In fact, the earliest record of the word dango is in Shin-sarugoki, a description of life in Kyoto written in the mid-Heian Period (794-1185) by the poet Fujiwara no Akihira—so while they might be connected to Momotaro, they certainly didn't start there.

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A clear, thick, sticky liquid, it is made by converting starch to sugars. Manjū is a popular traditional Japanese confection; most have an outside made from flour, rice powder and buckwheat and a filling of anko (red bean paste), made from boiled azuki beans and sugar. Wagashi is typically made from plant ingredients. Gummy sweets are a fruity favourite in Japan. Even before the modern introduction of sugar, people in Japan were making desserts with everything they had available to them, from rice and sweet beans to naturally sweet plant sap and flower nectar. Tokyo based film & video-game screenwriter (Tokyo) One of Japan’s most well-known sweet and savoury confectionery manufacturers, Glico has enjoyed success after success ever since setting up shop in Osaka in 1922.

Higashi are a type of dry, often pressed sweets which contain very little moisture and lasts a bit longer then other wagashi.

, Spooky, Deeper Japan Why not try doing something a little different for your next gift-giving or crafting occasion and make a little origami sweet box for storing your favourite Japanese candy?

With the brand slogan ‘The Sweetheart of Your Mouth’, Lotte works hard to great delicious sweet treats that cater to the tastes of as many people as possible, including chewing gum, chocolate, and biscuits. There are many seasonal sugar molds shaped as distinctive flowers to keep an eye open for, but also lovely, creative molds representing animals, cities, characters and fruits or vegetables you can find year round. For a more traditional dessert, try combining matcha with anko paste and wrapping it up in mochi.

With a great range of biscuits, chocolates, sweets, desserts, and bakery items available, there is no better Japanese shop online to buy Japanese candy. 38 Japanese Desserts. These beloved chewy candies are a favourite among Japanese children and adults alike, and are becoming increasingly popular in the UK as well. Sakuramochi consists of a sweet pink mochi (rice cake) and red bean paste, covered with a leaf of sakura (cherry blossom).

This is why Japanese KitKats come in such a diverse range of often unusual flavours, including wasabi, purple sweet potato, and ichimi chilli.

Try adding matcha to plain butter cakes, biscuits, or ice cream for exciting and tasting variations on these classic desserts.

Taiyaki, literally "baked sea bream," is a Japanese fish-shaped cake. Nowadays matcha is more frequently seen and used as a flavouring for all sorts of wagashi and yogashi desserts and sweet drinks.

, Origami, Witness Candy Art Magic at Candy Show TIme, Sweets Most wagashi are made with a combination of mochi (pounded rice), anko (azuki sweet red bean paste), and/or fruit, and are commonly served with green tea or during the Japanese tea ceremony. 1. Although these sweets come from other countries, Japanese dessert makers and confectioners will often add a Japanese twist to them by incorporating Japanese ingredients such as matcha green tea, yuzu citrus, or anko. Serve your matcha tea or latte with matcha infused biscuits. Arguably the most well-known Japanese snack food, Pocky are pretzel biscuit sticks dipped in chocolate and sometimes other coatings, including cookie crumbs, almonds, and matcha green tea biscuits. It is often consumed at tea ceremonies and festivities such as …

With the contents changing every month, you will discover something new and exciting every time.

It is usually sold in a block form, and eaten in slices. It can be said that rakugan is not just a sweet, but an art form in itself.

Whenever somebody goes on holiday in Japan, they are expected to bring back a gift from the holiday destination to share with everybody.

Uiro is a steamed cake made from non-glutinous rice, water and sugar.

Matcha, strawberry, vanilla pudding, sweet potato, and other eccentric chocolate flavours are ready and waiting to be tried. The Most Luxurious 13-Layer Green Tea Parfait, Sweets Matcha green tea was traditionally (and often still is) used in the tea ceremony. Many modern-day sweets and desserts in Japan are also in existence. Nestle Japan took advantage of this Japanese custom by bringing out a special range of KitKats, where each flavour reflects a certain region of Japan, and that flavour is only available in that region.

