Hopefully he will live for far longer to come. Lots of love, cuddles and strokes! Domestic rats (fancy rats) are descended from wild rats. We’ll also take a closer look at rats, both wild and domestic, so potential owners can understand both the rat lifespan and rat life cycle. They are active, playful, and easy to train. The excess weight will put strain onto the rat’s circulatory system, respiratory system, and joints (as well as much more).

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Pet rats recognize their owners and enjoy spending time with them. While it’s easier to do with dogs and cats, it can prove a bit more complicated with smaller animals, like rats. Don’t bring a new pet rat into your dog or cat’s home without ensuring the rat is safe in a cage. About Us Contact Page Privacy & Cookies Policy Full Disclaimer Affiliate Disclosure Terms of Use. The average lifespan of a pet rat is about 1.8 years but very seldom do they live to be much older. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The average lifespan of a wild rat is between 6 – 11 months. Keep their cages out of direct sunlight and the temperature between 65 and 70 degrees F. to keep them from becoming sick. That is if the rat itself is healthy. If it is a diet that is high in fat and lots of junk food, then there is a greater chance of your pet rat developing cardiovascular problems and obesity. You should also make sure you are feeding pellets and food blocks specifically for pet rats. Receiving the proper veterinary care can do a lot for the longevity of rat’s life. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Making a commitment to welcome a pet into your family is a big decision, mostly because of the attention it will need in the years to come.

Required fields are marked *. The rat should not be overbred, nor should it live in a dirty environment. As a pet, fancy rats are less vulnerable to both predators and food shortages. According to the Guinness World Records, the oldest pet rat ever lived to 7 years 4 months and he was a rat called Rodney.

Look for a healthy rat with a shiny coat and bright eyes. Cancer—mammary tumors are also common in pet rats but most are not cancerous. Unfortunately, hairless rats have a lot more health problems than their haired cousins. We are owned and operated by. Note any changes in the appearance or odor of your rat’s urine and feces. Not to mention they’re naturally toilet trained! The reason is that their teeth constantly grow…, Pet rats do not generally smell but with their habit of urinating where they want to, it can…, Are you adding a new rat to your family? If you are buying a baby from a breeder, they shouldn’t be separated until 6 weeks of age. Health concerns become more prominent as your rat ages. The usual lifespan of a pet rat is only 2 to 2.5 years, 3 at most and it’s really highly unusual for them to live any longer. to treat when the problem hasn’t taken over. You can also feed your rat fresh fruit as an occasional treat.

How to Take Care of Pet Rats —Beginners Guide, Pet Rat Sneezing – Treatments & Information. It is possible to help your pet rat live longer by doing the following: One factor that can affect your pet rat’s lifespan is inbreeding. Additionally, diets high in sugar and fat are unhealthy for your rat and can lead to health issues, similar to that in humans. How long is a dumbo rat lifespan? Now that we have an idea of the average lifespan of a pet rat, let’s look at the rat’s different stages of life.

Dwarf Hamster – Breed Types and Care Advice, Pet Rat: Caring Advice, Tips on Prolonged Lifespan and more, Syrian Hamster – Everything you need to know, Hairless Rat: Types, Lifespan, Care and Health, Affordable compared to having a bigger pet, Independent without ignoring their owners, Loyal and loving toward their human parents because they experience human emotions such as empathy and need to help when they sense distress in others, Smart enough to learn tricks and respond to their. Although hairless rats don’t live as long, the coat color and markings of a rat do not influence its overall lifespan. The Gambian pouched rat is a large rodent that’s native to Sub-Saharan Africa. amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; Your all in one source for fancy rat information, news, tips, and help! I have 2 rats; they are 2 years old I read this article because my white rat Houdini is beginning to show signs of hind leg degeneration. Currently, there is a jaw dropping record for the longest lived pet fancy rat in history, that dates to 1995. Look out for symptoms of illness, such as weight loss, interrupted breathing, lack of appetite, smelly or weirdly coloured urine, diarrhoea, skin lumps, and scabbing. A pet rat is anywhere from £5 to £20-25, depending on his age, temperament, and variety. On average, rats thrive in the wild from two to three years, while domesticated pet rats or fancy rats can live three to four years.So how old is my rat in rat years as humans? As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. To produce enough body heat to keep warm, they require a diet that’s rich in fat and protein. Dirty and unkempt rat cages or bedding will expose the rat to illnesses, pathogens, and contaminants that could make it sick. Rats don’t like to do their duty where they’re sleeping so buy a dedicated box where they can go. A lover of animals, peace and quiet, and reading. Best Rat Diet Advice: Help, Why Is My Rat Putting On Weight? The dumbo rat and white rat can have on average  a life span of two to three years/. “. Therefore, reputable breeders will outcross their rats to remove negative traits and add positive ones. Therefore, the answer depends on how you choose a healthy baby rat and how you care for your rat over its entire lifespan. First, when you get a pet rat, be careful about the rat you choose. A healthy diet of nutritional lab blocks, vegetables, and some fruit will provide the vitamins and minerals your rat needs to reduce the risk of some cancers. One is being hand rared as the mum couldn’t look after it, the baby ferret makes squeeking noises. It will also, in the long run, make it difficult for them to be active physically when they get older and their hindquarters are getting weak.

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