I used an erasable pen in a GCSE exam today, what will happen? var today = new Date() Levels also encouraged undue pace in learning at the expense of a deeper mastery of curriculum content. As if things couldn’t get any more complicated, there remains some confusion about the “new” numerical grading system, even though it’s now into its third year. However, schools will also be held to account for the proportion of pupils that gain a “strong” pass or above, which is a grade 5. Schools will be judged by the proportion of pupils that achieve a “standard” pass and above, which means a grade 4. Secondly, NC Levels are not comparable between subjects, for instance a level 7-8 in Science or Maths is similar to a level 5-6 in languages. Before the U-turn, this year’s GCSE and A-level results were only partly based on the predicted grades, which teachers were asked to submit alongside a rank ordering of pupils in each subject. This is in line with the concerns raised during the national curriculum review and the decision to stop using levels to measure pupils' progress in primary school. The chart shows the association between Key Stage 2 marks in maths and the proportion of pupils entering the higher maths tier at GCSE. The highest grade of 9 isn’t exactly the same as an old money A* – essentially it’s better, as an 8 is also roughly equivalent to the lower half of the A* band and a higher A. An online course that will guide you through the practicalities of producing and delivering assessment, and to describe and explain important related issues. All rights reserved. The bigger the difference, the brighter the colour. © UCLES Speaking on BBC News the morning after the U-turn announcement, the Education Secretary Gavin Williamson said: “Youngsters will be told whichever is their highest, whether it is their centre-assessed grades or whether that is the moderated standardised grade that has been provided by Ofqual, and certification will follow a week later.”. While grading is no harsher than under the previous system, the GCSE curriculum had more content and some of the questions in the exam papers are indeed harder. DWP Work Coach Reserve List July/Sept 2020, Struggling to make your uni choices? For all of you taking GCSE mocks/Any bloody exam, A levels, uni I don't care, listen: what is the most useful subject taught at school iyo? Following a dramatic Government U-turn, this year’s GCSE results for each subject will be based on either the grade predicted by school teachers or that calculated by Ofqual, whichever is higher. Indonesia's 2013th Curriculum making psychopath(not high-functioning sociopath), Should I drop out of Triple Science considering what i want to do for my future. The expert panel that reviewed the national curriculum made this change for three main reasons. Grading scale is 9 to 1 (9 being highest grade). Secondly, NC Levels are not comparable between subjects, for instance a level 7-8 in Science or Maths is similar to a level 5-6 in languages.

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