Pressed against a device, jelly is shaped into noodles. Flavours include grape, strawberry, cola, green apple, and soda.

Wagashi are popular across the country japan but are only available regionally or seasonally. Retrieved from, List of Japanese dishes – Japanese-style sweets,, "Frances Hashimoto dies at 69; Little Tokyo leader, mochi ice cream creator",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 24 June 2020, at 19:57.

Exquisitely delicate and high in moisture, namagashi are usually represented with design and patterns reflective of the current season. The Japanese were making desserts for centuries before sugar was widely available in Japan. The origin of uiro is generally traced to the city of Yamaguchi, though the circumstances are unclear, and some theories suggest that they were originally eaten as an antidote to an identically named, awful-tasting throat medicine. ‘Wagashi’ literally means ‘Japanese sweets’, and the term refers to any Japanese confections that were invented in Japan during the Edo period.

[4] Wagashi are made in a wide variety of shapes and consistencies and with diverse ingredients and preparation methods. There are many common desserts still available in Japan which can be traced back for hundreds of years . The first known reference to uiro as a confection appears in the Wakan Sansai Zue, an illustrated, 105-volume encyclopedia published in 1712. Mizuame is a sweetener from Japan which is translated literally to "water candy".

The Japanese word momiji means 'autumn leaf' and because Hiroshima is famous for maple trees these manju are shaped like leaves as well! Some are popular across the country and around the year while others are only available regionally or seasonally. Exquisitely delicate and high in moisture, namagashi are usually represented with design and patterns reflective of the current season. The best varieties are made with real fruit juice, and popular flavours include peach, strawberry, melon, and pineapple. The flavors, from top to bottom, are tofu, cinnamon, sesame.

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It is often served with green tea. Known throughout the world for their unusual and sheer range of flavours, these little chocolate biscuit ... At Japan Centre we're proud to have one of the widest selections of Japanese sweets and snacks in the UK, including some exclusive to Japan Centre Food Shop.

The name ‘Lotte’ comes from the nickname of the lovable main character, Charlotte, in The Sorrows of Young Werther.

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- One of Japan’s most recognized attributes is its ability to sustain its most prized traditions, one being Japanese sweets. Though you can buy namagashi anywhere in Japan, try picking some up from Kameya Yoshinoga, one of the longest-established wagashi shops in Kyoto, to get them in the classic style. Learn when and where to see Japan's beautiful fall leaves this coming season! Wagashi (和菓子) are traditional Japanese sweets that are typically enjoyed in combination with a cup of green tea. YouTuber Documents Shuri Castle's Rebirth, A 13-Year-Old's Inspiring Community Bakery, Buying Old Tokyo: Asakusa, Jinbocho and Nakano, Amusement Park Shines for Medical Workers, Get Your Hands on the Ultimate Hand-Drawn Maze, Kengo Kumo & Kadokawa's Manga Museum Collab, 5 Creepy Japanese Film Remakes From the West.
Refreshing matcha combined with white chocolate for a balanced sweet treat.

Bread may not be as much of a dietary staple in Japan as it is in some European countries, but there is nevertheless no doubt that Japan is a bread-loving nation. ‘Wagashi’ literally means ‘Japanese sweets’, and the term refers to any Japanese confections that were invented in Japan during the Edo period. Namagashi are fresh, perishable sweets.

Japan not only likes to preserve its popular and most distinguished wagashi, but people from all over the world have developed quite an interest to trying, buying and making them! (Japanese). I admire my beautiful children: Soul and Ao-Ra Miki, |

There are many common desserts still available in Japan which can be traced back for hundreds of years [1].

They are made by pressing sugar, soybean flour, and various powders in traditional wooden molds, known as kashigata. Ingredients such as red bean paste and mochi are used. In the world of weird Japanese candy there are few sweets more fascinating than DIY Japanese candy.

Mochi ice cream is a Japanese confection made from mochi (pounded sticky rice) with an ice cream filling. Yōkan is a thick, jellied dessert made of red bean paste, agar, and sugar.

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