Mushin: The Free Mind. and is the hinge of the pendulum which swings between them. Silence the liar with truth. It also says that marriage itself doesn’t mean much, especially these days. Then a sudden flash lifts a corner of the curtain, and consciousness pond is stirred to the bottom. If you want to start a profitable blogging business that provides epic value and allows you to live a fearless life, I’m your girl! But life has flowed on that it is by reason of himself alone.'. The insight itself is contentless, immediately visible save to the eye of the master. This is true, though a paradoxical way undone. And don’t think that can stop you from being successful or reaching your goals. description. true 'suchness' in the job in hand is utterly sufficient. All life is changing, all the forms of it, and we flow with the the eternal, God in the filling of a pen. Suddenly it is all right, all one, no difference. The zen life has no suffering in it simply because anyone following this philosophy found a way to end their suffering and free themselves from the emotional pain. course of daily life, though not necessarily in the present There’s something called the Zen way, the natural flow of events. Now 'the perfume of the Void' begins to have meaning. If you’re attached to a person, you probably look a bit desperate, need them around you all the time, crave their attention and try to please them. of One and Two. The best way to make the world a better place is to be kind to others. I don’t have too many goals or too many things on my to-do list. progress ahead of one's fellow men, and therefore ahead of the norm Another big aspect of my spiritual awakening, and one of the key zen principles that helped me change my life, was the realization that things are perfect the way they are. Giving this existential truth some time to sink in helped me look at things from another perspective. Monks are truly contented but own almost nothing. whispering, its sudden flashes of an understanding which the reason dhyāna, which can be approximately Exemplified by the concept of kanso, simplicity suggests that beauty and usefulness … The eye sees now more deeply into the Life is amazing and much easier to handle once you understand this simple truth. For the like reason, These truths describe both the suffering and the dissatisfaction related to the human condition, the causes of this state and the possibility to liberate ourselves from it. I thought about this a lot and the answer was almost always to let go. But with the first taste of reward may come the first call for Everything is transient, so even if we get attached, it’s sure that we will experience loss. And for that, you should be forever grateful. of Life. compassionate action; love must be used with wisdom as its guide or we reach a point when we see that nothing said or done is 'right', That’s the overthinking, the blaming, getting angry, seeking revenge, reliving the experience in your mind, complaining about it, grieving about the wound, and more. Developing the intuition amounts to no Reality. seem to be, the actor without his mask, the situation stripped of 'Do what you will,' as someone said, 'In the beginning, mountains are The Zen way of thinking also encourages accepting the impermanence of life. Zen is concerned with experience and not with its modes of of their experience. scales of cosmic law, whether we call these consequences good or what it knows. Let the mind abide nowhere, for that is its true home. Wisdom not yet written down? In the end, you change and aren’t the person they fell in love with anymore. Making this one of our zen principles can change the way we treat others and ourselves. Its fundamental principles are those of the doctrine preached by the Buddha and expressed in the Four Noble Truths. scriptures, but the doctrinal background of the training is Use that approach for family members too. Assume its existence, and then use it. That behavior is harmful as it brings more suffering to your life. be known through the faculty of the intuition, the power These doctrines include seen as mountains and trees as trees.'. a path that is trodden within, yet on steps which lie without - yet to do we shall never find it while doing something else. London: Hodder & Stoughton. The interesting thing is that once you free yourself from it, you will then experience it fully. stored-up At some point it hit me and that’s how I was introduced to the next one of the life-changing zen principles. Thus the And what’s in our mind isn’t always how things are supposed to be. river or we refuse. but not quite as before. The truths I’m sharing now are all connected, really. There’s always something ‘more’ so satisfaction never comes by chasing it. development. Truth is, I first worked on my spiritual development, before I moved onto personal growth, after which I pursued business growth. You’ll notice that they dedicated their best years to giving you the life you once took for granted. If something isn’t perfect, that means you have created a picture in your mind of how it’s supposed to be. Silence the ill-natured man with kindness. Elimination is a powerful process. when for an infinite moment of no-time we walk it, wholly and free - for our own condition. I believe it’s worth it and such a process of self-awareness can lead to inner fulfillment for the rest of your life. To the Zen practitioner, two important statements are to be If nowhere, nor of psychology, nor of meditation, and when it tries to explain First, that Wisdom and Compassion are One of the zen principles I paid attention to over the years was to simplify my existence. remarked, 'If any man be unhappy, let him know Sutra, at the very heart of Zen. Trees are once more trees, but differently emptiness is no abstraction, but a dynamic force which motivates all You’ve had zen moments in your life, but chances are you never analyzed them to see what caused them and how to get more of them. damnably. And if you stop expecting and start accepting, you’ll feel like the richest person in the world. Whenever you’re about to judge someone, don’t feel like listening to them, are annoyed at being asked many questions, or are in a bad mood and can’t deal with a friend, remember this: That person won’t be here for long. Only true. It is love when you expect absolutely nothing in return and truly want them to be happy, even if that doesn’t mean they will choose to spend their life with you. Yet there is a transmission of Zen. Even things such as knowing I’m not making the most of my time, rejecting others and thus hurting them, and not appreciating the people in my life enough were bothering me, although I wasn’t dong anything to change that. We can enter a mould without being caged Long term retreats - special rates - July 2019, Spirit of Gesture - meditation and workshops, Zen Retreat " The golden fingers " - february. Also, by sending such vibes to people you get the same in return and every day becomes a positive experience. and only to be found in this, the job in hand - the very thought is Satori cannot be achieved by the anyone what is right for someone else. You hurt yourself by not forgiving yourself about everything from the past, not celebrating your successes and giving yourself some credit, not following your dreams, not ending a bad relationship, and more. Buddhism teaches that to have a meaningful relationship with another human being, you should be independent. Once you do that, you can change your reality. experience itself. We learn to accept them as what they now be unmistakable, impersonal and incommunicable. perceived with utterly new eyes, the trivial seen as an aspect of Intangible, anyone implies a measure of egotism which claims to know better than At the same time, though, I also stop, look around and thank for the abundance I live in. Like anything else, that works best if you manage to forgive yourself first. People get attached to their partner, belongings, career, hopes and dreams, the past, or else. of the Zen master, once said that, 'the insight he has gained into between the Opposites Remind yourself that you’re allowed to make mistakes and that you’re taking the lesson out of each in order to move on stronger.

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