Tilly continues to hand out more samples towards the end of her shift when Rogers stops by to pick her up from work. En effet, cette dernière pourrait faire de nombreuses victimes après la destruction de son habitat. As Margot walks off, Tilly asks what book she's carrying and the latter informs her that it is Alice in Wonderland, her favorite book. ("Eloise Gardener"), While Tilly is sitting on the troll statue, Rogers comes to find her, having softened his opinion of her as he understands Weaver was a father figure to her. Tilly brings him to her home by the railroad tracks, where she suggests they have another chess match while they discuss Eloise's case. Weaver finds Tilly sitting on the troll statue under the bridge, still playing with the Rubix Cube. Margot treats her to a candied apple as her way of sharing a part of Hyperion Heights she finds special, and in return, she wants to see a place in town that Tilly likes. He carries around a Rook, because playing chess was their thing — it’s kind of his hope totem. Tilly also lives by herself in a boxcar. Alice is touched by her sentiments and thanks her for being by her side. As the episode finishes, and the camera zooms in on Hook making a move with his Rook, it seems to indicate that Alice is that daughter. ("The Girl in the Tower"), At some point after leaving the tower, Alice visits a place called Wonderland. Of course, there is another option. Latest appearance: "Hyperion Heights" Mr. Gold explains that he made a promise not to pass on his powers if it would be a burden because becoming the Guardian will make her immortal and as trapped as she once was in her tower. Later in the day, when Henry recovers his missing car and is talking to Jacinda, Tilly is nearby, hidden behind an ajar door as she eavesdrops on their conversation. Tilly then informs Weaver that there is someone new in town he should know about. Tilly cheerfully agrees and explains she has pulled things together since they last met. ("Pretty in Blue"), Upon meeting Henry again, Alice gains his help with being led to Hook. It would make sense that Hook “lost” Alice because she followed the White Rabbit down the rabbit hole. Hearing the roar of the troll, they reach the tower, where Alice painfully admits that despite not being imprisoned anymore, she still feels trapped and hopeless. The next morning, Gothel comes clean to him about who she is and admits she used him to gain a child of her bloodline, whom she needs to take her place in the tower so she herself can escape. Weaver asks her what she is remembering, to which she tells him she's supposed to make him remember and, in order to do that, she must show him something. Alice a une histoire compliquée puisqu’elle a vécu pendant longtemps dans une tour à cause de Gothel. Tilly apologizes and promises to keep taking her pills. Tilly senses something bad has happened with her father and the others when she gets a sudden pain in her chest, which, unknown to her, is the removal of her Guardian powers after Sir Henry wrote them out of existence. Alice flees from her attacker until she trips on a wire and triggers a trap into dropping a cage on herself. La saison 7 de Once Upon a Time a introduit de tous nouveaux personnages comme Alice. Her eyes met those of a large blue caterpillar. Instead, he wishes for her to live out her days happily and grow old with the one she loves even if it means he will succumb to the darkness again. Physical Description She is surprised to see how young he looks, and he explains was courtesy of some magic. Néanmoins, elle a aussi mis en avant une toute nouvelle malédiction. Et pour cause, Alice semble avoir de grands pouvoirs et tout laisse croire qu’elle sera la prochaine à détenir la dague magique. She is then led to a room by the man to where Weaver is currently in the midst of drowning someone, but he stops what he is doing upon hearing the guard announce Tilly's presence to him. Rose Reynolds (Adult)Elle McKinnon (Young) Remember, this is actually Wish Realm Hook, who revealed to Emma that he has a daughter. However, Weaver is given orders by Victoria to stop Rogers before he breaks open the case, to which he employs Tilly to give the detective a false story about Eloise. Alice, though unsure at first how to accept the Dark One powers, feels the dagger's call and takes the weapon into her hand. She bites into it, pleased to learn that she really does like orange marmalade, but quickly identifies a strange taste and realizes that Weaver crushed her pills into the sandwich. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. She wonders what's behind Weaver's mask before he leaves. Confused, Alice makes Facilier shut up while she expresses hesitation over what she must do. Weaver agrees with her assessment but sends her out when she protests against Rogers' showing one of his paintings to Eloise. However, she is supplied with pills by her doctor to keep her from becoming "confused" and dangerous. She turns it over to Rogers, who finds it is one of the ripped out journal pages. On the way there, Weaver notes that she must be hungry and points out the orange marmalade sandwich from earlier, which Tilly eagerly takes. Tilly thanks her again for saving her life and begins to leave, when Margot stops her, telling her that she's glad she stayed in town. Rogers comes by to give Tilly her backpack which she had left at the station and suggests she stay with him at his place, as it'll be safer with the killer still on the loose, which she happily accepts. Mr. Gold clarifies he's looking for someone else, which intrigues Alice enough that she expresses interest in a "good puzzle" and introduces herself to him. Tous les partenaires qui accompagnent MCE depuis sa création . After Rogers recovers at the hospital and is allowed to go home, Tilly calls him and sees him in-person, though she keeps her distance by being across the street.

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