2006, Robin Williams{ "@context": "http://schema.org", "@type": "Person", "name": "Robin Williams", "gender": "Male" } 1985, Dudley Moore CBE{ "@context": "http://schema.org", "@type": "Person", "name": "Dudley Moore CBE", "gender": "Male" } 1985, Sally Field{ "@context": "http://schema.org", "@type": "Person", "name": "Sally Field", "gender": "Female" } All limited-use licences come in the largest size available. ), age 3 (ca.) Who is Debby Clarke Belichick ‘Bill Belichick’s Ex-Wife’? The Getty Images design is a trademark of Getty Images. The legend’s younger brother, Larry, was born four years after him in 1954; sadly, Larry Judkins passed away at the age of forty-eight in September 2002, four years before his mother died in May 2006. This account has reached the download cap, additional downloads subject to agreement overage terms. A fellow musician, he also released his own songs. 3012 x 2244 px (25.50 x 19.00 cm) - 300 dpi - 789 KB. From online or printed sources and from publicly accessible databases. with Tomeeka Bracy{ "@context": "http://schema.org", "@type": "Person", "name": "Tomeeka Bracy", "gender": "Female" }, Izaiah Fair{ "@context": "http://schema.org", "@type": "Person", "name": "Izaiah Fair", "gender": "Male" }, born 2003, died 2005, age 2 1999, Lenny Kravitz{ "@context": "http://schema.org", "@type": "Person", "name": "Lenny Kravitz", "gender": "Male" } Bradley Cooper Shares A Daughter With Ex-Girlfriend Irina Shayk – Inside His Life Since... Facts About Ricegum – His Girlfriend, Real Name & Net Worth, Who is Cory Booker? 1975, Aretha Franklin{ "@context": "http://schema.org", "@type": "Person", "name": "Aretha Franklin", "gender": "Female" }, Ruth Pointer{ "@context": "http://schema.org", "@type": "Person", "name": "Ruth Pointer", "gender": "Female" } 1996, Michael Jackson{ "@context": "http://schema.org", "@type": "Person", "name": "Michael Jackson", "gender": "Male" } with Kai Milla Morris{ "@context": "http://schema.org", "@type": "Person", "name": "Kai Milla Morris", "gender": "Female" }, Mandla Morris{ "@context": "http://schema.org", "@type": "Person", "name": "Mandla Morris", "gender": "Male" }, born 2005, age 13 FameChain has their amazing trees. With the 2020 election approaching see the Trump family tree. Calvin is one of Wonder’s support systems who held the hands of the young Stevie as he gradually made his ascent into the music industry. The first child of Stevie Wonder’s mother, Lula Mae, is Milton who was born in 1948 prior to her marriage to Calvin Judkins. Accessing the content may take some time and may be subject to additional fees. Your Getty Images representative will discuss a renewal with you. Stevie Wonder has also, over the years, shown that he is family-oriented. *, {{ t('save_amount', { amount_saved: formatPrice(pack.amountYouSave) }) }}, {{ t('pack_count_lowercase', { total: pack.packCount }) }}, {{t('compared_with_single_price', {price: formatPrice(selectedSize.price) }) }}, *UltraPacks never expire as long as you sign in at least once a year. step-child with Tomeeka Bracy{ "@context": "http://schema.org", "@type": "Person", "name": "Tomeeka Bracy", "gender": "Female" }, Bri Sche' Milan Fair{ "@context": "http://schema.org", "@type": "Person", "name": "Bri Sche' Milan Fair", "gender": "Female" }, born 2005 (bef. The crooner of I Just Called to Say I Love has no doubt left his mark in the sands of time in the music industry. Just How Much Is DJ Zinhle’s Net Worth and At What Age Did She... How Did Mihlali Ndamase Achieve Fame At Such A Young Age and Is Kamo... At What Age Did Somizi Mhlongo Have Daughter Bahumi Madisakwane And Who Is His... Easy Ways to Check Your AirtelTigo Number, Available Call Bundles, and Their Codes, Dog The Bounty Hunter’s Family Including Details of His Late Wife and Kids. Stevie Wonder has seven children from three different women. Explore how the celebrity world connects. 