For more about how we use cookies, please see our. Your School Trustees; School Board Meetings. © 2020 Zoot Office Furniture Brokers Ltd. We use cookies on this website. Browse Browse All Office Furniture for At Your Disposal Collection and Safco Brand at Is cost effective with little or no skip, labour or landfill charges. It looks like your browser does not have JavaScript enabled. jQuery('.uploader.u_fo_2_ff_18 .qq-upload-button, .uploader.u_fo_2_ff_18 .qq-uploader').css('height', jQuery('input[name="_fo_2_ff_18_file"]').outerHeight() + 'px'); For items with a value above $200, the sale shall be by competitive bid or auction. Good news - there is no experience required on your behalf - simply tell us your school furniture problem and we'll find you an effective solution giving you back valuable time to concentrate on teaching. Why not share Charlie the Chair’s inspirational story with your school children and tell them about the ‘The Jamaican Project’ on our 'Donate your used school furniture'  page to encourage a sustainable way of life. Manufactured in the UK from recycled and recyclable polyethylene, with an internal galvanised steel liner. The procurement manager shall arrange disposal after exploring all recycling options and using the most environmentally sensitive means available. ICT equipment disposal for over 30 of the above-listed items is usually free with collections for smaller quantities being subject to the collection location plus a small fee. Zoot has been told that staff time, awareness and funding have been cited as being the main barriers to improved environmental performance. Username Password I've forgotten my password. Please let us know if chairs and tables are folding,stacking or non stacking.Available from/ toThe dates the used items will be available from and the dead line for possible collection. At Your Disposal Safco School Furniture Browse All Office Furniture … The Procurement Services Department shall manage the sale of such items. jQuery(window).load(function() *Please note that collections are dependent on many factors including what you have for disposal, how much time you have allowed to dispose of it and where you are in the country and therefore cannot be 100% guaranteed. jQuery('.uploader.u_fo_2_ff_18 .qq-upload-button, .uploader.u_fo_2_ff_18 .qq-uploader').css('height', jQuery('input[name="_fo_2_ff_18_file"]').outerHeight() + 'px'); To arrange to have your redundant items collected* simply let us know what you need to dispose of using the form at the bottom of this page and we will be in touch. School Furniture Disposal. Zoot School and Office Furniture Catalogues, Cantilever, Skid and Anti-Tilt Framed Chairs, Shield® Interior & Exterior Notice Boards, Where Your Used School Furniture Ended Up, Will reduce the amount of unwanted education sector furniture and equipment being dumped into landfill every year. We have re-homed items within very short time-scales but the longer you can allow the better.Access for collectionPlease advise any parking restrictions or access issues that need to be considered to execute a successful collection.Add Image (s) We can help you reduce this. Approximately 700,000 tonnes of waste are being dumped to landfill from the educational sector alone - a huge cost to the educational sector, you as a taxpayer and the environment. Equipment or furniture that has residual value shall be disposed of in way that maximizes the financial return to the Board. }); North Vancouver, Our office furniture disposal service is an extremely efficient and environmentally friendly way to discard items your company no longer needs and frees up your staff’s time to focus on tasks that are essential to the running of your business. Student Registration and Transfer Requests, 2020/2021 Registrations and Transfer Requests, Outdoor School Counsellor Leadership Program, Social Responsibility Support Program (Elementary), Social Emotional Learning and Mental Health, Aboriginal Education Enhancement Agreement, Answering the Calls - An Open Letter to the Community, District Educational Plan (Enhancing Student Learning), Series 200 Instructional Programs and Services, Series 400 Parent and Community Relations, Communicating Student Learning (Report Cards), MyEducation BC Parent Portal (Report Cards), Scholantis Portal (self-assessment, core competencies, elementary), myBlueprint (self-assessment, core competencies, secondary, Management of Illness and Confirmed Cases FAQs, Policy 801: Community Use and Rental of Facilities, Policy 802: Security of Buildings, Grounds, and Other Property, Policy 804: Use of Tobacco, Vapour Products and Cannabis on Board Premises, Policy 805: Disposition of Land or Facilities, Policy 807: Naming of Facilities and Parts of Facilities, Policy 808: Re-naming of Facilities and Parts of Facilities, Policy 809: Encroachments on Board Property, 2121 Lonsdale Avenue, Provides effective asset management (your school furniture and equipment) and adheres to government guidelines, and Zoot believes, soon to be directives. Procedures 1. According to ONS (Office of National Statistics) we have less than 7 years landfill capacity left in the UK - that's roughly equivalent to 3 times Lake Windermere - scary. Login. ​By completing this form you confirm that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions that apply to this area of the site. Occasionally offers may be received on individual items awaiting disposal. Can change the attitude of our 'throw away' society. Home; Events. Free School Furniture Disposal Service. School Board. Returning to School – September 2020; Mental Health Resources; School Listing; Map; Student Citizenship Awards. Dark Blue body colour. Procedures must ensure that equipment or furniture purchased with Board or school funds is disposed of at the end of its useful life in an efficient, cost-effective and environment-friendly manner.

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