xnlRef : 1390.5825 template:1185.5222351,#EmptyTemplate processTime:1234.3681 A customer account with this email already exists, please use a different email address or. So if you hate worrying about wearing your expensive jewelry out and love the variety of dressing up your outfits differently, this freedom and peace of mind will go a lot further in the long run. The Verragio difference is all about customization. Best Sellers. Would you like to combine them into a complete engagement ring? We believe your session has timed-out. Find a wide range of Cubic Zirconia Rings Yellow Gold Jewellery to buy online at H.Samuel the Jeweller. Sort By. The Venetian Collection (pictured below) has a more diamond intensive inlay, with a customizable lacework profile and focus on craftsmanship: Though each collection shows off a specific design theme, each Verragio engagement ring can be personalized to suit a bride-to-be’s style. He worked hard to master ring design and eventually started his own company based on his unique setting technique. xnl n0 : 1390.5825, container:#BodyContainer jTrans : 1390.5825 , you can put the savings toward creating your picture-perfect wedding or honeymoon. The warranty on Verragio rings covers “normal” wear and tear. 14K White Gold and Rose Gold Venetian Engagement Ring. The setting and diamond you have selected do not match. But our. Get 5% in rewards with Club O! xnl n6 : 1421.9085, container:#BreadCrumbsPane The unique factor of the ring is the three pendants; two solid silver hearts and one cubic zirconium heart surrounded by silver. As this example from the Insignia Collection shows, you may want a white gold ring with a beautiful mounting in rose gold, for instance: You can also update the center stone to reflect her individual style. SPProcessor2 : 0 You are already subscribed to receive our newsletter. In this way, buyers get truly couture pieces unlike any others out there. Cannot be combined with any other offer. If you’re willing to splurge on a Verragio engagement or wedding ring, you can keep your forever piece safe with a Blush and Bar backup option. All our rings start with a .925 sterling silver base. Cannot be combined with any other offer. xnl n3, container:#WidePane Transform: 0 ","itemID":67431,"sku":"69467w14","price":4100,"salePrice":null,"url":"engagement-rings/verragio/14k-white-gold-tradition-halo-engagement-ring-by-verragio-item-67431","media":{"galleryDisplayType":"SegomaJewelGallery","gallerySet":"sets/SegJewel/67431/sets/","gallery":"sets/SegJewel/67431/Img.Gal_304X240.jpg","stage":"sets/SegJewel/67431/Img.Stg_473X375.jpg","stageSet":"sets/SegJewel/67431/sets/","thumb":"sets/SegJewel/67431/Img.Tmb_90X70.jpg"},"status":{"id":1,"name":"Available"},"jewel":{"matchingItems":[{"productID":8833490,"itemID":67428,"sku":"69464W14","title":"14K White Gold Tradition Wedding Band by Verragio","url":"wedding-rings/matching-bands/14k-white-gold-tradition-wedding-band-by-verragio-item-67428","price":3050,"salePrice":null,"product":{"media":{"stage":"sets/SegJewel/67428/Img.Stg_473X375.jpg","gallery":"sets/SegJewel/67428/Img.Gal_304X240.jpg"}}}],"allMedia":[{"shape":"round","isDefaultShape":true,"main":{"stageDisplayType":"StageSegomaJewel","stage":"sets/SegJewel/67431/Img.Stg_473X375.jpg","stageSet":"sets/SegJewel/67431/sets/","galleryDisplayType":"SegomaJewelGallery","gallery":"sets/SegJewel/67431/Img.Gal_304X240.jpg","gallerySet":"sets/SegJewel/67431/sets/","cart":"sets/SegJewel/67431/Img.Cart_70X70.jpg","thumb":"sets/SegJewel/67431/Img.Tmb_90X70.jpg"},"pari":null,"lifeStyle":null,"sold":null}],"stones":[{"stoneType":"Diamond","quantity":46,"clarity":"SI1-SI2","placement":null,"shape":"Round","totalCarat":0.9,"color":"G-H","measurements":null}],"width":null,"length":"","metal":{"type":"14K White