Secession is a right claimed or exercised by weaker states of a union whose rights are threatened by the stronger states, which seldom acknowledge such a principle.

How to use strong verbs in writing. Lynn is the type of girl who likes to go for long walks. Practically this left matters as they were, and Anselm, who had received a message forbidding him to return to England unless on the king's terms, withdrew to Lyons, where he waited to see if Paschal would not take stronger measures. Their love had been intense and brief, lasting less than a human year in total. Unfortunately for the success of her schemes she had to reckon with stronger states which were anxious to check the Russian advance, and which were determined, in the event of aggression, to have a share of the plunder.

If your sentence’s strongest words are in the middle, you can restructure to bring them either to the beginning or the end.

It is for this reason, for instance, that railroad rails are of constant uniform section throughout their length, instead of having those parts of their length which come between the supporting ties deeper and stronger than the parts which rest on the ties. "I must also inform you," said the Rhetor, "that our Order delivers its teaching not in words only but also by other means, which may perhaps have a stronger effect on the sincere seeker after wisdom and virtue than mere words. 2 kept broadest at the base and narrowed upwards, which prevents it from getting thin and bare below by the stronger growth being drawn to the tops.

Physically they are quite distinct from the normal type, also found at Gezer, which was taller, of stronger build, with well-developed skulls, and is akin both to the Sinaitic and Palestinian type illustrated upon Egyptian monuments from c. 3000 B.C., and to the modern native. For whatsoever moveth is stronger than that which is moved, and whatsoever governeth is stronger than that which is governed.".

Nickel exhibited retraction from the very beginning (as observed by Barrett), its greatest change of length considerably exceeding that undergone by iron; in a field of Boo the original length was diminished by as much as 1/40,000 part, but stronger forces failed to produce any further effect. strong. It is not easy to make it stronger than 92% of sodium carbonate, which is technically expressed as " 52 degrees of available soda " (see next page). Here is a list of the intensifier + verb combinations which make up the emphatic expressions: Here are example sentences for each of these emphatic expressions: Here's a short quiz. The attraction became stronger on both sides, in spite of occasional spasms of doubt. His predecessor had seemed much stronger. It was not merely for conquest and tribute that the fierce Mexicans ravaged the neighbourlands, but they had a stronger motive than either in the desire to obtain multitudes of prisoners whose hearts were to be torn out by the sacrificing priests to propitiate a pantheon of gods who well personified their bloodthirsty worshippers. Over against its want of originality must be set the fact, not merely that Syrian culture ultimately spread extensively towards the West, but that the Syrians (as is shown by the inscriptions of Teima, &c.) long before the Christian era exercised over the northern Arabs a perceptible influence which afterwards, about the beginning of the r st century, became much stronger through the kingdom of the Nabataeans. But it made no progress in Indo-China or Japan; and though there is a large Moslem population in China the Chinese influence has been stronger, for alone of all Asiatics the Chinese have succeeded in forcing Islam to accept the ordinary limitations of a religion and to take its place as a creed parallel to Buddhism or any other. And yet, the creature is generous and lets me take as much of his magic as I need, enough to build our walls in a season's time and make them stronger than the walls of my enemies.

stamping the collet from a single sheet of gold or platinum produces a stronger more durable component, with a smoother cleaner surface. The crop is said to be ready for gathering when the flowers appear; if gathered before, the fibre is weak, while if left until the seed is ripe, the fibre is stronger, but is coarser and lacks the characteristic lustre. Collocations are words that are always or often used together. Ex:
How to use strong suit in a sentence Looking for sentences with "strong suit"? The war of course made the distinction stronger; under the kings who were chosen for the purposes of the war national Gothic feeling had revived. Vs. Giving them suspense propels them to the next sentence without too much effort on their part.

They are stable towards aqueous alkalis, but on digestion with moist silver oxide yield the phosphonium hydroxides, which are stronger bases than the caustic alkalis.

That this brought moral laxity was a stronger reason for condemning the Kabbalah, 1 See F. But as the administration grew stronger, the position of the peasantry became worse.

The stronger the solution administered, the greater is the quantity of water that passes into the bowel, a fact to be borne in mind when the salt is administered for the purpose of draining superfluous fluid from the system, as in dropsy. This has the disadvantage that while the Serbs are stronger than any other single race in the two towns, their cession involved the loss of many purely Rumanian villages by Rumania, and also her loss of the important railway line connecting Temesvar southward with the Danube.

Its numerous root extractions amply justify a stronger expression than " multo labore," especially in an epitaph. Through the introduction of the cage (clodding) presses circular cakes have become fashionable, and as the material of these presses can be made much stronger and therefore higher pressure can be employed, more oil is expressed from the meal than in open presses. Projects: " Stronger Structures ": Photo of a motorway flyover.

At Faenza, Piacenza, Cremona, Pavia and Milan, where subversive associa tions were stronger, it assumed the complexion of a political revolt. As in his political theories, the critical element is much stronger than the constructive. Further and stronger support was given when J. master of style unrivalled even by Cicero, the literary interest of most of Cicero's speeches is stronger than that of the great mass of Greek oratory. This in turn is because the direct pull of the pincers on the protruding end of the wire is much stronger than the forward-drawing pull due to the friction of the cold rolls on the wire, which is necessarily cold because of its small section. With adversity you can feel stronger and face any of life's adversities with renewed courage which will make your life easier.

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