Coined at the infamous Royal Canadian Mint, the ... Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coins are considered by many silver bullion industry experts as one of the best silver coins you can buy in the physical silver … Out of Stock If you are looking for a certain year, we ... Product ID: 10924, The Silver Maple Leaf series has proven itself to be worthy enough for any serious collector or investor's collection. Available Out of Stock Available Silver Canadian Maple Leafs. 1 oz Silver Maple Leafs. Low ... Every ... Product ID: 2663, There were only 955,694 silver Maple Leaf coins minted in 2005. The 2005 Silver Maple Leaf ... This is ... When first looking at a Maple Leaf, there really ... (more), Inventory: Minted in .9999 fine Silver, they are among the finest of all Silver dollar-size coins. Available Out of Stock Available Product ID: 30621, Hence the name of this coin series, the maple leaf was the inspiration behind the silver coin design. Product ID: 2661, Nowadays, there are quite a few options when it comes to buying silver online. (more), Inventory: Straight from the Royal Canadian Mint, the silver Maple Leaf ... The minting of ... Product ID: 16258, This is the first year the Royal Canadian Mint updated their security features on the silver Maple Leaf. (more), Inventory: Product ID: 23394, Recognized as the world's first silver bullion coin, the Canadian Maple Leaf series has been dazzling both investors and collectors since 1988. Since its introduction in 1988, the iconic Silver Maple Leaf (SML) has been an extremely popular Royal Canadian Mint bullion investment coin. First minted in 1988 and struck every year since, Maple Leaf coins hold 1 oz of fine Silver. Buy Silver Maple Leaf Coins. Nearly every year, variations of the maple leaf … Product ID: 2662, In 1988, the first Canadian Silver Maple Leaf was made. (more), Inventory: (more), Inventory: Product ID: 15118, The Royal Canadian Mint celebrated their 25th year of minting the Silver Maple Leaf coins. (more), Inventory: With radial lines and a security privy mark, the newer Silver Maple Leaf coins are prepared to dismantle fraudulent activity in the coin world! The new design for 2014 includes advanced security features including complex radial ... The Royal Canadian Mint began striking the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coin in 1988 and these silver Canadian coins remain the official .9999 silver coin of Canada. Product ID: 19730, Embrace the new age of coin minting and invest in the 2015 Canadian Maple Leaf coins! As you see the Canadian Silver Maple Leafs through the years, you will see a drastic change not in design but in aesthetic of the coins. Maple Leafs … Out of Stock Canadian Maple Leaf Silver Coins. Product ID: 6130, Similar to the US, most countries have their own silver dollar that is marked with that country's insignia, historical etchings, and whatever else that is important to that nation. (more), Inventory: (more), Inventory: Starting in 2017 and continued today, collectors see the same design but the presentation is much different! Out of Stock The Royal Canadian Mint has earned its reputation of not only minting premium ... Out of Stock The Canadian ... (more), Inventory: (more), Inventory: Available The Royal Canadian Mint is revered as one of the top mints, in the world, to produce bullion coins with .9999 purity. No matter your reason for choosing to start collecting or investing in silver coins, the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coins are usually one of the most common choices.These coins are the official bullion coins … The Royal Canadian Mint takes strides to stay at the top of precious metals technology; always giving invested buyers a reason ... With .9999 pure silver and low premiums, the Silver Canadian Maple Leaf … Available Product ID: 7956, The Silver Maple Leaf is among the finest bullion coins in the world. (more), Inventory: (more), Inventory: (more), Inventory: Available Available Buy Silver → Location: Canadian Silver Maple Leafs → Product ID: 9174, Almost every country mints their version of a silver dollar; Mexico has the Libertad, Great Britain has the Britannia, the US has the Silver Eagle, China has the Chinese Panda.

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