She kept telling herself she'd wake up from this wacky dream soon. With innovative graphics, wacky power-ups like banana peels and turtle shells, and truly addicting multiplayer modes, it broke the mold and practically defined it's own genre. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Your phone could be the cause There have been some weird and wacky inventions. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Yet, colored contacts aren't the only type of wacky contact lenses. A woman who treasures tradition and hopes to have solemn, dignified wedding would not appreciate a wacky proposal, whereas a traditional woman who values spontaneity and uniqueness may enjoy an outrageous event.

Furthermore, each Carnival ship offers numerous clubs, lounges, and onboard attractions such as waterslides, multiple pools, and wacky games to entice people to join in different activities. And, of course, it features the twisted humor of Steve Jackson and the wacky cartoons of John Kovalic.

After experiencing so many birthdays, many adults look for unique ideas for birthday parties and wacky themes to add flair and fun to an otherwise predictable event. All Rights Reserved. Just sit back, relax, and get ready to laugh out loud at all of Stephanie 's wacky adventures ! 4. From almost natural to completely wacky, theatrical contact lenses come in all types, colors, and styles. The dress sense of some of these people was pretty wacky. 2. Her video for Girls Just Wanna Have Fun is strongly representative of the wacky styles she wore throughout the decade. Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory From PC Format 174, May 2005 Wait, a Tom Clancy sequel without a wacky pseudo-military subtitle? Test your skills of observation in this dizzying wirlwind tour of a. Creative proposals needn't be too wild and wacky, however, as a heart-felt poem or prose can be a very special proposal idea which is unlikely to cause offense. They can range from fun and wacky to watches that have some unusual functionality or are a little quirky.

Many Norwegians consider the idea wacky, according to One of the first games for the Nintendo DS was a wacky Japanese title Feel the Magic XY/XX. Then take on other racers and race around wacky courses for the top prize. The story is as simple and wacky as any Wallace and Gromit film. Choose from styles like Wacky Packages, Games, Candy, Sports and more. These cookies do not store any personal information. The pit stop was a moving machine that would take them to the Wacky Fun Factory. Some of his friends are pretty wild and, 6. There are a number of different reasons why you might want to wear wacky lenses. My aunt has a penchant for things that are a bit wacky. Wacky wedding vows are sure to be some of the most original wedding vows ever heard by many guests at a wedding. Examples of Wacky in a sentence. Some of his friends are pretty wild and wacky characters. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. I searched the web in an attempt to choose a school that didn't seem too wacky. Everything from music to wacky sounds are included in this game.

You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Quirky and wacky puzzle games where you play the Prince of the Universe who must roll objects onto the sticky katamari ball.

All of these made-up holidays (and many more that you can find doing an Internet search for wacky holidays) offer great opportunities for free craft ideas for kids. First of all, it is important to make the decision about wacky vows as a couple. Some of their ideas are, frankly, far too wacky to ever get past the boss ! Definition of 'wacky'. This GameCube version features tons of Nintendo characters and allows you to fight it out in wacky Multiplayer brawls! What if he was the only person on the planet that could ever touch her again because of her wacky visions? Despite their wacky exteriors (many feature goofy colors and the company's monkey mascot, named Julius), the construction is all business. 2. Avoid anything that will distract the interviewer's attention, for example dangly earrings, or wacky ties. I don't know why she hanged herself when she had a bottle of sleeping pills right next to her bed but wacky people do wacky things. If you describe something or someone as wacky, you mean that they are eccentric, unusual, and often funny . Fast-paced wacky fun is the name of the game.

1. Almost any type of crazy costume or wacky outfit you want to wear can be complemented by wacky contacts. The 80s toys garnered a holiday special, Deck the Halls with Wacky Walls, where each wallwalker had a personality and name. They do not represent the opinions of He has his spiky hair(, 21. Playful couples who want to have a truly unique and personalized wedding ceremony may consider writing wacky wedding vows. Nurse Betty's a wacky but wonderful dose of reality: 18.