Gold"},"groups":{"metal":null,"quality":null},"isDYO":true,"modelSku":"69467","stoneRange":[{"shape":"Round","minCarat":0.5,"maxCarat":1.74}],"ringSize":{"min":4,"max":9.75,"step":0.5,"defaultSize":6},"isCenterRequired":false}},{"productID":8833494,"productType":"ring","generalType":"jewel","categories":["534"],"shippingDate":"2020-12-28","invShippingDate":null,"shippingDates":{"shippingDate":{"date":"2020-12-28","byValentines":false,"byNewYears":false,"byXmas":false},"invShippingDate":null},"title":"14K White Gold Tradition Oval Halo Engagement Ring by Verragio","description":"Verragio TR180HOV from the Tradition Collection features a ravishing shank decorated with elegantly sculpted french beading and 0.90 ctw. To save your wish list, create an account or log in: *Offer applies to ring setting only. You are now set to receive our newsletter. Beautiful Verragio Sterling Silver and 2 carat Emerald Cut Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring Sz 5. Promotional discounts applied to an order are only valid for the item purchased and will not be applied to future purchases or exchanges after the sale ends. Verragio designer engagement rings are available online at JamesAllen.com. The ring pictured above is from Verragio’s Parisian collection of wedding bands. Our team handles everything from stone setting to polishing the finished product.We’re proud to make jewelry you can afford to enjoy wearing. Please Note: The field(s) in red are required. Does not include loose diamonds, gemstones, or designer collections. If you’ve never heard of Verragio before, let’s get you in the loop: Verragio is a fine jewelry line by designer Barry Verragio, a jeweler with over 25 years of experience. Then you’ll have all the information you need to make the right decision. If you have a rose gold halo ring with round brilliant diamonds, for example, you could switch off to a classic yellow gold ring with CZs like this and never miss the sparkle: Plus, wearing a Blush and Bar ring means you won’t worry about losing or damaging your “real” ring when you’re swimming on vacation, working out at the gym, or at the playground with your kids. Condition is Pre-owned. And you can combine more than one metal in each ring. Sorry, there has been a problem loading the previous set of results. 14K White Gold and Rose Gold Venetian Engagement Ring, 14K White Gold Tradition Cushion Halo Engagement Ring by Verragio, 14K White Gold Tradition Hidden Halo Engagement Ring by Verragio, 14K White Gold Tradition Princess Hidden Halo Engagement Ring by Verragio, 14K White Gold Tradition Engagement Ring by Verragio, 14K White Gold Tradition Halo Engagement Ring by Verragio, 14K White Gold Tradition Oval Halo Engagement Ring by Verragio, 18K Rose and White Gold Venetian by Verragio, 14K White Gold Tradition Hidden Halo Solitaire Engagement Ring by Verragio, 14K White Gold Tradition Oval Hidden Halo Solitaire Engagement Ring by Verragio, 14K Rose Gold Tradition Oval Halo Engagement Ring by Verragio, *By signing up you confirm that you have read the, {".0.0":{"initialData":{"value":[{"data":{"productList":[{"productID":845018,"productType":"ring","generalType":"jewel","categories":["534"],"shippingDate":"2020-12-28","invShippingDate":null,"shippingDates":{"shippingDate":{"date":"2020-12-28","byValentines":false,"byNewYears":false,"byXmas":false},"invShippingDate":null},"title":"14K White Gold and Rose Gold Venetian Engagement Ring","description":"VENETIAN-5061CU-TT engagement ring from the Venetian Collection, featuring a rose gold profile and 0.60 ct of round brilliant-cut diamonds to enhance a round diamond center. xnl n5 : 1421.9085, container:#EmptyTemplate And the wedding ring below shows off the intricate craftsmanship of his Venetian collection: You can see a distinct change in style with this wedding band from the Insignia collection: A wedding ring for her starts at $1,750 and can climb all the way up to $7,650. of pave set round brilliant-cut diamonds and a cushion shaped halo to enhance the center stone. Speaking of the long run, Blush and Bar rings come with a 60-day money-back guarantee and a 100-year warranty. And these can be customized by metal preference too: Wedding bands for men