Some requirements may vary and depend on which build is selected. This means you'll no longer need to pick a Skill Breakdown or Physical Profile pie chart. This NBA 2K21 best center build is going to be very capable at rebounding and shooting, with a whopping 51 Badges, including: 11 Finishing Badges, 19 Shooting Badges, 1 Playmaking Badge, and 20 Def / Reb Badges. Some of you seem to be forgetting that these types of builds will have 25 perimeter defense, 30 steal, 30 vertical, and 1 defensive badge etc. Wow, no comments yet... why not be the second? If you wish to be the lockdown defender on the court, be sure to equip these badges, the best NBA 2K21 badges on defense, and level them up as soon as possible. Requirements: Mid-Range Shot 74 or Three-Point Shot 74. POST LOCKDOWN – Improves the defender’s ability to defend post moves. SLITHERY FINISHER – Improves a player’s ability to avoid contact when attacking the rim. Space Creator – Improves space creation by a player against from a defender. Dimer – Boosts the shot percentage for open teammates on jump shots after catching a pass. RHYTHM SHOOTER * – Improves shots taken after breaking down your defender. I can lockdown even the best of guards on defense if I get switched out. I’ll have to see it in practice though because oftentimes, unless there’s good stat balance, you end up with even less variety than archetypes. He's going back to a previous leak that happened in I think August. Putback Boss – Increases shot percentage when attempting a putback after an offensive rebound. Catch & Shoot – Boosts the chance of hitting a jump shot immediately after a catch. The body does seem to affect the green/red modifiers as it did in past. I broke out the calculator. Takeover Booster – Your Takeover meter will now fill up faster in The Neighborhood. Corner Specialist – Gives a boost to shots taken near the corner. Of course my team of randoms would get blown out by 40. Favorite plays are now mapped to the DPAD. I wonder if we will have more ability to customize game plans beyond picking the presets. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Defensive badges are equipable items in NBA 2K21 to help solidify your MyPlayer’s defensive abilities. Welcome to buy cheap FIFA coins and NBA 2K MT at Ever since the release date of NBA 2k21 was announced, fans have been eager to see the changes that 2k developers have in store. Additionally, this badge increases alley-oop throw success and shot chance for receivers after a flashy pass. It’s obviously possible that it’s not a final build and we’ll get less points than that but I guess we’ll see. I betcha the pie charts are still there but hidden. Allows players to have more success than normal when backing down a defender in the paint. Finishing . You must be careful because you take the risk of losing all your progress if you turn the ball over or miss a bad shot. The next-gen version of the game generally streamlines the MyPlayer Builder, without losing any of its depth. It doesn't make a gigantic difference in the grand scheme of things, but it's something worth keeping in mind all the same. PS5 Digital Edition vs Standard PS5: What's the Difference? It looks like the stat max is 95 on any given stat with some having lower maxes based on vitals (height, weight, position etc) but it doesn’t look like that guard had lower than a ~90 max on any of what most would consider key guard stats. I swear. What's the best NBA 2K21 build for MyPlayer and MyCareer in your opinion? In a way, you can think of them as unique badges that you can fire off when you get hot. This pie chart is the start of a great Center build. Well I posted a theoretical Center with 1000 points. STOP & GO – Improves a player’s ability to start and stop with the ball. Gives an additional shot boost when consecutively achieving excellent releases on jump shots. The added flexibility for my player creation is nice. POGO STICK – Improves the ability to attempt multiple blocks in succession. ANTI-FREEZE * – Harder to get cold and lose your takeover progress. Rebound Chaser – Improves ability to chase down rebounds. For example, you shouldn't be able to get Pick Dodger if you don't have X rating just because you're pulling down rebounds. It looks to me like a guard could be great at everything that matters (for most guards) but we’ll see how it shakes out. FLOOR GENERAL – Teammates receive an offensive attribute bonus when player is in the game. Maybe you’d just have to grind ones you haven’t earned? This badge allows you to be the guy that meets your opponent at the top of key, slap the floor, and put an end to their night! Gives an additional boost towards takeover progress after making plays on the defensive end. Requirements: Close Shot 62 or Driving Layup 62 or OVR 96. Boosts the shot percentage for a layup attempt when mismatched against a taller defender and reduces the possibility of getting blocked. Post Spin Technician – Improves the ability of a post spin or drive to work effectively. End of game logic: Improved the AI’s ability to time plays with the shot clock for buzzer beater situations. Badges are buffs which can take your MyCareer player to the next level. After successfully blocking or stealing the ball from an opponent, an additional penalty is given to … I was playing around with some categories, and I came up with this. When you’re in-game, your takeover meter will fill up your primary takeover slot first. Jump shots taken with a defender closing out receive less of a penalty from a shot contest. Pick & Popper – Elevates the shot percentage for an attempt taken off a pick and fade situation. I'll be borderline unstoppable. Great...backcourt players will have ratings and badges while bigs will have to rely mostly on badges to be effective. With pretty much all of the information about next gen out now — plus the game itself — we’re all going […]

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