Where Tired Sounds of... sounded genteel and stately next to the raw four-track feedback fests they'd started with ("Tape Hiss Makes Me Happy" summed up their debut nicely), it now sounds about halfway between their genesis and this album; "refinement" turns out to be the perfect word.

It becomes a sound divorced from intention and its ambiguity is its strength. Strings and horns are all over this record, and the richer palate gives the drones added weight and depth. That promising first record combined crude guitar feedback with some snippets of religious radio programming that the band captured in their home state of Texas.

Bill Meyer stated in The Chicago Reader that "I've never experienced anything more psychedelic than the vertiginous swirl of sound and sight". Love their work! Influential drone act Stars of the Lid will release a new pressing of their 1996 LP The Ballasted Orchestra, which has long been out-of-print on vinyl.The reissued version, out January 7 … Adam & Brian are able to transport me into another world.

Influential drone act Stars of the Lid will release a new pressing of their 1996 LP The Ballasted Orchestra, which has long been out-of-print on vinyl.The reissued version, out January 7 … On their first album in almost six years, Kranky's drone stars explore the difference between music and sound, turning in an effort that's much more minimal and …

The first thing that becomes apparent is that there's less discernible guitar here. This stripping down and moving away from easily definable mood makes And Their Refinement of the Decline a bit harder to grasp initially than any previous SOTL record. Music for Nitrous Oxide CD [Sedimental] Timbre is reduced to either a single clear instrument or a sine wave, silence disappears completely, and the base-level interaction between small clusters of "pure" tone becomes the music's content. Slowly. The brief "Hiberner Toujours" on the second disc is a three-note phrase played on a cello with an intense vibrato and heavy reverb, first alone, then doubled, with muted electronic treatments lurking just behind.

The Tired Sounds showed me that music could be more than a genre, more than the usual song preconceptions such as vocals, drums, time limits or 'structure'. If this were the latest collection of 2Pac rarities, we'd be talking serious sonic overkill, but music that evolves this slowly needs plenty of time to stretch out. Gravitational Pull vs.

The result was the Per Aspera ad Astra LP/CD. Pitchfork is the most trusted voice in music. The piano-based "Ballad of Distances" recalls Labradford as heard through the ventilation shaft at Alcatraz, and the three-part "A Lovesong (For Cubs)" incorporates horns and cellos for a more conventional, but no less affecting sound. "Austin Texas Mental Hospital" keeps the party going over the next 20 minutes, as guitar feedback and a larger orchestra modulate between two chords, rocking back and forth slowly like a self-stimming resident of the facility that gives the piece its name. referencing The Tired Sounds Of Stars Of The Lid, 2xCD, Album, KRANK 050, KRANK050, krank050 I found this album early on in my foray into experimental music, and I'm really glad I did. 's Green album) contacted the band, explaining how he listened to Stars of the Lid as he painted. In 1989, new music pioneer Pauline Oliveros recorded an amazing album called Deep Listening inside a 2,000,000-gallon steel tank, and the feel … McBride had a radio show on the college station and Wiltzie did live sound for local bands like Ed Hall as well as recording (ultimately he would be behind the desk for Bedhead). Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement (updated 1/1/20) and Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement (updated 1/1/20) and Your California Privacy Rights. After almost two hours we arrive at perhaps the most playful title ever from a band known for playful titles, and also what could be SOTL's defining statement. Requiem for Dying Mothers, Part 1 2. Very. It comes to mind that their relentless commitment to subtlety sets them apart, as does their masterful hand with tone. In 2001 Brain McBride told The Austin Chronicle  that "I do think we're composers, there's some pretentiousness associated with that word, which I think is part of the reason we probably haven't embraced that for a long time, but that's really what's going on."

Still, in their crowded field, it's hard to say exactly what makes Stars of the Lid so special. Ambient drone duo Stars of the Lid formed in 1993 in Austin, TX, by guitarists Brian McBride and Adam Wiltzie whose compositions feature droning of guitars, piano, strings, horns and feedback. Move.

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