begin between $1,550 and $4,700. Or you may want to stand out with a square, cushion, oval, radiant, pear, marquise, emerald, heart, or Asscher-shaped center diamond instead. Shop similar. of pave set round brilliant-cut diamonds. And if you decide a Verragio ring is still worth it, you should pick out your B+B backup ring options to protect it and keep it safe. No stores, cashiers, or middlemen means more savings in your pocket. Ring is signed and stamped 925, CZ, and China. Please use 'load previous results' again to retry. Then we use a thick, double-coat of 18k yellow gold or rose gold vermeil. At Blush and Bar, you won’t find an expensive diamond engagement ring in our ring collection. 3 out of 5 stars (5) £129. template:10.11,#Funnel processTime:0 Grooms can also choose a wedding ring that speaks to them. We use 18k Gold layered on 925 Sterling Silver. Get free delivery On EVERYTHING* at Overstock - Your Online Jewelry Store! While you can change out the center stone on a Verragio ring to customize it to your unique individual style, this will affect how expensive the ring becomes, especially when you go up in carat size. You don’t have to spend several paychecks on an expensive engagement ring from a Verragio collection. The common reason is that cubic zirconia is cheap. ","itemID":67418,"sku":"69454w14","price":2500,"salePrice":null,"url":"engagement-rings/verragio/14k-white-gold-tradition-engagement-ring-by-verragio-item-67418","media":{"galleryDisplayType":"SegomaJewelGallery","gallerySet":"sets/SegJewel/67418/sets/","gallery":"sets/SegJewel/67418/Img.Gal_304X240.jpg","stage":"sets/SegJewel/67418/Img.Stg_473X375.jpg","stageSet":"sets/SegJewel/67418/sets/","thumb":"sets/SegJewel/67418/Img.Tmb_90X70.jpg"},"status":{"id":1,"name":"Available"},"jewel":{"matchingItems":[{"productID":8833478,"itemID":67416,"sku":"69452W14","title":"14K White Gold Tradition Wedding Band by Verragio","url":"wedding-rings/matching-bands/14k-white-gold-tradition-wedding-band-by-verragio-item-67416","price":2150,"salePrice":null,"product":{"media":{"stage":"sets/SegJewel/67416/Img.Stg_473X375.jpg","gallery":"sets/SegJewel/67416/Img.Gal_304X240.jpg"}}},{"productID":8833479,"itemID":67417,"sku":"69453W14","title":"14K White and Rose Gold Tradition Wedding Band by Verragio","url":"wedding-rings/matching-bands/14k-white-and-rose-gold-tradition-wedding-band-by-verragio-item-67417","price":2150,"salePrice":null,"product":{"media":{"stage":"sets/SegJewel/67417/Img.Stg_473X375.jpg","gallery":"sets/SegJewel/67417/Img.Gal_304X240.jpg"}}}],"allMedia":[{"shape":"round","isDefaultShape":true,"main":{"stageDisplayType":"StageSegomaJewel","stage":"sets/SegJewel/67418/Img.Stg_473X375.jpg","stageSet":"sets/SegJewel/67418/sets/","galleryDisplayType":"SegomaJewelGallery","gallery":"sets/SegJewel/67418/Img.Gal_304X240.jpg","gallerySet":"sets/SegJewel/67418/sets/","cart":"sets/SegJewel/67418/Img.Cart_70X70.jpg","thumb":"sets/SegJewel/67418/Img.Tmb_90X70.jpg"},"pari":null,"lifeStyle":null,"sold":null}],"stones":[{"stoneType":"Diamond","quantity":38,"clarity":"SI1-SI2","placement":null,"shape":"Round","totalCarat":0.3,"color":"G-H","measurements":null}],"width":null,"length":"","metal":{"type":"14K White Gold"},"groups":{"metal":null,"quality":null},"isDYO":true,"modelSku":"69454","stoneRange":[{"shape":"Round","minCarat":0.5,"maxCarat":1.99}],"ringSize":{"min":4,"max":9.75,"step":0.5,"defaultSize":6},"isCenterRequired":false}},{"productID":8833481,"productType":"ring","generalType":"jewel","categories":["534"],"shippingDate":"2020-12-28","invShippingDate":null,"shippingDates":{"shippingDate":{"date":"2020-12-28","byValentines":false,"byNewYears":false,"byXmas":false},"invShippingDate":null},"title":"14K White Gold Tradition Cushion Halo Engagement Ring by Verragio","description":"Verragio TTR120HCU from the Tradition Collection features a sophisticated and delicate shank decorated with elegantly sculpted french beading and 0.45 ctw.

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