Before having any treatment, it's always worth talking to your clinic about the number of treatments they've performed in the last year and their birth rates for women in similar circumstances. These treatments are rare which means there’s less information on risks.

When she is ovulating you get the man to produce a sperm sample, prepare that in the lab to select out the best sperm, and then put the sperm into her uterus”. The goal is to avoid a high order multiple pregnancy such as triplets or greater since these cases are associated with premature deliveries, and complications such as neonatal lung immaturity, seizures, and other medical problems. With ICSI a single sperm is injected into the egg.

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window.addEventListener('load',function(){ However in women who are 42 and above the chance of having a baby is only one in 20 with IVF using her own eggs.

The fertilized embryo(s) are then placed in the uterus. This name will appear beside any comments you post. The three main approaches to IVF that involve no or fewer drugs are natural cycle IVF, mild stimulation IVF and in vitro maturation (IVM). “There are problems with women being older and not realising how much that affects their fertility. “Many couples will have extra embryos frozen so it increases their chances if they come back to use these embryos.

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The woman is then sedated and the eggs are retrieved.

For younger people, however, she says it is important to remember that it can be completely normal for it to take up to a year to conceive naturally, so they shouldn’t panic and rush to have investigations and treatments if they haven’t conceived within that time.

Normally in IVF you’ll be given a hormone to help your eggs mature before they’re removed and fertilised. The number of embryos transferred back into the patient's uterus depends on her age and the quality of the embryo.

Researching a genetic disease in my family, Embryo testing and treatments for disease, National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE), Guidelines for assessing and treating fertility problems, Support for everyone struggling to conceive, Find an accredited infertility counsellor, at risk of ovarian hyper-stimulation (OHSS) - a dangerous over-reaction to fertility drugs. This may be for a medical cause such as if you're: You may also hold religious beliefs which mean you don’t want any leftover eggs or embryos to be destroyed or frozen. Because IVM is a new technique there have been very few births from IVM compared with other types of IVF treatment. There are several variations to the basic IVF process that can increase chances at success, ensure genetic disorders aren't passed on, identify chromosomal abnormalities, shorten the number of cycles required and cost less. Guidelines for assessing and treating fertility problems (NICE), Support for everyone struggling to conceive (Fertility Network UK), Find an accredited infertility counsellor (BICA). The eggs that fertilize are allowed to develop into embryos before transfer into the mother's uterus where they can implant into the lining of the uterus and grow into a baby girl or boy. That reduces your treatment time by about two weeks and means you avoid a lot of the unpleasant side effects from the drugs. You’ll then continue with IVF treatment as normal. Once the eggs are collected they are mixed with the sperm in the lab and left to incubate in the hope that the eggs will fertilise and form embryos. The account details entered are not currently associated with an Irish Times subscription. gtag('event', 'conversion', {'send_to': 'AW-975078364/wEERCL-y9bkBENyH-tAD'});

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