Once the Hotfix has been released, clients wishing to use the 802.11r feature are advised to update as soon as possible to ensure the vulnerability does not affect the security of their network. Like you I’d rather just have one wireless router. I also could never achieve these speed on my 2012 MacBook Pro, it just wasn’t fast enough. You may need to run multiple tests at the same time to actually get full speed. Centurylink apparently uses the same great-price-for-newbies-then-charge-double scheme that Comcast uses, so I switched service recently. typically get ~ 910Mbps or so up and down, this is the one i have https://store.ui.com/collections/unifi-network-routing-switching/products/unifi-dream-machine, Got a great signal over 3 floor townhouse with a single Linksys Wifi 6. Please follow the section below which looks identical to the login page of your device. Oh well, at least I got rid of their modem! I don’t have Prism myself, but others in the comments have gotten to work. I tried using webfig on my PC to enter the same settings, except it complained about ‘default-route-distance=0’ so I set it back to 1. I hooked the wire from the optical network terminator to the orbi router, still no internet. It may look like a spider but it is in a closet covers the whole 2,400 sgft and I am using stock firmware and on my gaming rig I have teaming setup and I still have two ports free. performance is as follows I ran a speedtest today and got 920 up and 950 down. When beginning the process, I’m assuming that I will connect my new nighthawk in to an Ethernet port on the current C2100T? That’s literally it, it took and immediately gave me fine gigabit. I have tried 3 different routers. by connect I mean to the router in ports 1 or 2. Any ideas? Setup your Netgear Nighthawk to perform the internet PPPoE login: For good measure, you should probably turn everything off, wait a few seconds, and turn them on again. It took me at least three hours trying and calling CL before I found your blog. Thanks so much! I have Centurylink Fiber and have the C3000Z. Thanks for this! What am I doing wrong? I spent what must’ve been hours researching forums trying to find a modern router that would get me close to full speeds with CenturyLink. Please see: https://www.krackattacks.com/#details for more technical information. One day the wired connection just went to ~430 mbps. I haven’t found any tutorials that were helpful and I’m about to return it. Looks like you are using the CL router. You can also just leave the "Transport Mode" dropdown as "Tagged-201.". This router is a speed demon and my test speeds seem awfully close to the theoretical limit of the ethernet port. Basically you: Step C: I got fed up with it since I could not find a way to block it from being remotely accessed by CL and bought a TP-Link AC4000 router. Please follow the section below which looks identical to the login page of your device. Went to ASUS and downloaded the most recent firmware. Mine looked like spe*******@centurylink.net. Are you going with the CL modem or your own rig? I’m only getting about 100MBPS when I should be getting 900+GPBS on Centurylink Fiber Optic internet. When I run an FTP server in my main network, a client in my guest network can connect to it. I am using a Netgear R6900P router. Required fields are marked *. I’ve used an R7000 in the past, and had good luck with the merlin firmware linked below. These instructions worked with my C4000LG model as well. Thank you! The only sticking point I had is that only one port on the ONT is configured, and CenturyLink installer did not mention or document that. Required fields are marked *. Thank you. While this wasn’t necessarily my first choice for a router, it’s doing everything I want it to, and one of the few it seems that can grab close to the full gig speeds. View the User Manual.pdf for the ZyXEL Communications model C3000Z WiFi-N VDSL2 4-port Combo WAN CPE I88C3000Z. Slower speeds… Aargh. You shouldn’t ever expect a single application, a single thread, or a single data transfer to easily sustain gigabit speeds. Thanks again for lighting the path for all of us who are having trouble with actually getting full use of our fast connection! Am I totally screwed without access to the ONT in order to restart it? The Zyxel C1100Z will let you create LAN subnets with different IP address ranges and settings, but a device on one subnet can still communicate with devices on another LAN subnet. Any ideas? What are some recommendations? What should I do now to protect myself against the vulnerabilities? Step 1.) I ended up going with the unifi dream machine. Here’s how I removed the CentryLink C2000T from my home networking setup…. Expand that, and see what the value of the “ID:” is. That is a good thing since when I called Century Link tech support line to request them to remove VLAN tagging, they first claimed there were no such things as VLAN’s on their network. Not sure your issue, but just suggesting it may have to do with upstream hardware distributing internet in the apartments. I used a smart switch and tagged it with the 201 but still nothing so I took it back got the X4S oh my gosh that thing looked pretty but that is as far as it went then I got the RT-AC5300 and that thing connected without the help of Merlins Firmware and was pulling down 920 and pushing out 930 but something happened to it and I got it with Fry’s warranty and the guy talked me into the X10 nighthawk 4 hours on the phone and I wrapped it up went back to Fry’s and got the GT-AC5300 8 ports of pure love. I have mine plugged into the WAN port. Would you please send it to newportcoast949 at symbol gmail dot com. I have tried Transparent Bridging on the C3000Z that uses the VLAN Tag of 201. X4S. The other thing I was investigating was just having something like a Netgear Gigabit managed switch (in place of the CL modem) but I haven’t been able to get that to work. If I’m correct, I should just follow the directions and then connect the Orbi router to the main switch. I’m on a Mac – that shouldn’t matter, thoughts? In my case, the internet didn’t work at all until the power on the ONT was cycled, so not sure if it would do anything for you since you do connect (albeit poorly). When using my Asus RT-68u, I get the same, 300 mbps or so. PS: bandwidth throttling doesn’t appear to work at all. My main network has DHCP assigning addresses in the 192.168.1.xxx range. my biggest concern now is forgetting what I did years from now when I eventually need a new router >.<. Shame. View the PDF file for free. I had to set MTU to 1496 and turn on iptv, manually set vlan 201 in the same window, priority 0, and made up vlan id’s for the other two that I had to enter data into. How did you change the VLAN settings on the GT-AC5300? Why would you create separate SSIDs with different security settings if the attached devices cannot be isolated from one another? So I just went through the last week of various iterations attempting to directly connect with the R7000. It is important to note that an attacker has to be physically nearby and is within the wireless range to exploit these weaknesses. I’m on CenturyLink Gigabyte Fiber located in St. Paul, MN. Works like a charm. Unfortunately, i only have a dual band wifi,as use the R7000 in AP mode. I don’t remember what settings I was trying to set, but seemingly out of the blue webfig stopped responding. I appreciate these instructions , they helped me add my pfsense router to my network until the VLAN tag bug is being fixed. The following instructions assumes you already have your internet set up and working with CenturyLink. It is possible that iPOE does not require credentials.

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