The site is the location of the Habitation at Port-Royal.[5]. Governor de Meneval fought for two days and then capitulated. A mill upstream at present day Lequille, Nova Scotia remained, along with settlers who went into hiding during the battle. As with all Canadian National Historic Sites we have visited Port Royal is well signposted, well laid out and kept in excellent condition, guides friendly and informative. [17], During Queen Anne's War, there was a New England blockade of Port Royal and then three attempts to lay siege to the capital. "A Report on the Work Accomplished for Rebuilding the Habitation of Port Royal, New France, at Lower Granville, Nova Scotia" Date: 22 July 1937. For an American with Acadian ancestors, I was immeasureably fascinated with the Habitation's history and reconstruction. [14] The author of Neptune, Marc Lescarbot, wrote a popular history of his time in New France, entitled Histoire de la Nouvelle-France (1609).[15]. In 1635, Governor of Acadia Charles de Menou d'Aulnay de Charnisay moved settlers from present day LaHave, Nova Scotia to Port-Royal (present day Annapolis Royal), and the Acadian people began to establish their roots. It was once again returned to the French in 1697 under the Treaty of Ryswick. The first siege during the war happened on June 17 and lasted eleven days. Historic Bed and Breakfast in Annapolis Royal, Hotels with Complimentary Breakfast in Annapolis Royal, Hotels near Port-Royal National Historic Site, Hotels near Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens, Hotels near Fort Anne National Historic Site, Hotels near Annapolis Tidal Generating Station, Annapolis Royal Candlelight Graveyard Tour, Melanson Settlement National Historic Site, Annapolis Royal Farmers' and Traders' Market, Gift & Speciality Shops in Annapolis Royal, Points of Interest & Landmarks in Annapolis Royal, Nature & Wildlife Areas in Annapolis Royal, Other Outdoor Activities in Annapolis Royal, Water & Amusement Parks in Annapolis Royal, Game & Entertainment Centres in Annapolis Royal, Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens: Tickets & Tours‎, Port-Royal National Historic Site: Tickets & Tours‎, Fort Anne National Historic Site: Tickets & Tours‎, Annapolis Tidal Generating Station: Tickets & Tours‎, Annapolis Royal Farmers' and Traders' Market: Tickets & Tours‎, Annapolis Brewing Company: Tickets & Tours‎, Nova Scotia Blueberries Halliday Farms: Tickets & Tours‎, Far-Fetched Antiques and Art Gallery: Tickets & Tours‎, Annapolis Royal Lighthouse: Tickets & Tours‎, Delaps Cove Wilderness Trails: Tickets & Tours‎, Victoria Beach Lighthouse: Tickets & Tours‎, Mickey Hill Provincial Park: Tickets & Tours‎, View all hotels near Port-Royal National Historic Site on Tripadvisor, Shore Road Seafood - Crow's Nest Dining Room, The Crow's Nest - Digby - Shore Thing Seafood, View all restaurants near Port-Royal National Historic Site on Tripadvisor. [9] Poutrincourt returned from France in spring 1614 to find Port-Royal in ruins and settlers living with the Mi'kmaq. Before daylight, on July 2, two English warships and seven smaller vessels entered the Port Royal basin. [9] Soldiers and officials were given transport to France while the majority of Port-Royal residents remained unharmed. Port Royal in Nova Scotia. It lasted eleven days. I was disappointed the historical society’s graveyard tours were not happening due to Covid but it just gives me another excuse to come back! There are many sides to Kejimkujik and you can discover them all.

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