for job advice from an online forum.Add should. They are also used in a sentence to express ability, asking permission, making requests and offers, and so on. endobj 9 0 obj <> 3 0 obj Modal verbs (will, can, may, must, etc.) <> �psږ��Fy�����(��(��(��(��(��JZJZ(��(��(��(��JZ(���Z))h��)(��Z(��JZ(��(��(��(��(�������Z(��(��JZ(����(��))h��(��������CE-RR�QKIKE%-RQEQKI@�R�IKEQEQEQEQEQEQE!�aKEQE%6?�O��OU�Ң 9fv����5b���\�h����y����j���"2�"��E���+B�)h��JZ(��(��))h��)(�������(��(��(��(����(��)9�E-QEQEQIKEQE%-QEQEQE%-RR�EQEQEQEQE%-QEQERR�EQERR�R�I�(���)(������ZJdnv;)�R�E%�QE%-RR�ERR�EQEQEQEQL��S랷����$��]у� �+q#DP��Tv�^X"�s �͑�>դ�*����Z))h��(��(��(��))h����(��(��(��(��(����(��(��(��(��(�U ��z}QEQEQEQIE-QEQEQERR�ERQKE����㓓KEQEQEQEQIKEQE%-RR�ERR�IKI�Z(��(��(����(����(��(��(��(��(��f�U�kq�����d����`ӔP@)ԔR�EQE��QEQE�QKEQEQEQEQE��QEQEQEQIKEQEQE%�QE�QKEQIKE%-QEQEQEQEQEQEQEQEQEQEQE%�QERQKEQEQEQE%-QEQEQEQEQEQEQEQEQEQM+�K�U��Y֒*1�����4}��/�x��.? Modal Pattern MODAL + BASE VERB Modals are always followed by a base verb. /Contents 7 0 R That is the law. endobj }^6/޼��ۼ�*��������.�Q���҇�O/�Ջ����?�/����}�k��E�ʖ꼒//��峰�'��u� /Contents 17 0 R 102 by Bob Wilson at autoenglish.org. are used to show if something is seen as certain, probable or possible (or not). endobj 3 0 obj <> Watch out for that car, Timmy! 4 0 obj Travel advice: modals for prohibition & obligation This is a grammar exercise and worksheet for English language learners that encourages them to use modal verbs. 1. I ____________________________ going to the gym regularly. ] /Count 4 MODALS OF ADVICE Modals (also known as modal verbs) are words that come before a main verb and give it extra meaning such as ability, advice, necessity, possibility, etc. 7 0 obj endobj We have to buy a new notebook 3. endobj The sign says "No parking". 21 0 R We could wear whatever we wanted. I should go to her party. endstream endobj (Ask for permission politely) Possible answers 1. You don't have to /©make so much noise. Has to/Have to (a) ‘HaS to’ and ‘Have to’ are used to express some compulsion, necessity or obligation in the present or future tenses. <>>> You want to borrow your uncle’s Mercedes Benz. %PDF-1.5 /ArtBox [0 0 594.96 842] endobj /Metadata 26 0 R >> Hope you find it useful. We use them to talk about ability, permission, obligation, requests, offers, suggestions and more.To give suggestions and advice we can use the modal verbs ‘could’, ‘should’, ‘ought to’, ‘had better’. <> x��}�d���z��T �i�ix��l���h아5�ŢU*u7T��Q�F�#�[.#Nyy��TY���.d���`�l>���7}��{��#m(m[�|��������i��6nJ����o{�? /Contents 12 0 R endobj 3 pages - MODALS AND ASSOCIATED VERBS. 22 0 obj endobj stream A multiple choice exercise to practise modals for obligation, permission, prohibition, deduction, certainty. Mixed modals 4 Choose the correct meaning for each sentence, A or B. She can speak 3 languages! 102 endobj << /Type /Pages /Kids [ 11 0 R Modal verbs are very common and useful in English. 1 0 obj 1. However, it is far from my family and friends. 18 0 obj That means you ______________________________________________. <> 13 0 obj could-options. Tommy might have eaten them. This exercise begins with a brainstorm exercise about the do’s and don’ts of travel. endobj �S 4��F�9�X�����2+qVZ���f�m&�TK�GQQ ��5�����h^Y��#� UE�)��I.�:q�;�G.o[�Ge�����-�� 6F��Y�xUD0���kUn�d�W\�Ƅ��h�s%ٚr�8��b%���i����w�X���dƙd��.%�'�={��?� F��=�Lqz��ah�n�,g���l����6 y�7y@gN%]ۺ�����D�\�x�]�g���rg� C��I��B�D����Y���T1@�,(�sa���.tɷV7@����,�)\�L��e|A֥v�?����wbY�

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