The whole reason for the killings is just wacky. Don't be afraid to take your cue from these looks; try a wacky, messy updo that doubles as a stylish, unkempt bun, or give short hair plenty of volume by teasing it generously. The hero in the movie come across as a little bit, 30. A woman who treasures tradition and hopes to have solemn, dignified wedding would not appreciate a wacky proposal, whereas a traditional woman who values spontaneity and uniqueness may enjoy an outrageous event. Some of their ideas are, frankly, far too wacky to ever get past the boss! Often we're in wacky places, places like the house where I grew up or schools I attended when I was a kid. We still fall for the same logical traps, the same, 29. The wacky story and constellation levels keep the game interesting enough to follow through to the end. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. Politics, literature and art are popular themes, but you can go even further into the world of wacky than that.

I searched the web in an attempt to choose a school that did n't seem too wacky. COBUILD Advanced English Dictionary. OK, it 's big and there 's lots of kit and it looks wacky, but is it safe? ...a wacky new television comedy series. Have you been using that wacky paste stuff that made me see my sister get eaten? Matthew is an Australian composer of some really interesting and wacky stuff.

By clicking “Accept”, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. These wacky scholarships are open to anyone, from children to adults. If you're trying to pull together some extra money for college or grad school, don't discount weird or wacky scholarships just because they're a bit unconventional. If you think this sounds a bit wacky, I 'd have to agree.

We made a mean gears wacky wiggler, with SB designing it, and me helping when required [and BB deconstructing too ! A benefit to synthetic extensions, however, is that if you want to try dreadlocks or another wacky style without spending as much money, this is a great way to get them. 46 sentence examples: 1. Through her eyes, I looked demens, with my wacky outfit and the Cubs cap. See Tigger demonstrate his tumbling skills, speak fun phrases, hear wacky sound effects, see him perform daring cartwheels and funny handstands. This fantastic Terminator T model wacky Wobbler is just what you need to strike fear deep into the hearts of your friends and co-workers! But the energy is all – well wacky right now: 21. Very wild and wacky candle molds may seem like a good idea but will they actually be used and if so, how much? Choose one of many kart racers from Nintendo's world of characters -- Yoshi, Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, etc. Wacky lenses can be a great way to complete a Halloween costume. But I was so wacky, so caught up in … Take your interests, whether serious or wacky, and make a statement with a pal. Unlike other mainstream cruise lines, Celebrity Cruises does not offer wacky, immodest games, or other silly activities. He would have to be a little wacky, unlike Oswald, Ruby or Ray. Finally consider whether wacky vows are actually right for you as a couple and your wedding. Another game in the vein of wacky Japan-antics, We Love Katamari is a game that actually surpassed the original (that's right, this is a sequel) in sheer lunacy and fruit-tastic debauchery. It has romantic scenes and wacky modern sculptures by renowned Mexican artists and is just fun to explore. Yet anti-war commentators have effectively made Khan their unofficial spokesman, citing his wacky views as an argument for getting out of Iraq.

Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Mortal Kombat is also well-known for a number of wacky "easter eggs" that could be found by persistent (and lucky) users. He has gorgeous hands, with some really wacky silver rings. Heck, you could even make up your own holiday to celebrate by decorating the house with wacky crafts made by you and the kids.

I do n't know if you could find a wacky comedy in that. OK, it's big and there's lots of kit and it looks wacky, but is it safe? We made a mean gears wacky wiggler, with SB designing it, and me helping when required [and BB deconstructing too! Passengers interested in a wacky, active vacation will not find much to do aboard Oceania's ships, and neither will families - there are no organized children's activities. Feel the Magic XY/XX is a hilarious game filled with action and wacky mini-games. From wacky to trendy, a creative proposal can be the start of a unique and extraordinary relationship. 4. And white jocks at the time were more into, 25. Bold tonal and stylistic swings, from … For something a little out of the ordinary, an OJ Flower Bikini with full top is daring, but adorable, while a Wacky Waikiki bikini with pull-on skirt allows you extra coverage if you want to hit the shops after swimming. Add layers, razor the ends, or go for a wacky take on the mullet for a emo look that is entirely new. Copyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved Contact. He decided to become a clown to join the, 24. , George’s decision to wear clown shows to school was wacky, but ultimately harmless, so the teacher let it slide. At home we read the India bit from story of the world, and made another wacky wiggler with the gears. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent.

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