Available Australia wide. Filed Under: Blog Tagged With: Capped Composite Decking, Composite Decking, Composite Decking Materials, Composite Vs Wood Decking, Deck Materials, Decking Options, Low Maintenance Deck, Outdoor Living Space, Spotted Gum, Spotted Gum Decking. COVID-19 Update to Customers Our Metropolitan Melbourne stores are now open for all customers. Its colours may vary from light yellows and greens, right through to mid browns, and wild reds. Spotted Gum Decking is Class 1 Australian Hardwood Decking, Outlast can supply structural treated pine for subfloor construction. 5), Please note that this tool is to be used as a. Applications: Decking… Many homeowners are understandably drawn to the warmth and beauty of natural timbers like spotted gum, but capped composite decking gives hardwood a run for its money. Spotted Gum is the most popular Australian hardwood decking product due to its intense range and variety of pale and dark brown colours, and the presence of wavy grain that produces an attractive outdoor decking solution! 75), Gap between deck boards in millimetres (eg. Spotted Gum Decking is highly durable, dense, and hard. $13.65. $54.00. RANDOM LENGTHS ONLY - Range varies between 1.0m up to 4.8m. It’s perfect for large or small decks along with many other outdoor applications including pool surrounds, gardens, bridges, verandahs and more. 86 X 19MM DECKING QLD SPOTTED GUM STD H3 PER LM. Spotted gum is a fairly versatile wood, used regularly in several different industries: Though spotted gum is definitely popular with Australian growers because of its ability to conserve water usage in drought-prone areas, it can be risky for growers because it often takes between 30-50 years from planting to harvest.
75), Base board Coverage in millimetres (eg.

{{/if}} Regular Price: … Applications:Decking, Screening & Fencing. {{Address}} Spotted Gum is sustainably sourced from plantations throughout Australia and is a very popular hardwood, which is durable, dense and has minimal tannin leach. Spotted Gum is a beautiful Queensland specie timber, … View. Closed today Please note: Not all stores carry a full range of timbers and claddings. As one of Australia’s premium native hardwoods, spotted gum has a striking appearance and a high degree of natural resilience and strength. Price $27.81 per metre . NexGEN maintenance free composite and aluminium decking with up to a 50 year stain and fade warranty. Lengths are … Regular Price: $37.33 . {{#if OpenToday}} The heartwood of spotted gum ranges from a light brown to a dark reddish-brown. View. Today, we’re going to delve deep into one of the most popular decking materials around — spotted gum. Maintenance is simple and requires only soap and water. 135x19mm Spotted Gum Decking. It is similar to Ironbark in terms of density and durability, but with an alternative look. Let’s do a side-by-side comparison: When you consider maintenance, mold resistance, and overall convenience, capped composite decking comes out on top. {{#if Phone}}, Principal Kitchens Designer - Prior 6 Nov. Contact us to kick things off. Price $27.81 per metre . It’s inherent fire retarding properties meet Australian Standard AS3959, and so can be used in bush-fire prone areas without any treatment. (SATURDAY'S: Pre-arranged pick-ups and sale inspections only), © 2020 Nationwidetimber - All rights reserved | Privacy Policy | Digital Agency - Supple. We’ll look at how it’s sourced, how it’s used, and how it looks. Spotted Gum grows along the eastern coast of Australia and due to its tremendous strength and diversity in colour, it makes it an interesting, durable and very hard-wearing deck. Created to mimic the gorgeous colours and patterns of Australian hardwood, NexGEN’s spotted gum composite decking mirrors the warm golden brown colour of spotted gum — without some of the issues inherent to hardwood. View. 1) A payment card; They get their common name from the pale, smooth bark in the trees trunks that have shed in small patches leaving the tree with a “spotted” appearance. We will answer your questions and help you select from our quality range.
Map pin icon View. Its colours may vary from light yellows and greens, right through to mid browns, and wild reds. Spotted gum decking comes from a popular Australian hardwood that grows mainly on Australia’s east coast, generally harvested from New South Wales and Queensland. Spotted Gum Decking colour ranging from light to chocolate brown, with a distinctive wavy grain. DSG13519. Among hardwood options like merbau, jarrah, and blackbutt, spotted gum is usually the priciest option. Though the spotted gum tree itself has light coloured bark — usually ranging from white to grey — the decking that’s made from spotted gum heartwood is generally reddish-brown to golden-brown in hue. 86x19mm Spotted Gum - 5.4m - 6.1m. Spotted Gum Decking is Class 1 … Spotted gum is currently QLD’s largest harvested native hardwood by volume, meaning that spotted gum is widely available throughout Australia, with quantities also being exported internationally. Applications: Decking… Learn More | Add to Wishlist | Add to Compare. Created from recycled materials, capped composite decking is composed of two elements: recovered hardwood fibers and UV-stabilized polyethylene. However, there are some characteristics that should make homeowners think twice before taking the plunge. 86x19mm Spotted Gum - 5.4m - 6.1m. There are plenty of qualities that make spotted gum decking a popular hardwood option.

View. More importantly, we’ll see how it stacks up to composite decking when it comes to the maintenance needs, appearance, pest resistance, and fading issues that often signal trouble for decks. Spotted gum has an astonishing level of natural fire resistance. Spotted gum is grown throughout the eastern part of Australia and in some parts of WA and SA in both native forests and plantations. Spotted Gum Decking: NSW Production: Kiln Dry Width: 64mm, 86mm, 130mm, 135mm Thickness: 19mm, 22mm, 25mm, 32mm Grade: Standard & Better Sold as: Per Linear Metre The timber often comes with an attractive wavy grain with coarse and uneven texture; it also is noted as having a “greasy” feel when you run your hand over machined products. It is similar to Ironbark in terms of density and durability, but with an alternative look.

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