groups; Schafer Farms will sort sale groups into uniform packages based upon your purchase preferences (Color, Calf Sex, etc.) Westman Farms 15thAnnual Bred Heifer Sale Westman Family of Vermilion Heifers have had Tasvax 8, Noromectin, Scourguard & AD this fall. Registered Purebred Simmental. <> !=��uxYQń�^ �;p10X�5��P:�g����K\攙p�j����Ȃ�~!瘋gȗɮm�����"� M��D'jφ�L���\���W-$l0]�>���P�C�'����qaK���O^`�� U��K���K1X���b�m� ����>�Ӷ�����6-�0����~����L\>Ǝ��� ����n�����s��O3��i��~a��b��J�����b����,����6��(v��Kr����mL��l�+ޕ��y77�����r��=�{G�F�����NB����FyΌx�r���kOT��9u�Do9T����dD����N^�x2%�SH�fepvj��}���4n,x+0e�ȫ��(0&$U�#���ۡ��+Ԗ�_G�#�e��I"��(���yfZ��p�zIT��%��4������a��[yޫ�r�yt��b�ہ~+h�M?��:�} Bred Heifers for Sale: 300- Red and Black Heifers - Missouri 300 Head of Red and Black bred heifers. 3. Westman Farms 20th Annual Bred Heifer Sale. 2:00 pm. ������{�jǶ�@dRQ��� �%Mn5��0,���dm���\��vI�r�b��4n��Gjv�؁`���9~���2����W_���-9��W���{���ق����B��6fm�X)���i T���ӼvLDJ�\Vms�ǽ���k{ss?�k�+��YWU�j�N�^���Q�T\3ϡrɞyD�sE��\�K���~��+WEЏb�LƱ��E�.1������t�^��Φ� ���\������´�\(}�.䟷�'�׍��o�M� S���_��. The dam to one of the most talked about Simmental sires in the country, JSUL Something About Mary. 9:30 am. She has a lot of pieces that remind us a lot of the highly successful full sister that was shown for Makenzie Hickman. All heifers were exposed to Black Angus bulls for 45 days. 1 of 1 Upload. endobj Westman Farms on Farm Bred Heifer Sale. Owned with the Gellerman family. She has been a standout since day one and has definitely lived up her expectations. %PDF-1.5 Cattle Auction Market She will be a big time show heifer and show steer producer we can promise you that. A non-refundable 25% down payment will be due by April 1 to secure your heifer purchase. 4 0 obj Heifers will be preg. Skip Navigation Links Events > Cattle Sales > Town Creek Farm Bull Sale & Commercial Brangus Bred Heifer Sale. December 2, 2019 - Sale Time 2:00 PM -at the Ranch -Vermilion, AB. Bred heifer sale D & N Livestock bred female sale will be taking place December 15 on the farm south of Peebles Saskatchewan. Lot 127 – Shorthorn Bred Heifer ... 225 Commercial Brangus & Ultrablack Bred Heifers. Had Bovashield Fold FP5 before breeding this spring. She is a full sister to the very popular, JSUL Who Dat Fetty that we showed a couple years ago. The remaining balance is due upon pickup or delivery of your heifers. All heifers will receive their pre-breeding vaccinations for IBR, BVD I&II, PI3, BRSV, Lepto, & Vibrio. DOB: 3/24/2020 Full sisters to Lots 1,2,3 and 4 have seen a ton of success in the show ring as well as over the past 2 years. Westman Farms - Murray & Derek Westman & Families Sale @ 2, lunch served at noon! The AI-bred heifers averaged $1,752, fetching more than $110 more per head than 52 bull-bred heifers at $1,638. DOB: 4/17/2019 Westman Farms 19 th Annual Bred Heifer Sale Derek Westman & Family Heifers had Bovashield Gold FP5,Vison 8 Somm,Multi-Min, Noromectin before breeding. You have to admire Lot 39 for her extra look and style with incredible body shape, big feet and big legs that can get out and go when setting her in motion. 180 Black and Red Angus Bred Heifers- Kansas, 8- NEW ZEALAND ANGUS HEIFERS FOR SALE - BROWNS VALLEY, CALIFORNIA, 84 - Bred Heifers - A.I.’d to Brown JYJ Redemption - New Mexico, 3 - Registered Black Angus Cows - Bred Back - Texas, ISO Black Angus fall bred heifers/young cows- Boise Idaho, 8 - Registered Angus Heifers - Washington, 125 - Angus Heifer Pairs & Bred Heifers - Texas, 50 - Home Raised Angus Crossbred Heifers - Oregon SALE PENDING, 50 - Home Raised Angus Crossbred Heifers - Oregon, 120 - Black & Black Baldie Bred Heifers - Wyoming, 40- Black Angus Bred Heifers - Raised in Eastern Colorado, 35 - High Altitude Bred Heifers - Wyoming, 17 - Bred Commercial Angus Heifers - Missouri, 22 - April Calving Black Angus Heifers - Montana.

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