2016, Marilyn Monroe{ "@context": "http://schema.org", "@type": "Person", "name": "Marilyn Monroe", "gender": "Female" }, Lorde{ "@context": "http://schema.org", "@type": "Person", "name": "Lorde", "gender": "Female" }, Geoffrey Rush{ "@context": "http://schema.org", "@type": "Person", "name": "Geoffrey Rush", "gender": "Male" }, View Yolanda Simmons's Family Tree and History, Ancestry and Genealogy, Yolanda Simmons's daughter is Aisha Morris Yolanda Simmons's son is Keita Morris, Yolanda Simmons had a relationship with Stevie Wonder, Yolanda Simmons's grandson is Miles Morris. Content marked “Editorial use only” may not be used for any commercial or promotional purposes. Collect, curate and comment on your files. See Also: John Legend Ethnicity, Height, Wife, Daughter, Son, Parents, Bio. You are welcome to use content from the Getty Images site on a complimentary basis for test or sample (composite or comp) use only, for up to 30 days following download. © Copyright FameChain 2020, All rights reserved. {{t('buy_card.limited_use_name_'+product.Usage.toLowerCase())}}, {{t('buy_card.limited_use_description_'+product.Usage.toLowerCase())}}, {{getDefaultSize().teeShirtSize || getDefaultSize().label}}, {{getDefaultSize().pixels}} ({{getDefaultSize().localeUnits}}). A service for her was held at West Angeles Church of God in Christ. 1985, Frank Sinatra{ "@context": "http://schema.org", "@type": "Person", "name": "Frank Sinatra", "gender": "Male" } Stevie Wonder's great uncles and aunts: Stevie Wonder's great aunt was Ilona Morris. However, he also has three maternal half-siblings named Milton, Timothy, and a sister – Renee Hardaway, all of whom his mother had for two different men. 1996, Janet Jackson{ "@context": "http://schema.org", "@type": "Person", "name": "Janet Jackson", "gender": "Female" } 1975, Kris Kristofferson{ "@context": "http://schema.org", "@type": "Person", "name": "Kris Kristofferson", "gender": "Male" } 2006, Beyonce{ "@context": "http://schema.org", "@type": "Person", "name": "Beyonce", "gender": "Female" } He was very close with the late Queen of Soul and was at the hospital to visit her few days before she passed on. Democratic candidate for the Vice-Presidency of the United States. As such, Stevland Hardaway Morris – better known by his stage name, Stevie Wonder – has two siblings; an older brother named Calvin Hardaway Judkins and a younger brother known as Larry Hardaway. Stevie Wonder's grandchildren: Stevie Wonder's grandson is Miles Morris. While Stevie Wonder’s parents had other children, his siblings are not as famous as he is. A child prodigy, Stevie started singing from his local choir at a young age. Meghan and Harry are now US based. Sir Duke. with Tomeeka Bracy{ "@context": "http://schema.org", "@type": "Person", "name": "Tomeeka Bracy", "gender": "Female" }, Nia Wonder{ "@context": "http://schema.org", "@type": "Person", "name": "Nia Wonder", "gender": "Female" }, born 2014 (ca. The EZA account is not a licence. 2003, Bruce Springsteen{ "@context": "http://schema.org", "@type": "Person", "name": "Bruce Springsteen", "gender": "Male" } 1999, Eric Clapton{ "@context": "http://schema.org", "@type": "Person", "name": "Eric Clapton", "gender": "Male" } During an early morning interview with CBS This Morning in August 2018, Stevie Wonder stated that Renee Hardaway passed away months before he lost his musical inspiration and collaborator, Aretha Franklin, to pancreatic cancer in August 2018. {{formatPrice(size.discountPrice || size.price)}}. 2016, Madonna{ "@context": "http://schema.org", "@type": "Person", "name": "Madonna", "gender": "Female" } The 21-track album includes all of his greatest hits, from the live 1963 smash, “Fingertips (Part 2)” and “Uptight,” through “I Was … 1960, Elizabeth Taylor{ "@context": "http://schema.org", "@type": "Person", "name": "Elizabeth Taylor", "gender": "Female" } with Unknown, Kailand Morris{ "@context": "http://schema.org", "@type": "Person", "name": "Kailand Morris", "gender": "Male" }, born 2001, age 16 (approx.) Approvals and clearances are based on the intended use. 1986, Michael Jackson{ "@context": "http://schema.org", "@type": "Person", "name": "Michael Jackson", "gender": "Male" } He bought a house for his mother in San Fernando Valley, where he, his siblings and children gathered together for family events. 2007, President Barack Obama{ "@context": "http://schema.org", "@type": "Person", "name": "President Barack Obama", "gender": "Male" } Well, at the time of the death of Lula Mae Hardaway, it was revealed that she was survived by 20 grandchildren, nine of which are Stevie Wonders’; therefore, the eleven other grandchildren are from Stevie Wonder’s other five siblings; Milton, Calvin, Timothy, late Larry, and Renee Hardaway.

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